Rikshaw Stands In Bahria Town

Undoubtedly, public transport is helping out thousands of people to reach anywhere on daily basis. Especially, Uber and Careem are the blessings for those who do not own any type of vehicle and make their lives a lot more easy than before. I’ve also noticed that many individuals despite having their personal vehicles still prefer Uber and Careem facility due to the traffic issues. Surely, by using these means of transportation you can get yourself to any location without rushing and long searching of public transports like old times. Nowadays, it is just a matter of one click to get a cab or auto at your precise spot.


But, the main reason behind this post is that due to any problematic reason if you are unable to reach any transportation means then Bahria Town has allocated two different location for RickshawStands without hampering traffic flow for other vehicles. You will easily find Auto Rikshaws at these stands, available 24 hours a day and they are not allowed to park anywhere in Town. Here are the locations of both stands:


The first rikshaw stand is located at Talwar Chowk, Sector C, behind Gourmet bakeries and Metro Heights, Talwar chowk is also a stop for coaster buses. The other rikshaw stand is established in Sector B, near to Eagle Heights and the main entrance of Safari Villas.

WU Mart

Since the start of this year and over the period of almost three months, there are already significant numbers of departmental stores are opened. Last week crystal mart was active in Sector D, Jalal Sons and Freshly second branch both are on its way and opening soon. For now, another departmental store has spotted at the main boulevard, Sector C. To get to know which store is easily approachable, you can check all the departmental stores in telephone directory section.


EWU mart or WU mart, I have got a confusion with its name but I will confirm it by visiting there. They’ve completed all the work out there and it would be opened for customers in a day or two. For now, its  the only update about this store, all the other details along with pictures will be updated here after its opening.



This mart is located on the main boulevard, Sector C, commercial area, near to Green Pharmacy and Agha Khan laboratory.

Omega Lights

Omega Lights in Bahria Town is a newly opened choice for the residents that provides a range of exquisite designs of LED lights to add fresh illumination to any space in your homes and offices. The products that are available at Omega lights are LED panel lights, track lights, street lights, ceiling lights etc in different styles, sizes and finishes. This shop has come to Bahria Town recently so for the time being the collection of products are limited but in near future, they’ll add more items. You can also get a free assistance related to these LED lights for any kind of premises.



Opening time: 11:00 AM.
Closing time: Between 6:00 to 7:00 PM.



Omega Lights in Bahria Town is located in Sector C, commercial zone, 31-B side, near to Biryani Master and above Summit Bank.


For more details:
‭0321 8446401‬
‭0300 8446401‬

Music Town & Ibrahim Mobiles

In the last few days, two new mobile shops have been opened by the name of Music Town and Ibrahim Mobiles. Both of the shops are selling all kinds of mobile and laptop accessories and have the option to buy an old and new phones of every brand. And if you’re looking to stock up your DVD collection then Music town is the choice. Because, comparatively it has the maximum collection for all type of DVD’s in Bahria Town.


Music Town Location:

Music Town mobile & computer shop is located in eagle heights, Sector B, near to Safari Villas.


Contact numbers:


Ibrahim Mobiles:

Ibrahim Mobiles is located at Zainab Centre, Sector C, commercial zone, near to Ravi Restaurant and adjacent to Hira pan shop.


Contact number:

Sapphire Beauty Salon & Beauty Bar By Khizran

Bahria Town Lahore has a lot of ladies salons and spa’s to enrich your beauty and helps you to provide all grooming services. There are around 37 ladies salons that are active and recently two more are opened in Umer Block. All the available options for ladies salons are compiled in telephone directory, to check the details of each one go to this link.


Sapphire Beauty Salon:

Sapphire Beauty Salon has opened in Bahria Town a week ago. It is located at main road, Umer Block, Sector C, above SLC academy. Well, I’ve no idea about their services and charges, the number is mentioned below you can contact on this number to get all other details.


Contact no: 0302-8910448


Beauty Bar By Khizran:

This one was opened three weeks ago and also located at main road, Umer block, Sector C above dermasthetic and opposite to Adeeba Valley store. With the addition of these two beauty salons now you’ve six options within the easy reach of this location. To get more details contact on below number.


Contact no: 0300-4320803

Amazon Water

Most people(including me) are not in a favor to spend extra few bucks to get water bottles re-filled. Because Bahria town already installed water filtration plants at each feasible location to provide refine and uninterrupted drinking water. And if you haven’t used these water filtration plants then read this article and without thinking twice, you can fill up your gallons.


However, some people still want to get refilled bottles on a phone call at their door-step due to their packed schedule or any other reason. For all those, Amazon Water is another option in Bahria Town that will be functional in a day or two. Recently they just installed a high grade water filtration plant along with water tank. Amazon water will have both options for the residents, weather you can get refilled bottles by yourself or give them a call for home delivery. Th charges for refill is Rs. 80/- and for home delivery Rs. 10/- will be charged extra.



Amazon Water filtration plant is located at 16-A, main road, Overseas A, few steps away from Surahi Chowk.


For more details:

Medical Camp By Family Care Pharmacy

Family Care Pharmacy which is located at main road, Block CC, Sector D has recently arranged a free medical camp for the residents under the supervision of derma specialist Dr. Ali Imran. The camp includes all skin and cosmetic problems. This camp was started last week and it will resume to every Sunday on 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM. Besides that a similar free medical camp is also available for a general check-up and screening tests for hepatitis B & C, you can check its details by clicking here.



The above medical camp has scheduled in Family care pharmacy. It is located at main road, 10-CC, Sector D, adjacent to Ice-curl and near to Islamabad.


For more details:

SmokeHouse Grill Is Active

At the start of February, Smokehouse Grill restaurant placed its opening soon banner. After more than one and a half month today Smokehouse Grill restaurant is officially active. Well, they made a very good effort on restaurant’s interior and exterior looks and to catch the customer’s eye they have put a small jumping castle for kids and DJ lights. Smokehouse Grill is a complete eatery place for the residents because they’ve all types of food options. Barbeque, Thai, Chinese, Paratha Rolls, Fast Food, all types of desi foods and Steaks are added in its menu card.


Opening discount:

Normally, every restaurant gives discount offer on opening days. So, this restaurant is also offering offering flat 20% discount on entire menu. And I think this offer is valid only for today or may be you can get this discount offer tomorrow. For now the home delivery service isn’t available it will start on 25th March.



Smokehouse Grill restaurant is located at Plaza 57, AA block, Sector D near to Surahi Chowk and opposite to Mart One.


For more details: 0300-0453471

Jalal Sons Opening Soon

It is already anticipated that many prominent names are expected to open soon in Bahria Town and every other day we’re observing a lot of new openings. Now, this time Jalal Sons is stepping-in in Bahria Town which is one of the most popular stores in Lahore and everyone is accustomed to its bakery items, cakes, pizza and other categories. They’ve around seven stores in Lahore, (DHA, Main Market, Iqbal Town, Model Town, and Johar Town).


Lately, I’ve heard about its opening but it wasn’t confirmed at that time and one of the regular followers of this blog also mentioned in a comment that he talked to the management of Jalal Sons and they told him that it will open in Bahria Town after a couple of months. Well, it is finally opening soon, they just have placed its front board on the main canal road near to Dominos. The speedy renovation work is also started out there and most probably Jalal Sons will be active in the mid of next month.



The location of Jalal Sons in Bahria Town isn’t appreciable because it is not actually within Bahria Town, you would have to travel towards canal road where you find it, opposite to the Sukh Chain main gate and adjacent to Dominos, Cakes & Bakes and Lotus Furniture.

What’a Paratha Opening Soon

What’a Paratha is a renowned eatery option in Lahore. They’ve created a new way to sell mouthwatering parathas by adding unique flavors and changed the typical concept of Parathas. More than 20 flavors of Paratha, Wraps, and Salads are added to their menu card, along with different sauces and a perfect combination of Chai.


Its first outlet started in fortress stadium and now they’ve established seven branches in Lahore over a short period of time. Their branches are located at Fortress Stadium, DHA, Main Market, Johar Town, Bedian Road, Mall Road, Iqbal Town and now its 8th branch is coming to Bahria Town Lahore. Recently, a billboard of What’a Paratha has been placed on main canal road which is mentioned above.


When To Open:


Well, the work is in progress but there isn’t any specific date has been announced yet for its official opening. I asked them about the opening and they told me it would be active in Town at the start of next month.




What’s Paratha is going to open at main canal road adjacent to Yasir Broast, near to PSO filling station and Timmy’s.