Road Barriers For New Year Event

It’s time to welcome 2018, to fire-up the sky and celebrate new year,  Bahria Town has arranged a spectacular Fireworks at Eiffel tower. Everyone already knew about the event which is going to start in a few hours, and few days back, I’ve updated regarding this new year celebrations at Eiffel Tower.


To witness this new year fireworks event a huge number of visitors are expected to gather from all sides of the city at Eiffel Tower. Therefore, to make this event well-organized and inch-perfect Bahria Town management took some steps. Yesterday, Bahria Town security and traffic department have placed road barriers on different sides. On main boulevard the U-turns are also closed, only one or two turns are open for the traffic flow.


Few Reasons:

  • The main and only reason to minimize the routes and put barriers on roads is to manage the traffic disturbance and ensure the serenity of residents.
  • Limit the unnecessary travelling of the visitors and restrict them not to enter into residential areas.
  • To provide a specific and straight entre and exit route to and from Eiffel Tower. Because mostly visitors get confused.


Bahria Town also placed few banners indicating exit directions on specific areas for the convenience of visitors.  Residents may face some issues due to these barriers and hindrances but ultimately it will save them to any inconvenience.  All the barriers will be removed immediately after the event. You can also use alternate routes to avoid traffic congestion.

Discounts & Offers:

Few reataurants in Bahria Town is now offering discounts to welcome new year.


Jamin Java:

Jamin Java in Bahria Town is located at Sector C, near to Talwar chowk, facing D park. It is offering flat 25% discount on entire menu.


Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at tulip block, Sector C commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Golf and Country Club. To visitors and residents, flat 25% discount is also available on whole menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse Cafe which is located at main canal road adjacent to PSO filling station. They’ve arranged an event to to fly free sky lanterns and snacks for both residents and visitors.

Quality Fruit & Vegetable Shop

A new fruit & vegetable shop is open for business  in CC Block, one week ago by the name of ‘Quality Fruit & Vegetable Shop’. This shop is selling all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables at market rates and free home delivery is also available for the nearby residents. Similarly, Quality Meat & Vegetable shop is another option which is located near to Surahi Chowk, Overseas A, main road. So, both of the shops are easily approachable for sector D residents. To check other vegetable & fruit shops details in Bahria Town click here.



Quality Fruit & Vegetable shop is located at main road, Plaza 4, CC block Sector D adjacent to Ahmad mart.


For home delivery:
‭0313 0402915‬

Flat 10% At Prime Departmental Store

Prime departmental store is operational in Bahria Town from the month of July. It is located at tulip block, sector C, commercial zone near to Bahria Golf and Country Club. Last month they had set some promotions and discounts on different categories. Now again they are going to offer flat 10% discount for one week.  The 10% discount offer will start from 1st January and will end on 7th January, 2018.


For more details and free delivery:
‭0331 4203938‬

Keish— Where Elegance Meets Sassiness

Despite all good and bad experiences, online shopping trend became vogue within a short period of time. Because comparatively, it is one of the most convenient and easily accessible embark upon shopping especially for ladies. It is an observation that women of all ages, most likely prefer online shopping as compared to men. In short, the need for online shopping forums is equally important as other retail stores due to the positive demand for online shopping. Well, there are few options for ladies’ boutiques in Bahria Town that are operational. But still, these boutiques do not successfully fill the market gap to become exorbitant shopping venue for Bahria Town’s residents.


Keish- An Online Store:

Well, other than retail outlets, an online store by the name of ‘Keish-Where Elegance Meets Sassiness’ is also running and it is the only Bahria Town based online boutique so far. I believe that while shopping online everyone is way more concerned about the quality and satisfactoriness of stuff. The only paramount fear mostly shoppers face while shopping online is that whether one can get the same quality of the product or not, as shown in the pictures before placing an order. And it is quite risky and exasperating to judge the quality of any garment in just pictures. But, Keish has its own throne to provide both, first-grade fabric and impeccable service simultaneously. All of its dresses are made of pure and premium quality material. In addition, the detailing and tailoring of each suit are handled professionally, which you will witness after getting hands on it.


Keish claims to provide not only the premium quality of tailored fitted ensembles but also due time deliveries. They claim to never let you down to the time limits and every delivery will be in the due time.


Product Range & Types:

Keish— has a complete range of Formal, Semi-formal, and Casual dresses. A comprehensive variety of irresistible suits in vibrant colors, block printing, and interesting patterns are available for its customers. They are offering suits in:


  • Pure Silk.
  • Raw Silk.
  • Pure Chiffon.
  • Velvet.
  • Kataan Silk.
  • Pure Organza & Lawn.
  • Khadi Net & Cotton Net.


Here is the glimpse of some of its products. You can find out the complete range of dresses by visiting the official page of Keish.


Though you can hardly find any online shopping forum that gives you the absolute choice to customize your dress, Keish— being a woman’s personal atelier, you have the liberty to customize your dress according to your own selection of colors and fabric. They claim to provide state-of-the-art tailoring services and offer direct factory prices to their customers.


The titles of being the top notch and the promise to give care and attention to every detail has definitely set higher standards in the future business deals in the town.


Note: For the time being, the stitching service is only available for Overseas customers.


Special Discount:

As I mentioned earlier, Keish—is a Bahria Town based online boutique. So as a token of goodwill and benevolence, Keish is offering a special discount for the residents of Bahria Town, starting from Rs. 9,000/-, applicable on Rawsilk suits. And for others discounted price is Rs. 9,500/-. Moreover, free home delivery is available for Bahria Town residents.


For More Information & Orders:

Contact no: 0322-7002333


Lahore Chatkhara

Lahore Chatkhara, an old and traditional desi cum fast food restaurant, regarded as one of the most eatry places by many. Famous for its great desi-food and South-Asian traditional style snaks with a very comfortable prices range. In Lahore, there are many branches of Lahore Chatkhara  located in different areas. Now wait is about to be over for all desi food enthusiasts, because one of its branch is going to open in Bahria Town. Though the Bahria Town’s branch isn’t big and sizeable like other branches, but they’ve complete menu items to serve the foodies.



Well, there are many advertisement boards displayed in Bahria Town. The official opening of Lahore Chatkhara in Bahria Town will take place on Saturday, 30th December. Besides that one of my acquaintances told me, the branch of Lahore Chatkhara was already active in town about two months ago. When I seek some information from the management, they told me that they had had plans to open it before and all the arrangements were set. But due to some reason they had post-pond the opening previously.


Discount Offer:

They haven’t decided yet about any promotion or discounts on the opening. But, one of the guy out there told me that, there is a possibility that they will offer 20 to 25 per cent discount on entire menu. However, it is not confirmed yet with any authentic source.



Lahore Chatkhara, in Bahria Town is located at shop no D-8, D plaza market Shaheen Block, near to Safari Villas.


For more details:
‭0324 0117886‬

Fentezo Cash & Carry

Few days back, I saw the coming soon banner in front of Shoprite departmental store. I thought that one more departmental is going to open,or may be Shoprite is planing to open its another branch in Bahria Town. But, all my assumptions were wrong when I got to know that Shoprite’s owner has sold out the departmental store. So, the departmental store is same but the name and the management of Shoprite has changed now. The official re-opening with the new name by ‘Fentezo Cash & Carry’ was held two days ago.


With a new name of Shop-rite, Fentezo Cash & Carry, is located at sector C, commercial zone near to girls hostel and opposite to Metro Shoes.

Juice Hut & Dry Fruits

After having a lot of choices for fresh juices and shakes places, another juice shop is now opened in Bahria Town. Not long ago, Fresh Fruitly Juice shop has also set up in sector E. With the addition of one more juice shop by the name of ‘Juice Hut’, there are now more than 12 options available for juices, shakes and smoothies in Bahria Town. Click here to check complete list.


Its been a week now that ‘Juice Hut’, along with Khan Jee Dry fruits are operational in town. This juice shop is pretty much alike Ice-land, as they’re also selling more or less the same products like juices, shakes and other snacks. And if you’re looking to buy fresh dry fruits in this winter, then they’ve variety of all sorts of dry fruits too.



Opening Time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 12:00 am.



Juice Hut & Khan Jee Dry Fruits, is located at main road Sector D, facing Mcdonalds and adjacent to Ice curl. Previously, at the same location a restaurant was active by the name of Spice n Sugar, which has closed long time ago.

Kashmiri Chai

‘Kashmiri Chai’ is the desi synonym to winter warmth. And without any doubt, in winters the consumption of every kind of tea increases. Certainly, with having other benefits ‘Kashmiri Chai’ in winter’s night is the perfect combination in just few bucks. Though, most of the time I’ve had this Kashmiri Chai only at weddings. But, now one of the shop specifically for Kashmiri Chai has opened in Bahria Town. Now, for all those Kashmiri Chai enthusiast, they don’t have to wait for any wedding like me or to travel far away for this winter treat because it is now available in Town.


Few days back, by the name of ‘Special Sabz Kashmiri Chai’ has opened in sector C. As it is mentioned in above picture, it is the fourth branch in Bahria Town. According to them, they are in the business for as old as  36 years , and  originating from Sialkot. For the time being, they’re only selling Kashmiri Chai, but later on they will add more items.



‘Kashmiri Sabz Chai’ is located at 105-B, Sector C, adjacent to Birch Woods and G.M cables.


Rs 50/- per cup.



Opening time: 2:00 pm.
Closing time: 1:30 am.


Free Home Delivery:

Free home delivery for Kashmiri Chai is also available within Bahria Town. For free home delivery, you have to order minimum 3 cups or more.


For more details: 0331-4570047

Manhattan Bites

In Lahore, almost everyone is familiar with the name of renowned pizza chain ‘Manhattan Bites’. I’ve also tried their pizza from DHA branch few times. It is famous for its different deals, bigger sizes of pizza and dip sauces. Well, here is the great news for all pizza lovers in Bahria Town. Because, one of its branch is now going to open in Bahria Town. It is their fourth branch in Lahore, after Faisal Town, Johar Town and DHA Phase-4. One of its branch is also located in Gujranwala.


When To Open:

Manhattan Bites branch in Bahria Town will officially open on Saturday, 23rd December. The official opening will be held after 6:00 pm.


Discount offers:

Due to its official opening in Bahria Town Lahore, they’re offering flat 25% discount for one week. And 15% discount on all deals. The discount offer will valid till 28th December. This discount is also valid on home delieveries.



Manhattan Bites in Bahria Town, is located at sector C, commercial zone, adjacent to main boulevard and near to Grand Jamya Mosque.


For more details & delivery:

New Year Celebrations

Bahria Town always voluntarily celebrate and organise arresting events on every occasion. From last two to three years Bahria Town had organised Fireworks to welcome new year. Last year, Bahria Town has arranged an epic Fireworks and other activities for families, in three cities Bahria Town Icon Karachi, Eiffel Tower Lahore and Bahria Enclave Islamabad, at the same time. To continue this tradition, once again Bahria Town is arranging an event to celebrate and welcome 2018.


The event will feature striking Fireworks display at Eiffel Tower along with Food, Games and many other acitivites for families and kids. A music concert is also included in this event and some renowned singers are expected to perform. The event will start 8:30 pm and will be end till midnight. Both residents and non-residents of Bahria Town can witness this event. But, only families are allowed without any tickets or passes.


Furthermore, it is anticipated that the huge crowd is expected at this event, so there would be a traffic jam on S hahkam Chowk. To avoid congestion issues on that day, you can use other recommeded routes.