Iris Block Service Station

Car wash service is one of the essential services we need in our regular routine. Many people prefer to wash their vehicles by themselves at their home. Because, this practice eventaully save some money and for some it is a best exersice more than a washing. Despite the fact, washing of vehicles at home leads to some negative impacts on car, like scratches on body and might be shining of the skin become lifeless. And definitely you won’t get the adequate results by washing it at home without any professional help and services. However, mostly people would rather goes to service stations near by them to get their car washed. Spending some extra money on car washing service is the best and more convenient option to get desire results, save time and avoiding to this hectic process. Well, in Bahria Town there are very few service stations that are currently active. For those who are still wondering for a much-needed service station for their car washing, they will now get to know more about one of the service station here. Moreover, if anyone is interested to get car wash services at their home and want to book a car washer for monthly basis then Nokaronline is another option. Because, Nokaronlinie is  providing car wash services at your door step. You can check these details by clicking here.

Iris Block Service Station:

Iris block service station no 2, has owned and managed by Bahria Town management itself. This service station is quite economical among others which are located near to Bahria Town. This service station has ample of space for parking, washing and drying. About 4 to 5 workers are available at this service station and they usually wash 3 cars simultaneously. Secondly, two of the workers are appointed for drying and interior cleaning. So whenever I went there it doesn’t take much time and I didn’t wait for too long for my turn. They’ve also sitting arrangement for customers,but it is not as comfortable as it should be. The techniques and methodes are quite old and typical, all of the services are done by manually. So it is not fully equipped and niether they use contemporary ways of washing. But the overall experience out there was satisfactory because their services are much better than others. And you will get your car washed from top to bottem that will give you peace of mind in such minimum prices. Changing of engine oil, Cleaning of carpet and washing of blankets are also the part of their services.



Service station no. 2 is located at Iris block, sector C. It is near to security headquarters and gate no 4.


Prices & Services:

Hatchbacks: Rs 150/-
Crossover cars: Rs 200/-
Full service hatchbacks: Rs 250/-
Full service crossovers: Rs 400/-
Motorbike: Rs 50/-
Compound: Rs 2500/-
Polish: Rs 200/-

7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm.


For more details: 0307-2813276


Chick n Chilli

There are many fast food restaurants that are serving in Bahria Town including international and local chains. A complete list of all restaurants names, contact numbers and addresses are also available in our telephone directory. As we all know that many restaurants  have quit serving from Bahria Town. But, at the same time new openings are also growing. So, there is another new fast food restaurant ‘Chick n Chilli’ has opened its door in Bahria Town. It is now officially opened today in sector D. They have all kinds of fast food items in its Menu, you can find its Menu below the post. Restaurant has both, inside and outside sitting arrangements. Beside this, free home delivery is also available within the Bahria Town.

Discount offer:

Today is the first day of its opening and this restaurant is now offering flat 25% discount for one week.


‘Chick n Chilli’ is located at main road, 11 block CC Sector D. It is few steps away from McDonald and also adjacent to Ice Curl. Due to its location and near to McDonald I think it will be difficult for them to grab more customer’s attention. Because, McDonald itself is evidently one of the most prominent name in fast food chains. But, I hope that they will lock its place and business in the market despite of McDonald near to it.


For more details:

Flat 25% At Bin Bakar Electronics


Today, I have seen so many advertisement boards In Bahria Town and from Bahria Town to Thokar. One of the boards can also be seen in above picture. Bin Bakar Electronics has one branch in Faisal town block B, and the other branch is located at sector C Bahria town. We’ve go through so many other discount offers but specifically not on electronics. So, Bin Bakar electronics now going to offer flat 25% discount on complete range of home appliances only at Bahria Town branch. This offer is valid from 20th October to 22nd October. Due to this offer they have also increased their stock today at Bahria Town branch.


Bin Bakar electronics is located at Sector C, commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. It is also adjacent to Cakes & Bakes. Few minutes drive away from Bahria Golf & Country club and Talwar Chowk.

For more details: 0322-7878093

Recent Knock Outs

Few days back I updated here about the recent closures of different restaurants from Bahria Town. I do not want to purposely write about these closures oftenly. Because, somehow these quiting aren’t suppose to be positive no matter how fast the new openings are in town. Well, not only restaurants but many other brands and other shops have closed recently. The Grill spot, Cafe foodie crush, Hush puppies, Dixy chicken, Pizza Clock, Pizza Hub, Pizza X, tobacco shops, boutiques etc are included in the list of closing. Many reasons and hurdles are involved for these names to be consistent to secure a place in Bahria Town’s market. Some may face location issues and some of them may not attract more customers to make their businesses in a running a position. Which ultimately leads them to shut it down permanently or to change its location or moved them outside from Bahria Town.

Well, to keep everyone updated, there are now few more restaurants that has closed. You can also check recent closings in Bahria Town by go to this link. Here are the names which are closed momentarily & permanently.

