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Moda Witch

Clothes and apparel brands are very important in everyone’s life but meanwhile accessories are also more significant than clothes. And everyone love to spend extra money to buy some superior quality and unique accessories. No doubt, accessories define style and help you to make differentiate from others. Well, accessories matter a lot as much as clothes in your closet and a way to express yourself when combined with clothes. So, in Bahria Town there are very few jewellery shops that are active, but specifically there was no ladies accessories shop before Moda Witch. You can get very limited range of accessories at different ladies stores, that might not be satisfactory and inadequate. Now for all those who wanted to have a good accessories shop near by them, Moda Witch by Aimen Ayshaal is now opened in Bahria Town. It is a complete designer accessories shop for ladies and its products are way better than any other shop in town. They have wide range of ladies accessories at their outlet in economical prices. You can check all the products of Moda Witch by visiting its outlet in person or you can check it on its facebook and instagram page.


Discount offer:

Moda Witch offers its services online but recently few days back it is officially opened in Bahria Town. Due to its opening, they were offering special 10% discount on its products. It was the limited time offer just for opening days but you can still avail this discount offer by visiting them. Because, this offer was for 2 weeks but now they extended it to one more week.



Moda Witch in Bahria Town is now located at First floor, Jasmine mall sector C commercial zone near to Talwar chowk.

For more details & Orders:
Facebook: Modawitch
Instagram: modawitch1


World Sandwich Day By Subway

Subway Pakistan is celebrating World sandwich day on 3rd November. Due to this, they’re offering buy one get one free offer on all subs, you can buy any sub and get one extra sub free of cost, of your own choice. There is no hidden charges or terms & conditions, this offer is valid only for one day.

One of the Subway branch is also located at Bahria Town. It is located at food court sector B, Safari villas. The above offer will also be available at this branch. So its an overwhelming offer for those, who love to eat fresh & healthy subs and visit Subway frequently.

For more details: 042-35340831

Cinegold Plex Movie Schedule

Cinegold Plex in Bahria Town was officially opened on 6th, Octobor.  I’ve mentioned all the details about this cinema at the time of opening. Well,  here is the weekly schedule mentioned above which I get directly from their Facebook page. You can also book tickets online by using below link, or you can download its application from Apple store and Google play.

For online booking:

Ticket Prices:

  • Red lounge: Rs 700/-
  • Gold lounge: Rs 1000/-

To check the details of membership for Cinegold plex click here.

For more details & booking:  0301-3089999


Another TGM!

The Great Mall in Bahria Town was opened back in 2015, almost three years ago. It is the oldest Mall in town, when there wasn’t any choice( other than Safari Mall). TGM is a complete mall where you could shop for grocery, toys, cosmetics, jewelry and garments. They always comes up with exciting offers at every occasion and providing innovative facilities for the residents. Mainly, you can avail up to 10% discount every time, if you have a membership card of TGM.

Due to its strong and positive response by the residents of Bahria Town. They’re now expanding it and already set to open its door once again in Canal Garden which is adjacent to Bahria Town. There is no exact date has been announced yet, but it is expected that it will open in Canal Garden in end of November.

Opening Offer:

When TGM first opened in Bahria town, they offered flat 20% discount. Now, in Canal Garden due to its official opening, TGM is now again offering flat 10% discount. As you can see in picture it will be limited time offer, so there is no idea when this offer would end. I will update here more about it when final date of its opening will be announced by the management.

Gloria Jeans Winter Offer

Gloria jeans Bahria Town branch is one of the oldest chain that is still serving for more than 3 years. Though, Gloria jeans has changed its location within town about 2 years ago and now it is located at 1-F, sector C, commercial zone at talwar chowk opposite to Metro heights. For now, Gloria jeans Bahria Town branch has showed up another winter offer for the residents. This offer starts from today and will be valid till Tuesday, 31st Oct. In this winter offer, Gloria jeans now offers flat 20% discount on all coffees and 50% discount on their live kitchen. In live kitchen, Pizza, burgers and grilled sandwiches are included. They’ve also started 50% discount bonus coupons in Rs 500/-. You can get these coupons at their branch or you can call them to deliver to your door step. Here are the details of discount coupon:

For more datails:

Chicago Scissors

Bahria Town already have several Barber shops, approximately more than 20 shops are active till date. But, the new openings of barber shops aren’t stoppable and it is increasing swiftly. Recently, Cuts & Color has opened in sector C for men & kids. It was opened about 2 weeks ago. Mostly barber shops are located at sector C, and some of them are opened in sector D and sector B. Well, I think that the numbers of Barber shops in Bahria Town are already way more than its needed. But in the long run these growing barber shops would eventually make balance with the increasing number of residents. For now, I’ve seen another Barber shop is now going to open soon in Bahria Town.

‘Chicago Scissors’ is the new name which is going to be a part in the list of Barber shops. The front board is already placed as you can see in above picture,  still much renovation work underway. And there is no exact date has been mentioned yet when this shop will officially active. I guess the opening will take no more than one week. It is the third branch in Bahria Town, first branch is located at Punjab co-operative society and second is at Sabzazar. I will update here more details about this shop, timings, services and charges after its opening.


Chaicago Scissors is located at Overseas A near to Al-Falah mosque and Bahria complaint office.

For more details:


Aga Khan Laboratory Pharmacy

Bahria Town has many choices for medical pharmacies. More than 15 medical pharmacies are currently active at different locations. To check complete list of Medical pharmacies click here. Aga Khan Laboratory has opened few months back this year in Bahria Town. It is located at main boulevard sector C, near to Talwar chowk. Aga khan laboratory took another initiative in town and started a pharmacy as well. As you can see in above picture this pharmacy is operational within the laboratory.

We can not easily trust any newly opened pharmacy to purchase medicines normally. But, Aga Khan pharmacy is one the most trusted pharmacy, providing authentic and high quality medicines. Moreover, not all Aga Khan laboratories are collaborated with their pharmacy only selective laboratories are running along with pharmacy, and Bahria Town laboratory is one of them. It is now fully operational for customers.


8:00 am to 10:00 pm.
Sunday closed.


Aga Khan laboratory and Pharmacy is located at main boulevard, sector C commercial zone. Near to Talwar chowk and adjacent to Book land.

For more details:

Khush Zaiqa Rice & Milk Shop

We’ve very restricted choices particularly for rice shops. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find any rice shop in whole Bahria Town. All the available options are only departmental stores from where you can easily purchase rice. Now, there is a separate rice shop has opened in Bahria Town by the name of ‘Khush Zaiqa’. This shop has opened few days ago and now fully operational. As it can be seen in above picture this shop is also selling fresh milk along with rice. They’ve different types and quality of rices with different prices all the rates are mentioned below. Free home delivery is available for those only who will purchase up to 5 kg rice or above.

Price list:


Khush Zaiqa rice and milk shop is located at Overseas A, few minutes drive away from Al-falah mosque and Bahria complaint office.

For more details & delivery: 0307-7774786

Iris Block Service Station

Car wash service is one of the essential services we need in our regular routine. Many people prefer to wash their vehicles by themselves at their home. Because, this practice eventually save some money and for some it is a best exercise more than a washing. Despite the fact, washing of vehicles at home leads to some negative impacts on car, like scratches on body and might be shining of the skin become lifeless. And definitely you won’t get the adequate results by washing it at home without any professional help and services. However, mostly people would rather goes to service stations near by them to get their car washed. Spending some extra money on car washing service is the best and more convenient option to get desire results, save time and avoiding to this hectic process. Well, in Bahria Town there are very few service stations that are currently active. For those who are still wondering for a much-needed service station for their car washing, they will now get to know more about one of the service station here. Moreover, if anyone is interested to get car wash services at their home and want to book a car washer for monthly basis then Nokaronline is another option. Because, Nokar Online is  providing car wash services at your door step. You can check these details by clicking here.

Iris Block Service Station:

Iris block service station no 2, has owned and managed by Bahria Town management itself. This service station is quite economical among others which are located near to Bahria Town. This service station has ample of space for parking, washing and drying. About 4 to 5 workers are available at this service station and they usually wash 3 cars simultaneously. Secondly, two of the workers are appointed for drying and interior cleaning. So whenever I went there it doesn’t take much time and I didn’t wait for too long for my turn. They’ve also sitting arrangement for customers,but it is not as comfortable as it should be. The techniques and methods are quite old and typical, all of the services are done by manually. So it is not fully equipped and neither they use contemporary ways of washing. But the overall experience out there was satisfactory because their services are much better than others. And you will get your car washed from top to bottom that will give you peace of mind in such minimum prices. Changing of engine oil, Cleaning of carpet and washing of blankets are also the part of their services.


Service station no. 2 is located at Iris block, sector C. It is near to security headquarters and gate no 4.

Prices & Services:

Hatchbacks: Rs 150/-
Crossover cars: Rs 200/-
Full service hatchbacks: Rs 250/-
Full service crossovers: Rs 400/-
Motorbike: Rs 50/-
Compound: Rs 2500/-
Polish: Rs 200/-

7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm.

For more details: 0307-2813276


Chick n Chilli

There are many fast food restaurants that are serving in Bahria Town including international and local chains. A complete list of all restaurants names, contact numbers and addresses are also available in our telephone directory. As we all know that many restaurants  have quit serving from Bahria Town. But, at the same time new openings are also growing. So, there is another new fast food restaurant ‘Chick n Chilli’ has opened its door in Bahria Town. It is now officially opened today in sector D. They have all kinds of fast food items in its Menu, you can find its Menu below the post. Restaurant has both, inside and outside sitting arrangements. Beside this, free home delivery is also available within the Bahria Town.

Discount offer:

Today is the first day of its opening and this restaurant is now offering flat 25% discount for one week.


‘Chick n Chilli’ is located at main road, 11 block CC Sector D. It is few steps away from McDonald and also adjacent to Ice Curl. Due to its location and near to McDonald I think it will be difficult for them to grab more customer’s attention. Because, McDonald itself is evidently one of the most prominent name in fast food chains. But, I hope that they will lock its place and business in the market despite of McDonald near to it.


For more details: