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Refuel Fitness Health Bar Offer

Two weeks ago, ‘Refuel Fitness’ opened its Health Bar within the premises of their gym. You can check these details by clicking here. For the first week of its opening, they offered flat 20% discount on all juices and this discount offer has ended.


Its been two weeks for this Health Bar, there is another offer has been showed up by Refuel Fitness. Here are the details mentioned below, which I took straight from their Facebook page.


Refuel fitness is located at 48-A Chambaili block, Sector C, commercial zone.


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Free Entry Pass By Gloria Jeans

Few days back, Gloria Jeans Bahria Town branch was offering different discount offers for the residents. They offered flat 20% discount on all coffees and also gave discount coupons in Rs 500/-. You can check these details by clicking here.


Now, Gloria Jeans Bahria Town branch brings another offer for all its customer. A renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will going to perform in a ‘Live Concert’ at ‘Royal Palm Golf & Country Club’ on 15th, November. All you have to do is to spend Rs 5000/- and more at Gloria Jeans Bahria Town Branch and you will be able to get Free Entry Pass for this live concert. This offer has start now and you have two days 13th to 15th November, to avail this offer.



Gloria Jeans Bahria Town Branch is located at 1-F, sector C, commercial zone at talwar chowk opposite to Metro heights, near to Jasmine Mall.


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Jimmy’s Snooker Club

‘Snooker club’ is the best place to spend some leisure time for many of us. And if you are a true snooker devotee than you will get to know how important these snookers clubs are. Well, for me it is certainly refreshing,  to hear about the opening of new Snooker Club. However,  the availability of these snooker clubs are insufficient. Many of the snooker clubs are way too crowded and have limited number of snooker tables as compared to the cueists. In Bahria Town, we have many options for ‘A’ standard snooker clubs. There are more than five snooker clubs are active in Bahria Town, i.e Strickers Snooker Club, Friends Snooker, Black Snooker Club etc.


Now recently, there is another snooker club in Bahria Town that has opened by the name of ‘Jimmy’s Snooker Club’. The soft opening of this snooker club was held about two weeks ago. But now its been three days this snooker club has officially opened. Jimmy’s Snooker Club has more than 8 snooker tables. Normally, you will find no more than 4 snooker tables in any snooker club. So, the number of snooker tables is quite sufficient so far to avoid waiting. Currently, there is no separate refreshment area or canteen in this club, but in the meantime you can get ‘Coffee, Chae and Cold drinks’. Secondly, they are planing on it, to establish a proper canteen and will be available in a few days.


Discount offer:

The price of one snooker set is Rs 120/- before discount. But due to its official opening in Bahria Town, they’re now offering flat 20% discount. Furthermore, they have not decided yet when this discount offer will  end.



Jimmy’s Snooker Club is located at 221-B, Titanium heights, Tulip ext block sector C commercial zone. It is near to Bahria Golf & country club and honey beans restaurant.


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Chicago Scissors Is Active

About two weeks ago I told you about the opening of Chicago Scissors. Now, its third branch in Bahria Town is active. Chicago Scissors is the only barber shop that has opened in Overseas A block. Here are the details of its timings and charges.



Opening time: 10:00 am.
Closing time: 12:00 am.



There is no opening discount by this salon like others. Because, their charges are already reasonable. They charged Rs 250/- for cutting and Rs 100/– for shave.



Chicago Scissors is located at Overseas A, near to Al-Falah mosque, Bahria complaint office and Surahi Chowk.


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Health Bar In Refuel Fitness Club

There are more than ten fitness clubs currently operational in town. And ‘Refuel Fitness’ is one of the significant and leading fitness club in Bahria Town among others. They have all state of the art and upto the mark equipments in their gym. From the time of its opening and till now, they have been offering various offers for the residents. Recently, I have updated Gym Charges & Timings of each gym, in which you can also find Refuel fitness timings, offers and charges.


Health Bar:

Health Bar is a perfect place in any fitness club, and much needed thing before and after workout. And evidently, it should be a part of prime facilities in every fitness clubs. But unfortunately, it is very hard to find Health Bars and only few of the Gyms have this facility. Now, Refuel Fitness is one of the Gym in Bahria Town, that took this initiative and recently they opened a health Bar within the gym. This health bar has all kinds of fresh juices and you get your desire fresh juice while your workout session.


Discount offer:

Due to its opening, Refuel fitness is now offering flat 20% discount on all the juices. This is a limited  time offer that will end within a week.



Refuel fitness is located at 48-A Chambaili block, Sector C, commercial zone.


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Flat 40% At ‘Bella’

‘Bella’ was opened about month ago in Bahria Town. It is the only store in Bahria Town that is offering hand-made accessories, home decorations and clothes under one roof. They are also selling their products online and curreently Bella has only one store in Bahria Town. I have updated its details at the time of its opening in town. You can check those details by clicking here.


Flat 40% Discount:

At the time of openeing, they were offering flat 20% discount on all of its products. But now as it can be seen in above picture, the discount is still there and now it has increased to flat 40%. Prices before discount are already reasonable and now they are further redcued. So I think, its a great offer for all the residents who have not shop there yet. You can also check all of its products on facebook and instagram page before visiting Bella store.



Bella in Bahria Town is located at 125-B Jasmine block, sector C commercial zone. It is near to YNY fabrics, Guzel Boutique and opposite to Shop rite. And adjacent to Pizzaria Restaurant.


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Am Pm Salon & Talent House

AM-PM salon & talent house is another barber shop that has opened few days ago in Bahria Town. It is the third barber shop that opened its doors in town over the period of one month. The other two shops are ‘Cuts n Color’ and ‘Chicago scissors’. For the time being, there are now twenty to twenty-five barber shops that are active in Bahria Town. You can check all the details of barber shops in our telephone directory.


AM-PM salon & talent house, is one of a kind shop. Because, this barber shop is somehow different from others in many aspects. Firstly, when I visited this shop, I was surprised by the interior looks. It is totally elegant, classy and distinctive from many other barber shop that are operational in whole Bahria Town. They have secured a wide space for everything and decent area for sitting. Secondly, all the staff and stylist of this shop looked more professional than usual, all of them are wearing the same uniform that makes it more executive.


Shop Attraction:

The most attractive and unique part of this shop, which I perosnally liked it, is that they have different types of games in their shop. Arcade games, small table of snooker, chess and arrow hitting target game, all are set for the customers. And the surprising thing is that all the games are free of cost out there for its customers. For all of us the most annoying and matter a lot, is to wait for our turn in any barber shop. But, now I believe that this is the best thing to kill time to play these games while waiting there, without paying extra money.


Talent House:

When first I looked at the name I started wondering what actually  talent house means and what they’re upto. So later I got to know that besides barber services, they’re looking for passionate models who are willing to start their career as a model. And if they found anyone will be enthusiastic or passionate in it, and have a potential in them,  they will be promoted further. They will also make a portfolio for the individuals without any charges.


Discount offer:

AM-PM salon and talent house charge slightly high for their services as compared to other shops. But, I think the services and environment they’re providing for the residents, then these charges are justified. They charge Rs 500/- for cutting and Rs 150/– for beard. This barber shop was opened in Bahria Town few days back, due to this, they’re now offering flat 30% on all of their services. This discount offer is valid for the entire month of November.



AM-PM salon & talen house is located at forst floo, C-1 chambaili block, main boulevard commercial zone. Few minutes drive away from Grand Jamya Mosque and Chaman ice-cream. Near to talwar chowk



Opening time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.


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Book Fair In Bahria Town

The books have now more importance and influence on every age of readers. A research indicates that book reading and printing has increased by three per cent. This trend and habit of book reading is still growing. And due to advancement of technology many people also prefer e-books and keep them in their smartphones and laptops. People these days easily get books of their interest from electronic platforms, like ibookstore and other related mediums. But, it does not matter whether the books are in print form or in PDF, it will have the same value for us and will always remain our best friends!


Despite the fact that, book fair are more important and always encourage reading habits among all age of readers. Book fairs have much more advantages, as they give readers the option to skim through the book before buying. Moreover, books fairs have more variety of books from different publishers. Secondly, the books are also in discounted prices.


As we know that, in Bahria Town there isn’t any proper and separate book shop that meets the requirements of readers like liberty books, Readings etc. Only few places have some limited range of books that are quite inadequate. But now for the residents of Bahria Town, there is a book fair has started two days ago. It is located at Sector B, Safari villas in front of Safari mall. They have very limited space in parking area and limited variety of books. But overall, it has the capacity to meet the requirements of readers as compare to other book shops in Bahria Town. In addition, they’ve set different discounts on all books, and all the books are in discounted prices. When I visited this book fair I got to know that approximately, more than 80% books are new and other 20% are slightly used. Moreover, this is consistantly third year they’ve set this book fair in Bahria Town at the same location. So it is the best opportunity for all enthusiast readers to get their hands on on their favorite books.


This book fair will be going to open for 25 days and will end at the end of November.


Book fair timings:

Starting time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.

For more details and information:
‭0322 7458069‬


Roshaan Fun Mania Offers

Both indoor and outdoor activities plays a vital role in the mental and physical development of kids. Every kind of healthy activity which involve mental fitness should be encourged. For this, in Bahria Town there are very few indoor places and spots for kids to enjoy their leisure time except Parks and Zoos. It is easy to find outdoor activities as compare to indoor. For example, Cricket ground, Basket ball court, Volley ball court, Badminton, Football ground, Archery etc are the most healthy activities and easily approachable for kids in town. To check all the information about these activities including timings and fees, go to this link. But, as compare to these activities, gaming zones and other indoor activities in Bahria Town are quite limited. According to my observation there are hardly 2 to 3 options are currently available. You can also check indoor games options in our telephone directory.


Roshaan Fun Mania:

These days, cold weather and smog is the main hurdle for kids that keeps them inside rather than play outside. Due to this, mostly kids of all ages prefer to spend their time in video games and other indoor activities. So, this is the best time for every kid to spend his/her spare time in any indoor activity near by them. ‘Roshaan Fun Mania’ in Bahria Town is one of the leading and prominent indoor activities place specially for toddlers and elder kids. You will find there every kind of arcade games, basket ball games and 7D motion rides. We’ve updated about’Roshaan Fun Mania’ almost a year ago. You can check these details by clicking here. Currently, they came up with different discounts and offers which are mentioned below:

Game Offer:

  • Recharge Rs 300/- and get 1 game free.
  • Recharge Rs 500/- and get 2 games free.
  • Recharge Rs 1000/- and get 5 games free.


7D Motion Rides:

The most attractive part of this fun place are the ‘Motions rides’. Initially, they’ve only 3D effects motion rides. But now they upgraded it to 7D, that is hard to find in Lahore, only few places have these 7D effects motion rides and Roshan Fun Mania is one of them. Those who does not have any experience as to what actually is a motion ride. For those, its basically, a 7D movie you have to sit in a motion chair and you’ll experience the unexpected sounds and lights. In some movies you’ve to shoot some subjects or to complete a task. And it feels like you’re actually doing it in a real situation.


Motion Ride Discount Offer:

In Roshaan Fun Mania, they’ve approximately 8 different movies in motion rides and have total 4 seats. The price of one movie and per seat is Rs 200/-. The total time of one movie is about 7 to 1 0 minutes normally. You can also allow to choose one movie by your choice. For now, they’re offering flat 25% discount on motion ride, that means you just have to pay Rs 150/-. This offer is valid for one complete month and will end in the start of December.



Opening time: 3:00 pm.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.


Roshaan Fun Mania is located at Roshaab centre, 20-21B, main boulevard, sector C commercial zone and near to talwar chowk.

For more details:
‭0302 5464035‬



Foodaholic Student Discount

Foodaholic restaurant in Bahria Town was opened about 2 months ago. They are offering all kinds of desi and fast food items with very reasonable prices. I have updated here about this restaurant when it was opened, you will also find there its complete menu. To check these details click here.


Foodaholic has another discount offer for the students of BeaconHouse National University. As we all know that BNU is located near to Bahria Town only 5 minutes drive away from town. When you take the exit from Nargis block, you will find this university on your way towards Raiwind road. Foodaholic is now offering flat 15% discount on its entire menu for the students of BNU. It is simple to avail this offer, students just have to show their student cards and they can get 15% discount.



Foodaholic restaurant is located at Sector C, 91-B tulip block commercial area near to The Great Mall and adjacent to Cosmo derma clinic.


Timings: 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.

For more details: 0324-7580857