Update On Internet Up-Gradation

Internet services is one of the prime issues in Bahria Town since the very start but now it seems like that this exasperating problem will be settled and you will experience the uninterrupted and upgraded internet services soon. Mr. Waqas Tariq(who is the regular follower of this blog) has provided the information regarding the current situation of up-gradation of the internet which is mentioned below. 

  1. Fiber distribution boxes are being added (27 of them) to different sectors, mainly located in gardens. Like for example, there is one in the garden near to Bahria School near Moor chawk.
  1. They have started digging to lay fiber if you see the main boulevard, the left side of the main boulevard at service road on house ramps has all being dug up.
  1. Bahria Cable wala will also be offering FTTN/E (Fiber To the Node and then Ethernet) internet very soon.
  1. I was talking to the guy and they are going to launch services in a month or so. They will offer the service using the internet/backbone of National Broadband (the subsidiary of CyberNet).
  1. National Broadband is a subsidiary CyberNet created to work with local service providers.
  1. Initially, the offering will be a maxi 10Mbps, which NB will update in the future as they have done in Karachi (up to 50Mbps).
  1. Note that I know it’s NB backend the service structure is the same, he is not naming NB right now.
  1. PTCL FTTN digging has started to energize all the boxes they have installed. 

Well, I am also planning to visit PTCL office in person to get all the other basic details. So, I will share more information here anytime soon. 

Burge Fix

Maybe I am not a burger fan but I do know that from where you can get best juicy burgers in Lahore. However, in Bahria Town, the scenario is different, though we have a widespread list of fast food restaurant offering a variety of burgers. But, there are very limited choices that solely sell burgers other than Timmy’s, Mcdonald’s, Reckstar, and other international chains. Recently, two burger shops (The Grill Spot and Smash) stopped serving and permanently closed and moved out to other locations. Now, after these two burger shops here is another newly opened burger shop: 


Two months ago, I saw the opening soon board with the name of Burger Fuel. I visited the stop to get some information but at that time there wasn’t any activity at the branch and no one was there. So, I called on the numbers mentioned on the board and all of the numbers were switched off. Then, almost two weeks ago the name on the board replaced by Burger Fix, I’ve attached both of the pictures before and after the name changed. One of the guy at the shop clear my confusion about the name and he told me that they were facing some name issue regarding its registration so they changed it. 


Well, the second branch of Burger Fix in Bahria Town’s D Market has officially opened on Monday, 7th May. Its first branch is located somewhere in DHA. The menu card of Burger Fix is quite simple and they’ve only seven different flavors of burgers which includes both chicken and beef options. You can get free home delivery within the town but there isn’t any opening discount. 



Opening time: 05:00 PM.
Closing time: 02:00 AM



Burger Fix is located at D-Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B, opposite to Yummy’s 36 restaurant and next to Shaukat Khanam Laborat ory. Previously, Adil Barbeque restaurant was operational which was closed a few months ago. 


For more details and orders:




Tobacco King

Tobacco King is the only tobacco shop in Sector D, which has opened a week ago. Before that there wasn’t any proper Paan & Tobacco shop available in this particular area. They’ve all kinds of imported tobacco and soft drinks, and it remain open 24 hours (except Ramadan). On minimum order of Rs. 200/- free home delivery is also available within the town. 



Tobacco King is located at main road, CC Block, Sector D. Next to Pakistan free range poultry farm and near to Mcdonald’s. 


For more details:


Pizza Max

For all those pizza-lovers who are always hankering for pizza here is another pizza chain that has opened in Bahria Town after Manhatten Bites which is Pizza Max. Pizza Max is one of the oldest and renowned pizza chains and have more than 14 branches sprinkled all over the Karachi and Hyderabad. Now, one of its branch is officially active in Bahria Town three days ago on Tuesday, 8th May. The other two branches are in Emporium Mall and Allama Iqbal Town. 


I’ve attached its menu card below, Pizza Max have around 18 pizza flavors, sandwiches, pasta, salads, and other appetizers on its menu card. Creamy Super Max, Chicken Afghani, Creamy Tikka, Spicy Italian, Chicken Max, and Fajita Sensation are the top choices of Pizza Max’s customers. Moreover, you can also avail the offer of buy one get one free. So, don’t miss out, try their pizza in first hand and share your reviews in the comment section. 


Pizza Max front board is in red color and the front is spruce up with lighting to get more attention of the residents. So, you can easily find Pizza max at Talwar chowk 1F-B Plaza, near to Gloria Jeans Coffee. Other than, dine in, and take away you can also order online by visiting pizza max.onlineorder.pk. For home delivery the contact number is mentioned below:



Eid Collection & Exhibition By Zoe

Its almost Ramadan after a few days and undoubtedly it brings us a lot of festivities especially Eid at the end. If we talk about Eid, then its all about clothes and Ramadan is always full of Exhibitions and shopping experiences. You can feel it when you will visit malls  or market.  Like every year, at the start of Ramadan, there are a number of brands that launch its Eid collection and arrange exhibitions for the shopping enthusiasts.


Well, I will update here whenever I get to know about insights of any upcoming exhibition in Bahria Town. For now, a boutique in Bahria Town by the name of Zoe is going to exhibit its eid collection on this coming weekend. In this exhibition you can get your hands on the following categories:


  • Formal Wear.
  • Causal Wear.
  • Jewellery.
  • Make-up.
  • Kids Wear.
  • Arts & Crafts Articles.
  • Bed Sheets with Comforter.


The Eid exhibition by Zoe will start on Friday, 11th May and it will continue till Sunday, 13th May. So, mark the dates on your calendar to attend this exhibition and head over to the mentioned below address:


Address: Gul Mohar Block, no. 777, street no. 14, Sector C.


Exhibition Timings:
12:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


Contact number:
‭0332 8331995‬

9 Creations

If you’re looking for home decor items and other antiques in Bahria Town then 9 creations is the option for the residents that have opened in Sector D last month. Also, 9 creations have a wide variety of ladies accessories, cosmetic products, stationery, toys, and a unique collection of gift items. They’ve many other things to sell out which you can get to know about by visiting this shop. Though the shop was opened more than a month ago still they haven’t placed the board in front of the shop yet. Here is the address of the shop:



9 Creations is located at main road, CC block, Sector D, adjacent to Ahmed Mart and near to Mcdonald’s.



Opening time:
10:00 AM.

Closing time:
11:30 PM.


Contact numbers:

A Plaza Caved In On Saturday

Everyone knows that what happened to the three-story plaza situated in Chambaili block, which was collapsed on Saturday evening. There were hundreds of eye-witnesses at the time of the incident and a video which has already viral on the social media shows that how the building went down in seconds. The two floors of the building were occupied by Eco-Star(ground and first floor) and on the second floor, a snooker club was active. I visited this building a week ago to collect some information of a newly opened snooker club. Well, it’s a little late to write about the incident because I wasn’t in Bahria Town for the last two days and when I got to know about the incident yesterday, I’ve been gathering more information to share here.


The reason for the incident was evident that on the adjacent plot to Eco-Star building another plaza was being under construction. And, the deep digging for the new under construction building has damaged the underground water pipeline and disturbed the foundations of the neighbouring plaza. Due to this, on Saturday everyone in the perished plaza observed that the building started shaking, then all of the people came out and after a few minutes building was gone. Fortunately, everyone was safe at the site.


But, being a Bahria Town’s resident what happened after and before the incident was an immense disappointment for all us. Because the owner of the affected plaza had reported the issue several times to the Bahria Town’s management and no measures were taken out to resolve the problem. After that, when the incident was happened the owner again reported to the management about the shaking of the plaza but Bahria Town’s management didn’t respond to the issue by saying that presently no personnel is available for this matter. After sometime when the building went down the security personnel of Bahria Town reached the site.


Then, the heated argument started which lead to the scuffle between the owner of the plaza, snooker club’s owner, and security personnel. Rest of the security was engaged to diffuse and stopped the people gathered there who were making videos by beating them. As a result of the situation, Bahria Town’s security opened aerial fire and I heard that few residents got injured and also locked up in the cells of Bahria Town.


I do not know the current situation of this matter but the police had registered the case against Bahria Town on the complaint of the owner of the plaza. Well, we all believe that this is the most unexpected, highly condemnable and lamentable act done by the Bahria Town’s management and should be report on every forum so that in future any kind of moronic and humiliating activities by Bahria Town’s management should be stopped. However, these words aren’t enough so I will again write about it in details that what Bahria Town will do to protect the basic rights of its own residents.

Al-Baraka Bahria Town’s Branch

I did not update about the opening of a branch of any Bank before. But I think writing about them is as important as other venues because we all know that most people are so picky and take great interest in the services and facilities before opening an account. Well, in Bahria Town we’ve branches of all prominent banks at different locations. You can check here all the name of banks that are operational in Bahria Town along with the address and contact details. If you believe any name is missing in the directory then do update us in the comment section.


Well, here is the first update of the opening of a new branch of Al-Baraka Bank. I took the above-attached picture yesterday, you can get the idea from the picture that Al-Baraka bank, Bahria Town’s branch is in the last stage of finishing and will be functional after few days maybe in the start of next week. I do not know much about its facilities and services but I do know that Al-Baraka Bank came into being as a result of the first merger in the Islamic Banking sector of Pakistan. So, those who are looking for Islamic banking as well then this is another option in Town.



Al-Baraka Bank Bahria Town’s branch is located at Tulip extension block, Sector C, near to Bahria Golf & Country Club and opposite to Croasta 11 restaurant and the great mall.


For more details and information:


Pakistan Free-Range Poultry

There is no doubt about the fact that every type of food is essential for health in our daily routine and chicken’s meat plays an important role to satisfy all the basic and required nutrients. But on the other hand, not all types of chickens are healthier for our health and have some serious side effects on human health. Especially the broiler which is more like a artificial meat these days. I’ve personally seen their growth within 25 to 35 days because one of my friend’s father is in the business of poultry farm. My friend told me that they have been injecting antibiotics and growth hormones in chicken’s feed that help chickens to grow faster and to gain more weight.


Moreover, the major part of their feed prepared by re-cycling with the waste of chickens. And a recent study indicates that eating this meat three times a week is equal to taking three powerful antibiotic injections. So, you can guess that what exactly we’re consuming in the name of meat and I believe most of us already knew about this fact. And, the only way to avoid this unhealthy meat is to use only organic and country chicken(Desi Chicken which is hard to find).


Well, talking about chicken meat there are plenty of spots within Bahria Town and in surrounding areas that are selling broilers. However, for Desi chicken there is hardly any authentic option in Town, you may find out several options in main Raiwind road for Desi chicken along roadsides. This time in Bahria Town a meat shop has opened two weeks ago by the name of Pakistan Free Range Poultry. They’re only offering organic and desi chicken that grown up in their own field. They’re claiming that all of their chickens are:


  • 100% organic standard free range chickens.
  • 100% antibiotic and hormone free.
  • 100% green and grain feed without any commercial feed.
  • Grown in the natural environment within 24+ weeks.


You can visit their Facebook page to get more details about it, they’ve uploaded few videos and picture of their free-range. Also, with desi chicken, you can get organic eggs. They’re offering free home delivery within Bahria Town. The prices are mentioned below:


Organic Chicken: Rs 999/- per kg.
Organic eggs: Rs 160/-


In Bahria Town, their shop is located at main road, plaza no. 5, CC block, Sector D, a commercial area near to Mcdonald’s and adjacent to things mart.


For more details and delivery:


The opening of any clothing brand is always fascinating because whether you’re a frequent visitor or not it is still good to have them. There are already several local high street fashion brands are available in Bahria Town and most of them are situated at Jasmine Mall. But its been a long time we haven’t seen any new opening of clothing brand in Bahria Town, especially for men. And, despite having several brands, Bahria Town still isn’t a complete shopping destination for us, it will take few more years to become multiple high-end retail shopping hubs. You can check all the names of brands and boutiques that are available in Bahria Town here.


Well, most people only prefer to buy branded clothes over the prices and quality. And for all those who aren’t brand conscious, ‘Brandz’ is the option for them which is opened almost two weeks ago. I gave it a visit recently, they’ve got imported and local stuff with a very affordable price range. You can get a good denim in Rs. 1000/- to Rs 1300/- and a fine quality polo t-shirt in Rs 850/-. You will also get a range of clothes for kids there.



Opening time: 12:00 PM.
Closing time: 11:30 PM.



Brandz is located at tulip extension block near to the great mall and croasta 11 restaurant. At this location the fine eatery restaurant was opened which was closed a long time ago.