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Bright Man Dry Cleaners

Neat, clean and well ironed clothes are the essentials of daily routine. For this purpose dry cleaners and steam laundry are the most dominant options for us. We couldn’t use professional skills and machinery at our homes to get proper ironed and well shaped clothes. Sometimes washing machines, water and powders aren’t enough to get rid off permanent stains on clothes. Looking good without even proper ironed clothes isn’t satisfactory. However, all this would be possible only by the help of dry cleaners and steam laundry. I always prefer a dry cleaner to get my clothes proper re-shaped. Secondly, there are also some drawbacks of using a dry cleaner more oftenly. We will face some damages on garment, shining of clothes will be reduced and more importantly life of our clothes will also bring down. I also face holes in my clothes while using these dry cleaners regularly. Overall, it is the best option for us to save time, get well and re-shaped clothes by paying some charges.

Well, in Bahria town you can find many dry cleaners around you. There are more then 10 dry cleaners are presently active at different locations. To check all the list of them go to this link. Charges are different of every laundry shop. Now few days ago a new dry cleaner and iron shop has open by the name of bright man dry cleaners & laundry. Here is the some details of this shop that would be helpful for you.


Bright man dry cleaners and laundry is located at 122-B gulbahar block, sector C commercial area. Few minutes drive away from Careem office and near to talwar chowk.


10:00 Am to 11:00 Pm.

Contact no:

Sattar Tobacco & Pan Shop

There are many choices for a good tobacco shop in Bahria town. Approximately more then 15 shops now a days are functioning. Whoever has the addiction of smoking tobacco knows the importance of tobacco shops near by them. Some of the tobacco shops are offering free home delivery too within the Bahria town. We’ve also compile a complete list of tobacco shops along with the address and contact number in our telephone directory. To check these details go to this link.

There is another tobacco shop by the name of sattar tobacco and pan shop has open few days ago. They’ve all kinds of imported and local tobacco’s. Moreover, this tobacco shop is also offering free home delivery.


Sattar tobacco & pan shop is located at sector C , commercial zone at tulip block near to fine eatery restaurant and also near to honey beans.

Beauty ‘N Style Is Active

Few days ago we had updated here about that the new shop will going to open in Bahria town by the name of Beauty n style. Beauty n style is a women shop that has wide range of all imported cosmetics. They’re selling all the products that are related to ladies. They’ve perfumes, jewelry, garments, hand bags, gift items and many other things. Its a second branch their first branch is located at johar town. You can check all the details about this shop by click here.

Now this shops is fully active and operational. There are different categories of each product set in various segments. They’ve wind range of make-up products, perfumes and all beauty care commodities under one roof. So, after roopsinghar, she mart and other beauty shops its another choice for ladies to get whatever they want in bahria town.

Opening offer:

Due to its official opening in Bahria town there is a limited time offer for its customers. Buy any 2 products and get a free giveaway. Offer is still valid because it was opened few days ago.


11:00 Am to 11:00 pm.


Beauty n style is located at B block sector C, commercial zone near Bata and victoria departmental stop. It also few minutes drive away from talwar chowk.

Contact no:



Discount Offers In Bahria Town

Eid-ul-fitar is now just around the corner and Ramadan is now going to end after almost one more week. We can see that many Eid discounts and offers in Bahria town. Few days ago we had updated here about the discounts. Here are some more discounts mentioned below. To check all the discount details click here.

Comfit Gallery:

Comfit gallery is a boutique selling stitched and un-stitched clothes. It is also offering clothes stitching on reasonable prices. Now, due to eid they’re offering flat 25% discount on ready made kurta, waist coat and shalwar kameez. It is situated at sector C, commercial zone near max shawrma.


Al-mehmood which is located at sector C, commercial area in Jasmine mall. Now offering up-to 25% discount on new arrivals.

Red Rose Home Textile:

Red rose home textile located at commercial zone sector C, opposite to shoprite. Now they’re offering flat 30% discount on curtains and Sofa clothes.

Mart Inn

In Bahria town there are many departmental stores that are offering wide range of consumer good of different categories. Good departmental stores are very important in any major society. We’ve seen that many departmental stores are  opening every now and then. We are expecting more to open in future. TGM, Victoria departmental store, Easy mart, Green valley etc are some of the leading departmental stores in Bahria town. We’ve also updated complete list of departmental stores along with the number and address in our telephone directory.

Mart Inn.

There is another mart that has open now in Bahria town few days ago by the name of mart inn. Its a small scale store and selling all necessary products. Almost every departmental store in bahria town offers free home delivery. So, Mart inn is also offering free delivery within tha bahria town.


Mart inn in Bahria town is located at sector C, commercial area facing bahria golf and country club and adjacent to guggz tobacco. It is also situated behind the fine eatry restaurant.

Contact no:

Gentle Man Hair Salon

Barber shops and ladies parlors plays a very important role in a society. Imagine that if you have numerous options for barber shop near by then you won’t have to go far away or to wait for too long. I’ve observed that in Bahria town we’ve more options of barber shops after eat out places and restaurants. We can easily find a barber shops after few steps. So, for all those who are attached with this business they’ve a strong competition in market. Every barber shop has different charges normally they charged Rs 200/- to Rs 400/- depends on your styling. Almost 20 to 25 barber shops are currently operational. Here is the complete list of barber shops in Bahria town updated in our telephone directory.

Gentle Man Hair Salon:

Gentle man hair salon has opened few days ago. Currently they’ve 2 to 3 staff members at this shop. Shop isn’t on large scale and its an air-conditioned shop. Prices are also reasonable for a haircut.


Gentle man hair salon is located at sector C, commercial zone. Few mintues drive away from bahria golf and country club and adjacent to 786 pan shop.


Currently, they’re charging Rs 250/– for a normal haircut. It will vary accordingly to the cutting.


Shop open at 4:00 Pm and closed till Sehri.

Contact no:

Hush Puppies

Hush puppies is a renowned foot-wear brand in Pakistan. Its a global brand and have thousands of outlets in more than 165 countries in all over the world. It first started back in 1958. Its outlets are situated in all major cities of Pakistan.
In Bahria town it was located at jasmine mall sector C. Unfortunately, they haven’t secured the place in the market and eventually it is closed now. But, at the time of closing they told us that it is temporarily. Secondly, they will re-open it when they find a suitable place in Bahria town.

Hush puppies at Mega brands:

For all those who likes to wear Hush puppies products they can get its products from Mega brand. When I visited this outlet I got to know that limited products of hush puppies are available right now. Some of them are available at actual prices and some are on sale.


Mega brand is also a foot-wear outlet which is located at main boulevard sector C, near to talwar chowk.

To check list of shoe outlets in Bahria town click here.

Ramadan Deals Brussels Cafe & Grill

Brussels cafe & grill restaurant was open more than a month ago. It is located at sector C, commercial zone 114-B. To check details about this restaurant click here.

Here are the details of Ramadan deals offering bt brussels cafe & grill.

Deal 1:

4 choice of burgers.
6 pcs nuggets
4 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1499/-

Deal 2:

2 choice of burgers
2 fries
1 drink. Rs: 699/-

Deal 3:

1 Large pizza
1 pasta
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1199/-

Deal 4:

1 medium pizza
2 grilled chicken wraps
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 5:

1 medium pizza
1 choice of burger
1 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999

Deal 6:

1 large pizza
2 choice of burgers
1 pasta or lasagna
1 grilled chicken wrap
1 1.5LTR coke. Rs 1999/-

Deal 7:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 fries
1 coke. Rs 499/-

Deal 8:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 classic zingers
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 9:

1 sandwich
1 pasta or lasagna
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. 899/-

Deal 10:

2 medium pizzas
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 1249/-

Deal 11:

9 pcs fried chicken.
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 799/-

Deal 12:

10 pcs grilled strips.
10 pcs chicken strips.
1 family size fries.
1 500ml drink. Rs 649/-

Deal 13:

1 clssic zinger burger.
1 fries.
1 fried chicken piece.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

Deal 14:

1 personal pizza.
1 drink. Rs 299/-

Deal 15:

1 choice of burger.
1 fries.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

To check other Ramadan deals in Bahria town go to this link.

Fariha’s Beauty Salon & Spa

Before Eid and in end of Ramadan we could see a lot of mess in markets and everywhere. Specially, it’s hard to find a place in any barber shop or beauty parlor when we have limited options around us. But it won’t happen in Bahria town because ladies have now many options and it is increasing. Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is another beauty parlor for ladies which was opened few days ago this beauty parlor is also added in our telephone directory. To check all the list of beauty parlor’s click here.

Discount Offer:

They’re now offering two kinds of offers for its customers. They’re offering up to 50% off on facial, makeup, hair dye, massage and hair cuts.

Ramadan Offer:

Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is also offers Ramadan discount. If you book any makeup package than you will get 30% discount. This offer is valid before 20th Ramadan.


Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is located at 124-b commercial sector C near to girls hostel.

11:00 Am to 9:00 Pm.

Contact no’s:

Rockers Ladies Beauty Bar

Ladies parlor’s are very important for women. So, in Bahria town more than 20 ladies parlor are operational at almost every different locations. I’ve seen many newly opened ladies and gents salon’s in past few days. To check all the list of ladies parlors go to this link.

There is another beauty parlor by the name of Rockers ladies beauty bar. It has now open today and providing all sort of services. They also claimed that all of their staff is highly trained and foreign qualified. It is located at 1st floor, So lift facility is also available for its customers.

Discount offer:

Rockers ladies beauty bar is open today. So, due to opening and eid is also approaching they’re offering flat 20% discount on all of their services. This discount offer is valid till Eid-ul-fitr.

13:30 to 20:30


Rockers ladies beauty bar is located at 99-B first floor sector C commercial zone. Near to Bahria gold and country club and back side of Cakes & Bakes.

Contact no: