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Shaheen Medicare Pharmacy

Shaheen Medicare health clinic is one of the oldest medical clinics in Bahria Town. Recently, they’ve planned to open their pharmacy by the name of Shaheen Medicare Pharmacy and start working on it few days ago. Most of the rennovation work has been completed and it would be active after one week or two. There are already thirteen pharmacies are operational in Bahria Town, to check all the details of these pharmacies (location and contact numbers) go to this link.



Shaheen Medicare Pharmacy is located at B side, Jasmine Block, Sector C, commercial area adjacent to the Shaheen Medicare Clinic.


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Time Exchange— Money Changer

Like car-showrooms, there wasn’t any proper money exchange facility in Bahria Town, except the service of western union and dollar east at selective branches of banks. Well, a few days ago, a separate money exchange shop has opened in sector C by the name of Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd. I do not know when it was opened but I’ve noticed it yesterday.


It isn’t famous as other money exchange like Wall Street, western union, dollar east and AA money exchanger. But, I got some information about Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd, it has several branches in different cities and working under the rules and regulation of State bank of Pakistan. The head office of this money exchange company is operating in Multan. So, it isn’t famous name or maybe I haven’t noticed it before but this money changer is authentic.



Opening: 9:00 AM.
Closing: 6:00 PM.



Time Exchange Company-B (Pvt) Ltd, is located at first floor, Metro Heights, Talwar chowk, sector C commercial zone.

Munir Traders

If we talk about car showrooms and car dealers in Lahore, then I guess only three to four locations are prominent, Jail Road, DHA Main Boulevard, Faisal Town and the third one is near to Akbar Chowk, which I’ve no idea about the exact road name or location. And residents of Bahria Town would’ve to travel all the way from Bahria Town to these locations to find out their ideal four wheels.


Well, you may also come to know few car dealers in Town, through references or personal contacts. But, there wasn’t any specific car showroom or car dealership available in Bahria Town, before Munir Traders. Actually, Munir Traders isn’t the first one, because almost 2 years ago, there was a proper car dealership office by the name of Y-N-K, located at Chambaili Block, opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. They were only dealing with Japanese cars at that time. Unfortunately, it’s been a year it was closed permanently.


For the time being, Munir Traders is the only option available now. It is opened in Town approximately two weeks ago. It can be seen in above advertisement board, they’re dealing with all kinds of new and used cars. So, before going to central Lahore for the car hunting you can now have an option to check within town.



Munir Traders 169-A, Sector C, commercial area near to Talwar Chowk, and opposite to the head office of Al-Kabir Town.


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Shavi Hut Opening

At the start of February, this above restaurant has placed opening soon banner in front of its building. And today after twenty days, road streamers have been hanged in Bahria Town, indicating about its official opening and discount offer. The official op ening of this restaurant will be held on Friday, 23rd February after 4:00 PM. I’ve also attached its menu card below this post.


Discount offer:

Shavi Hut Pizza & Fast Food restaurant will offer flat 25% discount on the entire menu. The discount offer is valid for dine-in and home deliveries.



Shavi Hut Pizza & Fast Food is located at shop no 16, ground floor, main road AA Block, Sector D near to Surahi Chowk and adjacent to Cafe Foodie Crush and Pizza 2 Go restaurant.


Menu Card:

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Trendzz Hair Salon

Last year, we’ve witnessed that there were many barber shops and ladies salons have poured up into different locations. Well, after a long pause of the opening of these barber shops in Bahria Town, no there is a new barber shop has spotted at Umer Block by the name of Trendzz Hair Salon and it was active few days back. At main road of umer block, you will find out around four ladies salons but, I think for men it’s the only barber shop. The shop is quite congested but they’re offering all kinds of cutting, trimming, beards and shaving services.



Rs 200/- to Rs 350/-



Opening: 10:00 AM.
Closing: 12:00 PM.



Trendzz Hair Salon is located at main road, Umer block, Sector C. Adjacent to Littler Diners and opposite to Kid’s camp.

222 Optics Zone & Eye Clinic

In Bahria Town, optical shops are one of those lines of work that are limited in numbers. You can hardly find four to six options in Town, and prominent ones are Punjab Optics and Opto Optics. Punjab Optics have more than 5 branches in Lahore and one of its branches is located at main canal road near to the Yasir Broast and Timmy’s. And Opto Optics is active in D Market, Shaheen block. Moreover, few departmental stores also keep a limited range of eyewear collection.


Well, a few days before I took the picture of the above advertisement board, but couldn’t update this shop at that time. Because the person out there told me that the date of its opening in above picture isn’t confirmed yet. So two days back they’ve changed the date and now it will open on Sunday, 25th February. 222 Optics Zone and Eye clinic will sell different kinds of sunglasses, glasses frames and lenses. Along with that, you can also get the facility of an ophthalmologist.



222 Optics Zone and Eye clinic is located at the main canal road adjacent to Lotus Furnitures and Domino’s pizza.



Opening time: 9:00 AM.
Closing time: 11:00 PM.

Things Mart

Few days back I’ve updated about the ‘Quality Fruit & Vegetable Shop, but right after two weeks of its opening the shop was closed. At that time they were only selling fruits and vegetables. Recently, they changed its name by Things Mart and it will offer daily usage things along with fruits and vegetables. It’s the fourth one that has appeared over the period of one month after Abeeha Valley, Galaxy Mart, and B.S mart. This shop will be active in a day or two with the facility of free home delivery.


Now, there are more than 40 proper departmental stores and traditional shops are operational at different locations, you can check and get all the contact details of these stores through telephone directory. Well, I believe that we already have ample amount of departmental stores to do grocery shopping but on the other hand, this kind of shops are still needed at some locations for the surrounding areas.



Things Mart is located at CC block, main road, commercial area Sector D. Adjacent to Ahemad Mart and few steps away from Mcdonald’s.


For more details: 0331-4843692

Smart I.T City


If we talk about I.T related shops in Bahria Town, then for sure the Eagle Mall is the only notable option that hits our mind. There you will find out multiple mobiles, laptops, and accessories shops along with the repairing labs to fix your phones and laptops without going anywhere outside of Bahria Town. And there are other options too that are available at different locations. Now, there is another addition of a proper I.T shop by the name of ”Smart I.T City– The I.T Super Store & Smart Home Technologies”. The official opening of this shop was held two days ago.


Well, this newly opened shop is different as compared to other available I.T shops. Because, they’re providing almost all home automation, I.T related services, laptops of different brands, mobile phones, and their accessories. So, If you’re in a search of a high-quality smartphone covers to a strong security system for your entire home, then Smart I.T City is an absolute choice where you can find everything under one roof. Here is the list of their products and services:


  • Smart Doorbells, Door lock-unlock.
  • LED lights, Strip lights & Power Management.
  • CCTV & Security Devices.
  • Smart Motion Sensors & Door Contacts.
  • Computers & Components.
  • Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets & Accessories.
  • Printers, Toners & Cartridges.
  • Cables & Connections.

”Smart I.T City– The I.T Super Store & Smart Home Technologies”, is located at Shop no. 3, D-2 Plaza, Shaheen Block, commercial area. Near to Eagle Mall.


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Wido Waffles Ice-cream Is Active

Wido Waffles Ice-cream was expected to open on 11th Feburary, and it is opened now. Before it’s opening, as the owner of this shop told me, I thought it would be somehow unique and different from other available options. When I visited this ice-cream shop yesterday it is not as impressive as it was supposed to be. Its menu card is simple with few items, which I’ve shared below.


They put two to three machines in front of the shop, two of them are for waffle cone ice-cream and the other one is for coffee. They’ve got ample of indoor and outdoor space for sittings, which isn’t managed yet. Well, on the other hand, taste is just good with these prices. There are already many renowned names for ice-creams are available, so they need to make their game strong to survive in Bahria Town.


Here is the menu card of wido waffles ice-cream:


Opening time is 2:00 PM and closed until midnight.



Wido Waffles Ice-cream is located at 135-B, Dubai Tower, Sector C, near Girls Hostel and Jasmine Mall.


For more details:
‭0333 6304441‬

Lighthouse Cafe & Restaurant Is Temporarily Closed

Cafe lighthouse was opened approximately two years ago in Bahria Town. It was located at main canal road adjacent to Yasir Broast and PSO filling station. Yesterday, while passing through canal road, I saw that the lights of the restaurant were off and there wasn’t activity out there so it seems closed and I thought another restaurant has shut down its doors permanently.


Well, today before writing this update I got the information that they’re planning to do some renovation work and going to change its interior that is why the restaurant is temporarily closed. And maybe it will re-open in few days after completion of its work. So, whenever it will re-open I will update again on its re-opening.