Play Area Not Active Yet In New KFC Branch of Bahria Town Lahore

KFC has come to it late but finally did. McDonald’s has their focus on kids from very start. They have clear vision in mind.

McDonald’s Philosophy of Play Area

Let me tell you the McDonald’s philosophy behind it’s play area in every restaurant. It’s not just for kids to hang out. Instead they were thinking of really far. Now far is here and they are enjoying the loyalty.

Do you remember your childhood play area? Your play ground where you use to play. You must have many memories about it. Now when you are grown up, you would like to go those place if possible and sit their to have nostalgia of childhood playtime. But sometimes it’s not possible to go their in such busy life.

McDonald’s has bring your those childhood memories at every corner. They have created almost same type of play are in their every restaurant. Those kids who have gone their 20 years or 30 years back are grown up. Now they have their own kids. Whenever they’ll go to McDonald’s and see their children playing, they’ll have same nostalgia of childhood playing time.

So McDonald’s has thought about the 30 years or 40 years later time. Now they have that time and enjoying the repeating consumers.

KFC Play Area

In Pakistani market people like KFC more as compare to McDonald’s. Mostly people like to deliver KFC food at home rather than going to their restaurants. One main reason was lack of play area.

When you go out with kids. You need a place where kids can play and have a good time. Sometimes you want to have KFC food but because of kids you make the decision to go some other place because of not having play area.

KFC has figured out this solution very late but we can say ‘Better Late Than Never” so it’s a good step. Now they are also focusing on their play area as they are showing it in front visibly written “Play Area”

Bahria Town Lahore Branch

KFC has already their setup in food court of Bahria Town Lahore. Now they have started their new branch at Main Boulevard of Sector C commercial zone. In food court they have a counter but now they have a complete restaurant with play area in it.

Play Area Not Active

Last week I’ve taken my kids for fast food lunch. We plan to go to KFC as I’ve seen the big “Play Area” sign on it. Before going into restaurant I noticed that play area is empty right now, so I go to the counter and asked about it. They said equipment has not come yet and they don’t have any idea when it will be active.

I believe KFC management should at least give knowledge to their staff about the opening date of play area as it is much of a concern for parents. In Lahore specially we have our outing in shopping malls or restaurants so play area means much to us.

And Yes, I didn’t eat at KFC that day. I go to McDonald’s instead so kids can have their fun time.

It’s a good initiative by KFC, I really like it. Hope it will be operational soon.

Best Dahi Bhallay And Chaat

Firstly it was really hard to find a good Dahi Bhallay and Chaat in Bahria Town Lahore. In start there were only one person serving Dahi Bhallay and Chaat. We didn’t have any choice at that time. Now new businesses are entering day by day. We’ve seen many new names coming up and going. I’ve never become satisfied with any one’s taste.

City Side Flavors:

One who has eaten dahi bhallay and Chaat in city side would never be satisfied with low flavors. There in city we have a good dahi bhallay and Chaat point at every corner. It’s not hard to find a good one nearby. This thing makes an impression on me that it’s not hard to make a good plate of dahi bhallay, chaat or even fruit chaat.

Bahria Experience:

But after eating dahi bhallay, channa chaat and fruit chaat from Bahria Town, I’ve come to know that it’s not easy for anyone to make a tasty plate. We had such a bad experiences here that I’ve stop eating chaat from Bahria Town Lahore. I fulfill these desires from city side.

Flora Ice Cream And Dahi Bhallay:

Someone ask me; have you tried chaat from Flora. I tell him that Flora is an ice cream parlor. I’ve tried their ice cream which is pathetic. I can’t stand to eat full cup of ice cream. He says that they are also serving Dahi Bhallay, Fruit Chaat and Channa Chaat which are tastiest in the town.

Well then I tried and become happy to know that finally we have some good option in Bahria Town Lahore. It is really tasty and now I can fulfill my Chaat urge from Flora.

Which Is Your Favorite:

City side has many better options, but in Bahria Town Lahore I’ve found Flora’s Channa chaat as best. What is your take on it? Which one in Bahria is your favorite? Tell me in comments. Thanks