Illusion Bar & Lounge:

Illusion Bar & lounge was located 21 first floor, Quid commercial area, sector E facing Eiffel tower. Its been more than 2 weeks, Illusion bar & lounge is closed now. Moreover, they’re now planing to re-open it soon outside from the Bahria town. But there is no exact place and date mentioned yet when they will re-open it.

Brussels Cafe & Grill:

Brussels Cafe & Grill was opened this year at sector C, commercial area near to Bahria golf and country club. It is also closed now and they already re-open it at a new location of Iqbal town. It is now active at Kareem block. But it isn’t permanently closed from Bahria Town, because they’re looking for a suitable location near Talwar chowk. When they will find the place near to Talwar chowk it will re-open.


Fri-Chicks has many branches in all over Lahore and also in few other cities. In Bahria Town,  It first opened at Umer block near Safari villas. Few months back it was closed and they came up again with a new location. It was re-open 3 months back at Sector E commercial zone facing Eiffel tower. Unfortunately, it is again closed permanently and I believe that they will not going to re-open it.

Organica Milk Shop

Everyone knows that Milk is a complete pack of nutrition and have tremendous benefits for our body. It is the main source for a perfect health and wellness. Well, I am not going to write about its benefits and what it does to our body after drinking a single glass daily. Because, we all are  well acquainted about its drastic advantages. Few days back we all had witnessed some serious rumors about the milk in media. There is no doubt that it was an eye-opener for all of us. Because most of the famous and renowned milk brands are also included in that rumor. After that, those who wasn’t much anxious on the selection of milk for their kids. They became more critical and selective on milk. Everyone showing more concern now whether the milk they’re consuming is pure or not. We also get few comments relating to the milk, that which is the pure organic one in whole Bahria Town. We’ve plenty of options for milk shopes in our market. We couldn’t tried all of them but some of them has maintained the quality of milk and customers are satisfied. Like Adil Milk Shop, Hamza Farm milk, Dodh Wala etc. But, still no one can guarantee that they’re providing 100% pure milk.

Well, about 2 months ago ‘Organcia Milk Shop’ has opened. And it is one of those shops which are providing quality milk to the residents. When I visited the shop I observed that its hygienic standards are sufficiently up-to the mark. They claimed that their milk is 100% pure and free from any preservatives. Those who are still wandering in search of pure milk or near to a pure one then you should give one try to Organica Milk Shop. Fatima dairy farm is the source of Organica Milk shop. Moreover, this shop is open 24/7 and you can get milk anytime by visiting it or by a call. Home delivery is also available for the residents of Bahria town without any extra charges.

Per liter: Rs 100/-


Organcia Milk Shop is located at 118 Palm tower, Sector C commercial area Chambeli block. Few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and main boulevard.

For more details:


Cuts & Color

After having innumerable options in Bahria Town for barber shops. It is quite hard and intimidating to try any other barber and give up on the previous one. It’s a famous saying, ‘if you can’t trust your barber who can you trust?’. That is why, people always feel comfortable and satisfied to those barbers whom they choose and visit them consistently. But, still the numbers of barber shops are strengthening in Bahria Town. Specifically, for men more than 20 barber shops are providing services at present. Likewise, approximately 40 ladies salons have been established till date. So, look sharp and check out the complete list of barber shops along with the contact numbers and addresses in our telephone directory.

We frequently update here about the new openings in Bahria Town. So, keeping this up there is another Barber shop has opened in sector C by the name of ‘Cut & Colors’. It was opened 3 days ago. For the time being, they’re providing services for men & kids only. Generally, most of the barbers certainly have not earned any specific degree related to their field and few of them are trained by any institute. But, you can see in above picture it is also mentioned that this barber has graduated from Hair & beauty Art collage. So, there is a possibility that they could meet the requirements that you’re still looking for. And those who are fed up and tired with their stylist, there is an additional option for them.


Cut & color is located at 140-A sector C, adjacent to Ansar dogar Pan shop and opposite to Ravi restaurant also near to talwar chowk. Previously, at this location The Grill Spot was opened and now this barber shop is active after The Grill Spot closure.


Men cutting: Rs 200/-
Kids cutting: Rs 250/- to Rs 300/-
Beard: Rs 100/-

9:00 Am to 1:00 Am.

Contact no:

Leisure Salon

Leisure salon is one of the oldest barber shop in Bahria town. Providing all kinds of grooming services for men. Presently, they’re also offering some discounted deals. You can check all the details about it by visiting their facebook and instagram page. The main reason behind writing about Lesiure salon is that they’re now moving to a new location, which isn’t far away from the previous one. Currently, it is active at former location because renovation work has under process. Most probably it would take one more week to welcome its customers at its new location.


New Location:

The above picture of Leisure salon front board is of its new location. As I mentioned above, the new location isn’t far away. So, It is just near to the current location and on a walking distance. New location is still at sector C, near to main boulevard & talwar chowk and adjacent to Agha khan laboratory. Moreover, previous location will remain in the possession of Leisure salon. Because they’re planing to expand their services. I will update here in detail more when they came up with new services.

For more details:

20% Discount By Crosta 11

Crosta 11 opened its door to its customers in Bahria town few months ago. It is one of the fine restaurant we have in town providing some savoring and mouth-watering food. I personally like this restaurant specially because of its elegant and distinguished interior & exterior looks. Well, I observed that from the time of its opening till now, crosta 11 always came up with different offers and promotions.


For the moment, there is another offer that has been showed up by crosta 11. Today I saw multiple advertisement boards hanged along side of the roads. It can also be seen in above picture that I took today to share here. When first I saw this board, I thought that they’re offering flat 20% on entire menu. I called crosta 11 and they told me that this 20% discount offer is only effective on pizza. So yes do not think that 20% discount is valid for all of the foods that are in the picture like me!


Nevertheless, something is better than nothing. Those who are hooked on for pizza only, it is exciting for them to save 20% money they will spend. Forthermore, this offer is limited and would be came to end at any time after few days.


Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C tulip block. Opposite to Bahria golf & country club. And also few minutes drive away from Grand Jamya mosque and Gulf centre.

For more details & delivery:

Bella In Bahria Town

Bahria town’s market is growing moderately day by day and we can witness it after so many new openings. Despite of this, Bahria town still has room for apparel brands & boutiques. Because there are very limited numbers of renowned brands that are opened. Though many brands are expected to be open soon. Well I would say, ‘life is not complete without shopping’ and Bahria town still needs to become a complete extravagant shopping destiny and we do not want to go far-away for shopping.

Jasmine mall is a place where you could easily find many brands including Uniworth, Levi’s, Rang ja, Leisure club, Idea’s, Engine, Chinyere, Baroque, Minnie minors. Some of the boutiques are also located at different locations like House of Zoe, Ahmed Fabrics, YNY, Fashion hub, Creations etc. Recently, ONE by Shahkam group has also opened in Jasmine mall.


So, after these openings I can guess that Bahria town will take not much time to welcome all big names here. You could see our telephone directory to check the list of brands that are already operational.

For now, we’ve now another option to buy first-rate quality products. ‘Bella’ yes bella is the new name, which has been added in the list of brands that are active in Bahria town. It was officially opened approximately 4 days back this week. Before opening of their flagship store in Bahria town, they were only sell their products online. Hand-made products are always quite unique and appealing. Bella’s most  products are  hand-made. You will find clothes, shoes, bags and home accessories out there. According to my anticipation of prices, they’re also reasonable and the quality has above to the prices. Moreover, I will soon update more details about its products and prices.

Discount offer:

They’re also offering special 20% opening discount on entire stock. Moreover, they also have a loyalty program for its regular customers. Regular customers would get 10% discount on each visit.


Bella in Bahria town is located at 125-B sector C, commercial area. It is near to Girls hostel and adjacent to Pizzaria restaurant. Bella has secured a prominent location as compare to Guzel Boutique and YNY fabrics. These two are also located at the same lane in Jasmine Block, but, Bella’s outlet is situated right on the corner before these two.

Contact no:


Yoga Centre In Bahria Town

I was never fond of this Yoga stuff and I had never been near to any Yoga center. There are many reasons behind this. Honestly, I never took interest in Yoga that why people are getting into it. For me it was one of the most boring and passionless activity for health. Because we have so many other thought-provoking options for our mental & physical health. Secondly, mostly people are engaged in other activities like joining a gym, sports clubs, jogging, exercises etc. These activities are more fascinating to all of us as compare to Yoga.

In my teens I also believed that it was only related to Indians and Hindus, I thought that it was a part of their worship. Well it is funny though, but after some time I realized that how wrong I was to think that way at some instant.

After eyeing on it, I have seen many people in all over the world who are following it in their daily routines. And I got to know that it has so many health benefits including breathing techniques, relief for body pains, mind relaxation and meditation. Moreover, there are very minimum side effects and injury chances while doing Yoga. One of the research also indicates that this is the sixth most commonly used health practice among women & men. Keeping these facts in mind Yoga trend has been adopted by many of us. People are now gradually affiliating to yoga more. Due to this there are more yoga art centers being established now.

The main reason to writing this all is that  Yoga art centre is also going to open soon in Bahria town. Before this there isn’t any specific yoga center for the residents of Bahria town. W.A Tai Yoga is a well known name in Pakistan for Yoga, Karate & Ninja. It first started almost 37 years ago and its first branch is located at CC block phase 4 DHA. Now, W.A Tai yoga center are going to open in sector C, they’ve already placed a front board, booking has opened and renovation work is in-process. The management told me it will take not more than 2 weeks to be fully operational.

Classes Schedule:

Karate classes:
4:15 Pm to 5:15 Pm.
5:30 Pm to 6:300 Pm
8:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.

Yoga class:
7:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm.

Classes will only held on 3 days but above mentioned classes schedule isn’t permanent it could be changed after some time accordingly. Furthermore, they haven’t decided yet about the fee structure they will finalise it before opening. But the owner of this centre told me that they will set some discounts keeping in view of their official opening.


W.A Tai Yoga art centre is located at sector C, commercial area 120-A in basement.

Contact no: