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The Fine Eatery Opening Shortly

The fine eatery restaurant will be going to open soon. There is no exact date publicized yet when this restaurant will be active. Moreover, outer look is completed and almost all finishing work is just around the corner. One the guy who was working there told me that this restaurant will be active during Ramadan and before eid. This restaurant  will serve all kinds of food, Desi, Fast food, Italian and chineese.


We already have many restaurants in sector C. Now, the fine eatery is also located tulip block sector C near grand jamaya mosque.

Note: All the contact details are added in telephone directory. For more details go to this link.

Pick n Pay Mart

In Bahria town we have plenty of options for departmental stores. We could easily find a good departmental store which has wide range of consumer goods. Some of them are selling all categories of  toys, cosmetics, stationary, jewellery and baby products while some of the stores are only sell grocery products.

We already have stores like, The great mall, Easy mart, green valley, E-one cash n carry, Friends mart and many other. Here is another departmental store is active in Bahria town with the name of Pick n Pay mart. This departmental store is active since more than a month.


Pick n pay mart is located sector c commercial zone.
Shop no is 107-B.

Free home delivery:

Pick n pay mart is also offering free home delivery within the Bahria town. And there is no minimum limit for free delivery. You could get anything at your door step on one call.

We have also updated this mart in our telephone directory you can get its contact number. To check all the departmental stores list click here.

Rent A Car Services In Bahria Town.

Travelling with friends or with family, and want to save your fuel and if you really want to avoid traffic mess without even driving? While some of us haven’t four wheels in their possession. For all those here is the solution for them to rent a car.

You would experience many advantages with this rent a car facility. Even though we’ve other cab services too like uber, careem and al-bayrak. But rent a car service would be beneficial for you if you want to travel out of station with family. Here are some features to rent a car service.
  1. Affordable.
  2. Comfortable.
  3. Free to move anywhere.
  4. Time saving.
  5. Quality of travelling.
In Bahria town i’ve seen many rent a car services. More than 5 to 6 offices are functional only for rent a car. In Bahria town, I obserevd that many of the residents have their own car but you could also easily find this service and book your desire car. Here are the number and contact details mentioned below.
4 Wheels.

Tel : 0343-484444
Address: Near Pso Filling Station Canal Road.

Awais Rent A Car.

Tel : 0345-4647150
Address: Metro Heights Talwar Chowk.

Bahria One Rent A Car.

Tel : 03004454260
Address: Metro Heights First floor Talwar Chowk.

Hajwairy Rent A Car.

Tel : 0300-7846480
Address: Metro Heights Sector C Talwar Chowk.

HRC Car Rental:

Tel: 0323-4004849
Address: Office no 35, Gulf centre Sector C Commercial Area.

Makkah Rent A Car & Tours.

Tel : 0304-3007955,0335-4013613,0324-8651772
Address: Basement Sara Mall Main Road Umer Block.

Madina Rent A Car.

Tel : 0321-1164232, 0308-4040727
Address: Shaheen Block Commercial Area Sector B.

Mian Rent A Car.

Tel : 0300-4650078
Address: 10-CC Commercial Area Sector D.

Note: These contacts are also updated in our telephone directory.

Brussels Cafe & Grill

Restaurants business are very fetching and easy to run in Pakistan especially in Lahore. Because everyone knows that Lahore is famous for its foods and taste. Good Restaurants are the chiefs in the development of any housing society. If we have numerous options within the town than we don’t have to go far-off to dine out. There are many major points for any new restaurant for its success like its location, its ambience and most importantly quality and taste. Exceptional taste is the most important ingredient to attract the customers and to make it profitable.

Well, In bahria town we’ve seen many cool openings in past few months. We have now multiple local and international eat out places in bahria town. Recently, Yasir Broast, Cafe lighthouse, honey Beans, Croasta 11 etc are opened. In past we had least options for dining. But now there’re several options and we’re expecting more to come in future too. So, here is another choice  for us in Bahria town, Brussles cafe & grill. This restaurant was opened approximately 2 weeks ago. They have Pizzas, wraps, burgers, pasta, grilled chicken, desserts,  shakes and stuffed chicken etc are included  in its menu. When, I talked to the restaurant  manager he claimed that its a local chain but the ingredients they’re using in their  dishes  are totally imported.

Discount offer:

At the time of opening they were offering 20% flat discount for one week. Now there is no such rebate. But only 10% discount is still available for stundents by showing their student ID. 


Not every available location is good for any restaurant. Location always matters the most to get positive response from the customers and a key component for its success. Brussels cafe & grill restaurant is located at sector C commercial zone few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and also near to Bahria country club.

In my point of view good restaurants are as important as other utility facilities in any housing society. We  now have plenty of choices in Bahria Town. Well, i haven’t tried this new one but i’ll give it a try soon. If we talked about its looks, the outer look is average and the inner sitting area isn’t so wide and large as you can see in above picture. They have outside sitting arrangement and a parking area in front of the restaurant too.

Ramadan Deals & Offers

Finally, In Pakistan we have our first fast tomorrow. Ramadan is the month in which blessings and mercy of Allah descend upon us continuously. And its a best month among other months because we will have countless blessings through out this month. It is the month of patience, goodwill and obligations. So, we wish you a happy Ramadan, we pray that may this month chase away all of your depression and misery out of you. Happy Ramadan!
“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may develop Taqwa”

Well today, I would like to share about all Sehri and Aftar menues of different eat out places located in Bahria town. As it seems and observed that we mostly prefer to stay home with our family for iftar and seher in start of Ramadan because it is definately more comfortable than any other option. While some of us relished to break their fast in different restaurants. For those here are the deals and offers for Ramadan mentioned below to find out best places.

Seher & Iftar Offers:

Triple Delight:
any three  6-inch Subs + 3 Drinks = Rs 850
Offer Valid till 5pm to 8pm.
Double the Offer: 
Buy any 6-inch sub and get one free.
Valid from 11pm till sehri.
Light House Cafe.

Special Iftar & Dinner Buffet.
Rs 1195/-.

Get’s Grill.

Aftari Deals : 
2 Large Pizzas and 1.5 LTR Drink= Rs 1250/-
2 Small Pizzas and 500ml Drink= Rs400/-
1 Sp Burger=1 Fried chicken and Drink= Rs 300/-
1 Sp Sandwich+1 Shwarma and Drink=Rs 250/-

Sehri Deal : 
Small Pizza 1 Drink= Rs 150/-
2 Paratha Roll 1 Drink=Rs 200/-
1 Sp Sandwich 1 Shwarma 1 Drink= Rs 250/-


Sehri : 
1 Medium Pizza+ Cinnasticks+ 2 345ml Drink= Rs 849/-

1 Large Pizza+ 1.75 LTR Drink+ Lava Cake or Potato wedges= Rs 1199/-

Timmy’s :

2 Clucker Burgers
2 Thrill of the Grills
4 Reg Drinks
1 Bazooka Sauce. = Rs 1199+ taxes.

3 Pcs Chicken Wings
3 Ocs Onion Rings
1 Reg Drink
2 Pcs Pizza Roll
1 Garlic Mayo Dip1= Rs Rs 345+taxes.

1 Large Pizza
4 Pcs Garlic Cheese Bread
1 Potion Potato Wedges
2 garlic mayo dips
1 Pitcher of Coke. = Rs 1199/- + Taxes.


2 Zinger Burgers.
2 value burgers.
4 Chicken Pcs.
2 Dinner Rolls.
2.25 LTR Drink.
4 Flavored Milk.
4 Samosas.
1 Lays Party Pack = Rs 1495/-

Deal 2:

4 zonger burgers. 4 pcs chicken. 2.25 Ltr pepsi. 2 dinner rolls. 1 lays party pack. 4 samsos. 4 flavoured milk.  Rs 1695/-


Sehri Sandwich Feast: Rs 990/-
Sehri Burger Feast: Rs 990/-

20 Drumsticks: Rs 1990/-
10 Drumsticks: Rs 1190/-
Iftar Sharing Feast: Rs 990/-

Note: More Ramadan deals will be update soon.


Flat 12% Off At Easy Mart

Its a perception that in Ramadan prices go high in all over Pakistan, on some extend its true because the cosumption for most categories of food usually accelerates in this month as compare to other months and eventually we have to pay more prices than usual. But wait, I think this discernment isn’t justified in Bahria town territory because a little while back i’ve seen some offers and concessionary prices in Bahria town market especially for the month of ramadan.

Discount & Ramadan Packages:
Easy mart which is located at jasmine mall, sector c commercial zone is one of the poineer grocery stores in Bahria town. They’re now giving flat 12% rebate only on grocery items like sugar, rice, oil and milk etc. Packages for distribution in Ramadan also seems steady growth in past few years and people are also   partial about it. So, different packages are also available at easy mart. They’ve 3 types of Ramadan packages when i called them and asked about these packages they told me that the difference between these packages is that their packing and quantity. Here is the price of different packages which is also mentioned in above picture.
  • Rs 1290/-
  • Rs 1590/-
  • Rs 3390/-


The deadlines of the discount offer haven’t announced yet by easy mart management.
Pricing and promotions have very much influence on people buying in Ramadan. If, I talk about myself i will definately consider these kind of offers and prefer to go for shopping at these stores to enjoy such discounts. Principally everyone in the market has strong competition between them. So, other stores should also give these discounts to attract and to draw some more customers to their stores. These discount won’t only help us but also helpful for the store business.

Aslam Super Market Bahria Orchard

Departmental store plays a very important role in any housing society, they could be the anchors for any major town. No doubt everyone desperately needs a good mart near by them to buy all they want. People need all the customary things under one roof because they don’t want to go from one mart to another. All they need is convenience, original products, wide range, some facilities and minimum distance from that store to their home. 

General Overview:

Well, I oftenly visit Bahria Orchard, few days ago I observed that there’s something missing which is obviously a good departmental store. We can find it easily in Bahria town but hard to find in Bahria Orchard. So here is  the newly opened Aslam Super Market, from now onwards residents of Bahria orchard won’t go out for grocery shopping anymore. This super store have everything in different segments. It has also a separate area for  fresh fruits and vegetables. They’re also offering home delivery within Bahria orchard.

Personal Experience:

While I was shopping  one of the staff member assissted me throughout the visit. They’ve more than 6  staff members, all of their members wearing the same Red T-shirt, environment seems like a  bit more professional. But its just a start they should keep its perpetual in future.

Discount offer: 

At the time of opening they were offering upto 15% discount. Now the discount is still here but we could only get 8% discount at this time. Oil, flour, tobacco and sugar are not added in this offer they’re in actual price.


Aslam super mart is located in front of gate no 1 at broadway heights which is located at Northern district about 2 mintues drive away from Arena.

Aslam super mart is best for the residents of Bahria orchard because they don’t have a good store around them and its not a small scale shop. I don’t like the outer look of it and the name isn’t so catchy but who cares about looks and name when you will get everything easily. Furthermore it is fractionally obstructed from inside. Overall, I value it beacuse these kind of stores are strongly needed in Bahria Orchard in future. 

Umrah Ticket By TGM

Starting of Ramadan isn’t  just a feel, when you go out of your home you will see it every where, and everyone is ready to welcome it cordially. Many of them in the market showing some good gestures for Ramadan by waving off some prices and by different promotions. 

Belief In Luck: 

The Great Mall, the leading grocery shopping mall in Bahria town Lahore, which is also known as TGM located at sector C commercial zone, always seems connected to the customers.  Now for the Ramadan they’ve some fascinating offer for us. Today, I went there and saw the banner,  you could also see it in above picture. TGM gives a prestigious chance to win Umrah ticket and to make customers jubilant. There are other gift hampers too through a lucky draw. 

How to Participate: 

Participation in this lucky draw is very simple. The threshold they’ve  set for this lucky draw is Rs 1000/- for one entry. The more you spend the more the entries will be increase accordingly. This offer started from 20th May and lucky draw will take place right before eid, the exact date have not been announced yet. Whenever I get to know about timings and date i’ll update here.


Well in my opinion this is an exciting offer beacuse eventually it would be beneficial for both, customers and for the mall. It would bring primarily more customers and lucky one’s will get these gifts and Umrah ticket by spending just Rs 1000/-.

Masal Atta On Call

Summers are here so nobody wants to go out  for grocery shopping now and then un-necessarily,  for those who want to protect themselves is this heat and to save their time here’s a solution for them. Now you can also get flour bags at your door steps without any extra charges.

Masal flour who guarantees that they’re providing 100% pure flour on one call started their work in bahria town Lahore. Today i saw multiple advertisment boards hanged along sides of the roads,  as it can clearly seen in the above picture flour is available in three packing 5kg, 10kg and 20kg. Price of per kg is Rs 53/-. So 5kg bag will be charged for Rs 265/- As compare to Aunaj flour prices are almost same they’re charging Rs 260 for 5kg.

In my opinion i think its a good initiative because i haven’t seen this kind of service specifically for Flour. But more importantly we need pure flour, quality and their workplace should be hygienic.

Contact Details:

Shop: Main boulevard Jinnah Mall Plaza Jubliee town.
Numbers: 0300-2712282


Telephone Directory

Who use paper books now a days to keep any details and who has time to write it down and want to save it in their smartphones, if everything is precisely available here!

Well, Bahria town Lahore is now just one click away from  you because recently we have updated our telephone directory. Now you can get any of your desire contact number along with the address.

There is a button up there, in Left corner where you see a complete directory. Moreover the  telephone directly will be updated time to time.