Attique Nehari House Is Closed

It seems like that the continuity of closings and quiting of many names from Bahria Town wouldn’t stop. Undoubtedly, it takes too much effort to set up a new business but it is more torturous to finally close it. Well, there is now another victim of this undesireable closing in Bahria Town which is ‘Attique Nehari House’. And it was the only option specifically for ‘Nehari’ in Town.


I have written about it at the time of its opening in start of October. Unfortunately, yesterday I got to know that it is also closed now like many others. The only reason of its closing is that, they was unable to get customer’s attraction. It was located at 96-A commercial area, Sector C near to Grand Jamya Mosque and adjacent to main boulevard.


Besides that there is another options is now available for ‘Nehari’. Because Biryani Master has started selling all kinds of Nehari at their branch.

2 thoughts on “Attique Nehari House Is Closed”

  1. People need to innovate or packup. Bahrians now need quality restaurants with great interiors where they are served good quality food. All these restaurants are trying to cater the ‘desi’ in you and there is already a bunch of restaurants that cater to that.

    Bahrain’s have the spending power and we now need a good restaurant to come up in Bahria, like Monal, Bundu Khan, Kababjees (you know I came from KHI :)) etc where we can dine with our family and have fun. And no, opening semi desi restaurants with no customer care like Crosta 11, Jamin Java etc isn’t what I am talking about.

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