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Food Affairs & Burger Fix Are Re-located

Following the re-opening of Smokehouse Grill restaurant this week. Two more eat-out places re-opened with a new location after a few days of their closing. I already wrote about the re-opening of Smokehouse Grill restaurant here and told you that former owner had sold out the restaurant and new management would re-open it anytime soon. Now, here are the two more restaurants which are moved to new locations.


Food Affairs New Location:

For the first time, Food Affairs restaurant was opened in last Ramadan before Eid in Bahria Town. At the time of its opening, they had arranged an event to celebrate the grand opening. You can check the details by clicking here. The previous location was 175-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C, commercial zone, opposite Dubai Tower and near to Jasmine Mall. 


Now, last week, after a long struggle of almost 5 months, Food Affairs is re-opened in Tulip block, Sector C. Behind Bahria Gold and Country Club and adjacent to Mauj Tandoor and The Great Mall. However, there is a huge difference between the previous and current venue. Previously, they have had a complete floor with enough space and had a way better ambiance as compared to the current location. This time it is just a simple banner at the front without any decor and seems zero freshness. Maybe it is just another start they will improve it as they had done before. Well, I’ve attached before and after picture of the front so you can get a clear idea. 

Burger Fix New Location:

Burger Fix started serving in May this year at Sector B, Shaheen Block, D market. But, they have closed this location and re-opened it in Sector C. Burger Fix is now fully operational in Jasmine Block, Sector C, near to Jasmine Mall and opposite to Dubai Tower. 

Menu Card And Pictures Of Lazzat Restaurant

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants that I will share the menu card and its pictures whenever I would visit it. So, here is the detailed menu card of Lazzat Hotels & Restaurants. To check the details of this restaurant click here. 


Menu Card:

They were offering flat 20% discount on the entire menu for the first three days which has ended now. You will get your hands on all sort of foods including, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Fast food, and all types of desi food. 

Front Video & Pictures:


As I told you before that this restaurant is one of the sizeable restaurants in Bahria Town. But, at the moment, only the ground floor is operational. They have ample seating plan split into two parts along with the bar of juices and mocktails. 

Event Space and Hotel Rooms:

You can book their floor for your events like birthday parties, weddings, meetings, corporate events with unique decorations. Moreover, according to the restaurant’s manager, they are working on the upper floors and soon its hotel rooms will be opened for the customers. 



Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is located at 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. To check the address in map visit the previous post. 


For more details:

0301 4618410

Flat 20% Off By TGM

Did you notice one thing that why departmental stores which were once rulers in Bahria Town, all of a sudden seems charged up and trying to dominate again? Obviously! this is all because of big players who have entered in Town including Jalal Sons, Al-Fateh, and then Rainbow Cash & Carry. For all the stores who have been running in town since the start, the competition has become challenging and remarkably difficult for them. 


Well, except Easy Mart, I had never seen other stores like (Green Valley, The Great Mall, Victoria Store) who did come up with new promotions and discounts frequently. But, in the past few days, these older stores scaling back on advertisement and have started offering different promotions to attract more attention. In recent days, Easy Mart and Safari Mall had placed advertisement boards in all over Bahria Town and offered discounts. Similarly, The Great Mall, in a period of around one month had launched a discount offer for the second time. I can tell you, these promotions and discount offers will definitely continue to grow and you will see more promotions in near future.


Flat 20% By TGM:

For now, TGM has announced its mage sale and placed a banner in front of it’s building. They are now offering flat 20% discount on Crockery, Toys, Jewellery, Decorations, Cosmetics, and undergarments. The offer is for a limited time. Started on Sunday 14th October. It will end in a day or two. 


Mall Timings:

Opening: 08:00 AM

Closing: 12:30 AM.



208-B, Tulip Block, Behind Bahria Golf & Country Club, Sector C. 


For more details:

+92 301 4111194

Smokehouse Grill Re-Opening

The restaurant business is undoubtedly tough especially in Bahria Town and everyone knows it! Every other month, we have been watching unanticipated and continuous closings. Well, I am not an expert in a restaurant’s business but I must say to invest in Bahria’s market one should ignore the “Risk and Reward” factor here! Because no matter how good is the location, taste, ambiance or enormous investments the restaurant’s owner could make. In the end, it came up with the end. Again here is one of the examples of the above statement. 

Temporarily Closed:

Smoke House Grill restaurant is one of those restaurants who had invested well in order to provide a good ambiance and quality food. The reviews they got were also positive and captivating. However, its been around 3 weeks the restaurant Smoke House Grill is closed. In Bahria Town, it first opened in March this year. Unfortunately, within the period of six months of its operation, the restaurant stopped serving. I went there a few days back to get details to share here. At that time, they just told me that the restaurant is temporarily closed due to some issues. 



Now, last Wednesday, I got to know that the restaurant will resume its services soon. So, if you were a frequent visitor of Smokehouse Grill restaurant then do not get disconcert. The initial management of Smokehouse Grill couldn’t make it through and eventually, they sold it out. The new management will reopen the restaurant soon. Maybe in a day or two. I’ve also heard that they will sell the same food and the menu card would be the same like before but it is not confirmed. Well, stay tuned I will share its new menu card here soon!



Smokehouse Grill restaurant is located at Plaza 57, AA block, Sector D near to Surahi Chowk and opposite to

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants Is Active

The above-attached picture of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants was taken by me a long time ago. It was dusk at that time neither the quality nor the angle is right! So, I am planning to visit this restaurant again to capture some good pictures and will also make a video to share here along with its menu card. 


Official Opening:

It took around 4 months for its opening  and finally the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday. My friend told me that they had also arranged an event outside the building to celebrate its opening. And, for those who haven’t seen this restaurant yet, you will definitely find this eatery as one of the largest restaurants(except those which are possessed by Bahria itself). Two to three sizeable floors are being occupied by this restaurant. They will provide you space to arrange events and cooperate meetings. Moreover, I think, as the name suggests, along with the food they’re providing accommodations too. Well, wait for another update. I will visit it soon and will gather as much as information I can to share here. 


Discount Offer:

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants, is offering flat 20% discount on food due to its opening. This discount offer is valid for three days Friday to Sunday. 



The address of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. I’ve attached the map below:

Contact number:


Discount By Bin Bakar Electronics

Like last year in October, Bin Bakar Electronics have again bring their discount offer for the residents. They have announced this discount offer with a strong advertisement. You can see a mega billboard on the main canal road and hundreds of road streamers in all over Bahria Town. 


Discount Offer:

Bin Bakar Electronics is offering a flat 25% discount on a complete range of home appliances. This will be valid for three days from October 12th to October 14th. 



Bin Bakar electronics is located at Sector C, commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. It is also adjacent to Cakes & Bakes and Chenone. Few minutes drive away from Bahria Golf & Country club and Talwar Chowk.


For more details: 0322-7878093

Taana Baana Is Active

One more clothing brand has been added for ladies after a long time in Bahria Town. I already wrote about it here. In the mid of August, Taana Baana had placed its opening soon banner at their outlet. So, the two months after, Taana Baana has finally opened Bahria’s outlet on last Sunday. The road-streamers of Taana Baana’s opening are still be seen in Town especially in Sector D. They were offering up to 35% discount on their entire collections which I doubt may not be available now. 



Taana Baana is located at 144-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C. Near to Jasmine Mall. 


For more details contact:


After A While!

Hope you all are doing great!

Well, for a few days I was a little busy and out from Town. And, it wasn’t manageable to update you on regular basis. Now, I am now all set to pen down more updates whenever I come by any. So, Here is the short update about the opening of Broadway Pizza in Bahria Town, which I think you already know about it. 


Broadway Pizza: 

A week ago, Broadway Pizza has opened its fifth branch in Bahria Town. They have chosen the location of the main canal road. Opposite to Sector A, and very next to Jalal Sons. 


Discount Offer:

Due to its official opening in Town, Broadway Pizza is offering flat 50% off on 13inch and 10inch stuffed crust and thin crust pizzas. The offer is applicable on dine-in and takeaway. And valid till Sunday, 14th October. 



Opening: 11:00 AM.

Closing: 03:00 AM. 


Contact details:


Address: 905, Canal Bank Road, Next to Jalal Sons. 

Demolishing Of Houses & Plazas

The construction of more than 22 km long Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop( SL-1 and SL-2) was completed and opened for traffic on December 22nd, 2017. It has been operational for traffic near to Adda Plot, Raiwind Road and connecting to Kamahan near DHA Phase-5. The residents of Bahria Town Lahore already benefitting from this route. Because the traveling time between DHA, Airport and Bahria Town has drastically decreased. It takes hardly 20 to 25 minutes to reach Airport from Bahria Town Lahore via Ring Road.


After that, almost everyone has been in a discussion about the construction of Ring Road(SL-3), which will be going to pass through Bahria Town and neighboring society NFC Phase-2. The third section of proposed Lahore Ring Road Southern Loop will connect Raiwind Road with Multan Road. Previously, according to some news, this project will be 8 Km long and it will have three bridges, two interchanges, two underpasses, and 14 drain culverts. But, now, most of the people assuming it will only have two interchanges, one at Multan Road and other near to NFC Phase-2. 

Route Inside Bahria Town Lahore:

Lahore Ring Road(SL-3) in Bahria Town will start from Golf View Residencia. It will pass through Tulip Extension and Rafi Block at an elevation of 300 ft near the Grand Jamya Mosque. Furthermore, it will shift towards Janiper Block and will end up onto the Canal Road and then NFC Phase-2. 


Demolishing Of Houses & Plazas:

Well, this is the only general overview of the project and had been surfacing for months. Now, after a prolonged wait, which already caused many issues and bewilderment for property owners. Today, in the morning, the government machinery has been arrived in Bahria Town and started demolishing houses and other commercial plazas that are on the route of Ring Road SL-3. Approximately, more than 480 residential plots and houses will be demolished in Janiper Block, EE Block, Iqbal Block, Overseas Extension, and Tulip Extension Block. And, around 60 commercial plots and plazas will be eaten by Ring Road SL-3.


Here are the videos and pictures attached below which were taken today: 


Well, definitely it is going to be a great complication for the nearby residents. This demolishing of buildings and completion of Ring Road in Bahria Town would take roughly 8 months or more(according to the government officials reports). Moreover, due to the close proximity of homes, you will face air pollution and no doubt will be badly affected by noise. Also, it would create hurdles and you will be required to minimize traveling towards this specific area. On the other hand, though I am not a real estate expert I guess it will considerably effect on the property business. For this, you can contact below numbers and get the experienced analysis and inside stories relating to the property. 


Nabeel Zafar: 0345 4301013

Faisal Khan: 0321-4229424

Irum Collections

Approximately, two months ago I’ve told you about the opening soon of renowned brand Taana Baana. It is still not open in Town. I saw it yesterday, and there is no sign of its opening anytime soon. However, in the meantime, there is another ladies boutique that has opened under the name of Irum Collections. The official opening of this boutique was held on last Friday, 21st September. It reopens in Bahria Town with the same. They had opened and closed their first shop in Sector C, near girls hostel around 4 years ago. 


You can get a range of dresses from plain, printed to embroidered. Along with dresses, they’re selling all kinds of accessories, shoes, and ladies bags. Visit the shop for more details about their products. 



Irum Collections is located at Shop no.4, D-1 Plaza, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Next to white & bright laundry shop. 


Contact number: