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Summer Activities For Kids In Bahria Town

Kids now a days need more physical and outdoor activities to keep them motivated. These days, due to modern technology, usage of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets make our kids physically weak, extra curricular activities are now being stop able. Summers are here and mostly kids are enjoying their summer vacations. So here are some activities for them in Bahria town that are intentionally more healthy and keep them energetic.

Archery In Bahria town:

Well, it seems like that mostly people aren’t interested in archery and they’re not eager to learn about it and to play it. Historically, it was used in wars and for hunting. A research indicates that, It was first adopted by ancient Egyptians about 5000 years back. Islamic-ally, we as a Muslim must learn three things in our life. One is horseback riding, swimming and the third one is archery. These days its a kind of sport. In Olympics it has separate category and has seven different disciplines according to distance.
There are huge health benefits of archery. The main benefit of archery is focus and patience. In our daily routine we’ve required more focus and patience. Archery is one the best sport that will help us to maintain high needed focus. If you will observed people who are engage in this sport they will look more balanced, confident, mature and well manner.
You won’t see any notable academy specifically for archery. But in Bahria town a separate archery academy is available for the residents. Its a great opportunity for kids in this summer to spend their extra time in this sport that will eventually help them to boost up their confidence and to focus on everything more deeply.
Bahria town Archery academy is located at Sector A near to shahkam chowk, facing canal road. When you will come to Shahkam chowk you will see an advertisement board of this academy on your right side.
Registration fee: Rs 2500/-
Monthly fee: Rs 2000/-
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Horseback riding club:

According to John Lyons, ” The way to heaven is on horseback”
I remember that when I was in my school life, horse riding was something that I dreamed. We didn’t have any options that were approachable and economical for us. Horseback riding is a perfect exercise for muscles. There are many other obvious health benefits like, strong back and strong legs. Riding a large animal as compare to our body need more attention and focus. And it will force all your body parts, brain and eyes to handle it precisely. Well, in Bahria town everyone can easily avail this thrilling activity with professional instructors in a very economical prices.
Horseback riding club in Bahria town is located at Sector C, Janiper block near to rose garden.
Morning: 6:00 am to 7:00 am.
Evening: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Monday is off.
Registration fee: Rs 5,000/-
Monthly: Rs 3,000/-
Note: These above charges are same for adults and kids.

Martial Arts:

Martial arts covers all the activities and skills that involve physical fitness, mind discipline and fighting methods. I think, martial arts has more influence on kids as compare to adults. Because kids eternally love to fight and use their arms and legs more. It will help kids to improve their skills, physical fitness, strength and stamina. Moreover, martial arts also stimulates brain working and makes a balance personality.
In Bahria town Karate and martial arts classes are available for kids, men and women. Mashfitt is one prominent option in Bahria town for martial arts.
Kids Taekwando Summer Camp:
Mashfitt will also arrange special classes by the name of kids taekwando in summer vacations. These classes will going to start from 12th of July and will complete after one month.
Main objective of this camp:
  • Develop kids confidence and discipline.
  • Develop flexibility, endurance and strength.
  • Teach the conceptual and physical perspective of self defense.
  • Completion of Taekwondo Yellow Belt syllabus.



Mashfitt is located at main boulevard second floor building 6 sector C, near to talwar chowk.
For boys: 6:00 pm.
For girls: 5:00 pm.
Registration fee on time: Rs 5,000/-
Kids charges: Rs 3,500/- per month.

Swimming in Bahria Town:

Swimming is one of the perfect physical summer activity, because it includes all our body parts from head to toe. I will always prefer swimming on any other workout and exercise. It’s a all rounder activity, that can make strong muscles and endurance. It helps to build healthy heart and helps to loose weight and burn fats from our body. Those who feel annoyed to go to a gym in this summer. I would recommend them to start swimming because it is the best way to loose weight. Secondly, there are more than 25 swimming pools are available in all over the Lahore.
In Bahria town swimming pool is also available that provide kids to spend their extra time to build a strong body structure and its a perfect way to cool down in this hot summer. This pool is fully equipped with all lifeguard facilities.
It is located in Bahria town golf and country club which is located at sector C, few minutes drive away from talwar chowk.
Daily 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
For adults: Rs 500/-
For kids: Rs 400/-

Cricket ground & academy:

Currently, kids are less engaged in cricket as compare to any other sport. They would rather play more football or basketball. But few ones still have passion for cricket. It encourages more team spirit, discipline and physical health. For kids in Bahria town there are many opportunities and pitch’s for them to play cricket.
Cricket ground and academy in Bahria town is located at BB block sector D.

Superior gaming arena:

Due to the summer heat they’ve another opportunity for them to play cricket at night in superior gaming arena. Its an indoor cricket with many other activities like paintball war arena and target shooting.
It is located opposite to main entrance of Bahria town and at main canal road.
Open 24 hours daily.
Rs 1200/- per hour for cricket.
Paint ball war: Rs 500/- for 25 bullets.

Bahria Town Football Academy:

Football is one the best healthy and physical sport that I refer on any other sport. Football has incredible importance and I referred this sport to every kid. I think it should be the necessary part in every school for their students like other learning activities and subjects. However, Bahria town football academy is a good option for all the kids who haven’t join this academy yet.
Football academy in bahria town is located at janiper block near rose garden, sector C.
First session: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Second session: 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Registration fee: Rs 2000/-
Monthly: Rs 1,000/-

Creative activities at Maktab:

Though, this school isn’t located within the bahria town. It is located at raiwind road near to Bahria town. Maktab is offering summer activity for kids like arts & crafts classes, math, french, English and music classes. It will going to start from 10th of July to 4th of August.
Age groups:
4 to 8.
9 to 13.
8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Badminton court in Bahria town:

Badminton is one the sport that included in the list of top 10 healthy sports worldwide. Badminton approximately burns more than 500 calories in one hour. It promotes physical health, mental health and build more stamina. It will also help our body to maintain diabetes, blood pressure and provide all our joints more mobility. So, badminton is another option to spend time in a healthy sport. Moreover, you don’t have to go far away. All you need is the rackets, shuttlecock and a badminton net to play this sport at your home.
Court location:
Well in Bahria town, badminton court is also available. It is located at safari villas near food court.

Basketball & tennis Court:

Basketball is another great social sport for kids. It is the fast moving game that includes shooting, dribbling, passing and stretching muscles. A healthy opportunity for kids in Bahria town. Basketball and tennis courts are located at overseas enclave behind executive lodges.

Medicare Pharmacy

Medical pharmacy is as important as a good Doctor near by us. Because medicines have became important necessity of life to all of us in our daily routine. So, in Bahria town all famous medical stores like Fazal din, Servaid, punjab medical store, green pharmacy and many others are now in business. We’ve gatherd all details about these pharmacies in our telephone directory that are available within the bahria town. Each pharmacy has been offering different discounts upto 10%. You can check all the list pharmacy by clicking here.

Few days back a new medical store is active by the name of Medicare pharmacy. Medicare pharmacy is offering upto 8% discount on medicines. They’ve all kinds of imported and local medicines.


Medicare pharmacy is located at main canal road facing Sukh Chan Gardens. Few minutes drive away from PSO filling station and Shahkam chowk.


10:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Cell Mart Bahria Orchard

In Bahria Orchard, commercial market is limited for the residents. We’ve few choices out there, whether its a grocery store or other daily routine usage things. On the other hand population there is also specific in numbers. Banks, cinema, departmental stores, fresh juice shops, fruit & vegetable shops and also some meat shops are currently functional. The growth of orchard market is very moderate and slow moving.

Cell Mart:

Well, there is a newmobile shop by the name of cell mart. This shop was active about a month ago. You’ll find all kinds of mobile accessories, easy load and calling cards from there. They’ve also other segment for Dvd’s and mp3 cd’s. Today, I bought a DVD and it cost me Rs 200/-. I think the prices of everything at this shop are bit high. But the positive thing is that it is the one and only specific mobile shop now we’ve in Bahria Orchard.


Shop timings:

3:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Gym & Fitness Clubs In Bahria Town

Healthy living and physical exercises are the chief merits of perfect health and living. There are a lot of benefits when you’re physically active. I observed that people who are more conscious about their physique, are better than others who are not physically perfect. Physical activity isn’t just about your body health but also stimulates your brain working, improve your concentration and leads you to a positve attitude. It will help us to a perfect body structure and everything you will wear it will look satisfactory. Regular exercise will lower your risk of heart problems and make you more stronger and flexible.
Gym plays a very important role in our daily routine. We should utilize approximately 30 minutes daily at gym. So, in Bahria town there are number of options for us to join a gym. We’ve a complete list of all the gym’s that are currently functional in town. In future, we will also update about all the timings and about fee of each gym.
Fab Fitness Club.
Tel: 0333-3386633
Address: First Floor 189-B Sector C Commercial Zone Bahria Town.
Fitness Factory.
Tel: 0321-3444469
Address: Sector B Bahria Town.
Lion Heart Fitness & Martial Arts.
Tel : 0312-7676060
Address: 23-Commercial, Umer Block Bahria Town.
Refuel Fitness:
Tel: 0320-9000100
Address: Sector C Commercial zone Bahria town.
Score Studio.
Tel: 0324-4090945
Address: 114-A Naja Plaza Sector C Bahria Town.
The Sole Fitness.
Tel: 0311-4222531
Address: 236-B Commercial Sector C Tulip Extension Near Jamiya Masjid Bahria Town.
Life Fitness Club
Tel: 042-35340891.
Address: Commercial complex, Takbeer block Bahria town.

Recent Days Openings

In Bahria town we can see a lot of new openings frequently. Departmental stores, eatout places, medical stores, apparel brands, tobacoo shops, milk shops etc, everything is growing  day by days. And we’re also updating here about all the hapenings in Bahria town. You will find each and every thing in our telephone directory along with the address and number. Here are some more about the recent openings.

Shaheen Medicare:

Shaheen medicare was recently established in Bahria town located at sector C, near to Bahria town golf and country club. They’re offering pediatrics, gynae, vaccination, short stay and medicines.



4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.


Contact numbers :


Crest Academy:

Approximately more than 12 tuitions and academy’s are currently operational in Bahria town. Recently a new academy has opened by the name of Crest academy. It is located at 126-A sector C commercial zone.



Spoken English.
CSS English.
MA English.


Contact no:

Hamza Milk Farm

As per my opinion quality of milk is the most important thing in our daily necessities. We’ve mny choices for fresh milk in Bahria town. Adil milk shop, organic mart, Ujala milk etc are the few options that are better among others. Recently a new milk shop by the name pf Hamza milk farm has opened in Bahria town. Here are the few details about it.


Hamza milk farm isn’t just a dairy shop. They’re also offering ‘Halwa puri’ breakfast, Greek yogurt (first time in bahria town), desi ghee, Kheer and all kinds of fruit shakes. They claimed that all of their products are pure and organic. Free home delivery is also available for the residents of Bahria town.


Hamza dairy farm shop is located at tulip block commercial area 119-B sector C. Adjacent to 786 pan shop few minutes drive away from bahria gold and country club.

Rate list:

Milk 1 liter: Rs 100/-
Yogurt 1 kg: Rs 100/-
Desi ghee 1 kg: Rs 1000/-
Kheer: Rs 400/-
Butter: Rs 500/-
Lassi: Rs 60/-
Greek yogurt: Rs 140/-
Shakes: Rs 90/-

Contact no:


New Meat Shop

If you’re looking for fresh meat in Baharia town. There are few notable choices for us that we’ve compiled here in our telephone directory. The recent eye opening exposes about the meat in Lahore scare us a lot. But as per my personal experience of buying meat oftenly or when I went to the meat shops which are located at Bahria town. They’re more hygienic and satisfactory. Most of the meat shops are offering free home delivery within the town. Otherthan that I would prefer you to buy meat by visiting physically. Zenith, organic mart, meat express and Sabzi gosht are few of the options that are better then others. Here is the list of meat shops that are operational at bahria town. Recently a new shop for fresh mean has opened by the name of Umer mutton, beaf and chicken shop. They’re selling all kinds of meat and also offers free home delivery.


Umer mutton, beaf and chicken shop is located at sector C, tulip road commercial area. Near to Bahria gold and country club.

10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Contact no:

The Grill Spot

I always prefer burgers on any other food options l’ve near to me. A specified burger shop is always much needed thing. We’ve many eatout places in Bahria town for a good burger. For any local chain it is hard to compete with other international chains in any town. But we could experience that many local chains are setting up in Bahria town. A burger isn’t just a burger, its the stuff and filling we’ve got in it and the grill spot is one of the option to satisfy it. The Grill spot has opened in Bahria town few days ago before Eid. Its first branch is located at MM Alam road and now its second branch is in Bahria town. I’ve tried their burger from its first branch and my experience was sufficiently adequate. Prices are also reasonable, as per my opnion the grill spot is better than among other options. Moreover, they’re not just selling burgers but there are other foods are also included in its menu.

Discount offer:

Due to its grand opening in Bahria town on friday they’re offering 20% discount. This discoint offer is valid for only 7 days.


The grill spot first branch is located at Al-Gafeez tower MM Alam road. And now first branch is located at Shop G-4 sector C commercial area near to Talwar chowk.


12:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Contact no: 0320-4008220

Recent Openings In Bahria Town

Gradually and steadily in recent days we’ve seen many cool openings in Bahria town. Some of them are local brands and some are international chains. We’re attempting best to keep you updated about daily hapenings in Bahria town. Here are the few more details:


Uniworth which is also known as Shirt n Tie shop is a renowned formal clothing brand in Pakistan. Recently, its another branch in Bahria town is active. This branch is located at Jasmine mall commercial area sector C near talwar chowk.

Borjan is active:

Borjan is a footwear and accessorize brand spread s in all over Pakistan. They’ve more than 100 outlets nationwide. Now in Bahria town it s officially active. Borjan is located at main boulevard sector C commercial zonenear bata outlet and near to Talwar chowk.


Zara’s is a women apparel brand now opened few days ago at Bahria town. They’re currently offering flat 50% discount. This outlet is located at Al-falah plaza near Al-falah masjid.