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12 Rabi-ul-Awal Discounts

Due to 12 Rabi-ul-Awal, two of the restaurants are now offering discounts on their entire menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse cafe is located at main Canal road, adjacent to Yasir Broast and PSO filling station. They are offering flat 30% discount on entire menu.


Promo Code: LIGHT12

Contact no: 042-35454066

Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C opposite to Bahria Golf & Country Club. Previously, there was upto 20% discount and but now they are offering flat 12% discount on complete menu. This offer is valid for three days and wil be end at 3rd, December.


Contact no:

Pet Show

Events like Pet shows are very rare and you can hardly witness these kind of shows. In the start of this month, one of the largest Pet show was held in Expo Centre Lahore. Now, like last year and every year before, Bahria Town have arranged Pet shows for its residents. In 2015, two events were held by the management of Bahria Town. One was a Dog Show and other was a Pet Show. Last year in 2016, in April, a Pet Show was also arranged at cricket ground. Normally, previous Pet Shows were arranged in start of the year but this time it is a little bit late. Well, maintaining this consistency, yesterday, Bahria Town management has placed the boards in whole Bahria Town. The advertisement boards stating that, the pet show is now going to held on Sunday, 10th December, 2017.


As it is mentioned in the above picture, the procedure for registration is very simple. The registration for Pet show will be done on the day of Pet show, at the venue.  The Pet show will start at 1:00 pm and registration will take place between 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. I did not witnessed the previous shows. However, Bahria Town has also arrange refreshments on cash payments. All sorts of pets animals and birds are included in the show. The display of animals will continue to further for a day or two.



The venue is same as last year, this Pet show will be held at Cricket ground, which is located at BB block, Sector D.


Flower Competition:

Moreover, Bahria Town also arrange a flower competition every year. The competition is all about, how good you maintain your inside and outside lawns by flowers. There are normally five categories of this competition, and only those can take part, who have registered themselves by submitting applications. At the day of Pet Show, prize distribution cermony of flower competition will also be held.

Zest 2 Is Active

Zest’s second branch in Bahria Town has opened two days ago. They have also increased their menu including, Chinese, BarBecue, Grilled fish, Fried fish, Breakfast and Sajii.


Zest 2 is active adjacent to Briyani Master, and ready to compete them. Because, Biryani Master is one of those restaurants which is in full swing and crowded with customers. They have all food items, so zest restaurant is doing the same thing by adding complete range of foods, even more than Biryani Master. They are also offering free home delivery within Bahria Town.


Complete Menu:

Zest Breakfast:

  • Halwa Puri: Rs 25/-
  • Paya: Rs 200/- to 250/-
  • Chanay: Rs 100/- to 150/-
  • Lassi: Rs 80/-


Zest Sajji:

  • Full Sajji: Rs 700/-
  • Half Sajji: Rs 350/-
  • Quarter Sajji: Rs 220/- 


Zest 2, is located at 32-C, Side C commercial zone adjacent to Briyani Master.

For more details:

Attique Nehari House Is Closed

It seems like that the continuity of closings and quiting of many names from Bahria Town wouldn’t stop. Undoubtedly, it takes too much effort to set up a new business but it is more torturous to finally close it. Well, there is now another victim of this undesireable closing in Bahria Town which is ‘Attique Nehari House’. And it was the only option specifically for ‘Nehari’ in Town.


I have written about it at the time of its opening in start of October. Unfortunately, yesterday I got to know that it is also closed now like many others. The only reason of its closing is that, they was unable to get customer’s attraction. It was located at 96-A commercial area, Sector C near to Grand Jamya Mosque and adjacent to main boulevard.


Besides that there is another options is now available for ‘Nehari’. Because Biryani Master has started selling all kinds of Nehari at their branch.

Fresh Fruitly Juice

Summers has end now, but the longing for fresh juices and shakes will never end. And the health benefits of fresh jucies are evident, if they are away from any mixing and artificial flavours. Well, we have many options for fresh juices, smoothies and shakes now. But more precisely Ice-land somehow changed the concept of typical way of jucies and it is one of the longest chain in Lahore. Recently one of the Ice-land outlet has also opened in Bahria Town. There are also other few juice shops are opened in town before Ice-land. And most of the shops in Bahria Town have already been following Ice-land, like Ice-fresh, Ice-blend, Ice-chill and Ice-food etc. For all the names of these juice shops, you can have a look in our telephone directory.


Keeping this up with these juice shops in Bahria Town, a new shop by the name of ‘Fresh Fruitly Juice’ is going to open soon. Alongside juices, they will sell Shakes, Ice-cream and all kinds of Chats. I took this picture about two days ago, and they have set all the sittings, machines and counters to make a start. So, might be it will open in a day or two. I will update here about it again with more details after visiting it.



Freshly Fruity Jucie, in Bahria Town is located at ground floor, Taimoor Heights Quid block, facing Eiffle Tower sector E. Adjacent to Fri-Chicks.


Car Wash Service

There are about four to five car wash service stations that are active in Bahria Town. Two of them are owned by Bahria Town management, and all of them are not centrally located in town. You have to travel one side to the other to get your car washed. One of the option is also available by Nokaronline, you just have to call them and their representative will come to your prescribed location to wash your vehicle. And the other most suitable option is that, you can hire a worker on monthly basis by the help of Nokaronline services. To get these details click here.


Black Gold Lubricants, is operational in Bahria Town for approximately more than a year. They are giving free service of car wash. However if you get your engine oil changed, they will provide you car wash service free of cost. Now, they have started separate car wash service for only Rs 200/-. It is located at central location and most convenient for the residents of surrounding areas. Because, as I mentioned earlier all of the service stations are at boundaries of Bahria Town. Secondly, it is not crowded like others so you won’t have to spend extra time for your turn.



Black Gold Lubricants, is located at sector C, commercial zone near to main boulevard.


Grato Jalaibi

It is quite hard to find a quality and pure sweet Jalaibi and there was not a single shop for Jalaibi in Bahria Town. But, now you have the option to have crispy and warm Jalaibi. Because, ‘Grato Jalaibi’ has opened in Bahria Town, about week ago. The person out there claimed that, it is the Lahore’s famous Grato Jalaibi branch, which is located at Gulberg and DHA. They have secured some space at Fish Corner shop yet. Along with Jalaibi , they are also selling ‘Chicken Samosa’ and free home delivery is also available within Bahria Town.


Rs 300/- Per Kg.


Grato Jalaibi in Bahria Town is located at Fish Corner, 32-A, commercial area near Clock Chowk. Adjacent to main road and few minutes drive away from Eiffle Tower.


For Home Delivery:

Al-Baik Milk & Foods

The trend of dairy shops has changed and there is no doubt in it, mostly dairy shops in Bahria Town also adopted the new patterns and standards. But, still finding a hygienic and atleast near to a pure ‘Dairy Shop’ is way too hard. And everyone is more concerned about the purity and un-mixed dairy products. Though, everyone claimes that they are selling 100% pure dairy products. However, only few names are note-worthy which are close enough providing better quality of dairy products. Organica Milk Shop, Adil Mik Shop, Hamza Milk Farm etc are the few names (haven’t tried all the options yet). You can also check the complete list of ‘Fresh Milk Shops’ in telephone directory.


Recently, in two months more than four dairy shops are opened in Bahria Town. For now, another shop has opened approximately twenty days ago, by the name of ‘Al-Baik Milk and Foods’. It is owned and manged by ‘Al-Baik Dairies’. They claimed that, their milk is totally pure and they only sell that milk which is extracted within last 24 hours. And the milk extracted, stored and packed by computerised machines. Moreover, no humans and any manual way is included in all the procedure. They are also selling Deesi Ghee, Desi Eggs, Yogurt, Almond Milk, Fresh farm Cream and Lassi. Free home delivery is also available for the residents. Secondly, you can also fill below form for home delivery and drop it to their shop only once.


  • Milk: Rs 100/- per liter.
  • Desi Ghee: Rs 1000/- Kg.
  • Yogurt: Rs 100/- Kg.
  • Farm Cream: Rs 400/- Kg.
  • Desi Eggs: Rs 180/-
  • Lassi: Rs 60/-
  • Almond Milk Bottle: Rs 60/-


Opening time: 7:00 am.
Closing time: 10:00 pm.



‘Al-Baik Milk and Foods’ is located at 100-A sector C, commercial zone.

For more details and delivery:

Upto 70% Off At Ideas

Ideas by Gul Ahmed is a renowned brand for Men, Women and Kids. They have wide range of Fabrics, Home Textile and Accessories almost at every outlet. One of their branch is also located at Bahria Town in Jasmine Mall(Ground floor) sector C, Commercial zone near Talwar Chowk.


They are now going to offer 70% discount nationwide. So this discount is also for Bahria Town residents. This discount offer will start from 24th November, and it might end after 2 weeks.


They have another 70% discount offer for two days, 21st November and 22nd November. This offer is only valid for UBL, HBL, Faysal Bank and Al-Falah Bank card holders. You can avail this offer at Bahria Town outlet.


For more details:

Alternate Routes In Bahria Town

I was and somehow still, way too stressed and disturbed by the traffic congestion issues at Shahkam Chowk. Since I am the resident of Bahria Town, the major and foremost drawback that I observed is the chaotic condition at Shahkam Chowk. Whenever I have to enter or exit Bahria Town it takes a lot of time to think, which way I should prefer (sometimes I succeed and most of the time I lose). Due to this, I also schedule and limit my unnecessary traveling if I have to use Shahkam Chowk route. And I believe that everyone is familiar with this hindrance which we have to face whether we are entering or exiting Bahria Town from Shahkam Chowk. And the struggle to pass through it could not be more real for us. In addition, residents of Punjab Co-operative society, Canal Gardens and Sukh-chan gardens are also on the same boat with Bahria Town to cope this hurdle of Shahkam Chowk.

Bahria Town Policy:

First of all, I want to mention  that Bahria Town has a separate department, of Road networks and Traffic management. This department not only work within Bahria Town but also for surrounding areas of Bahria Town. And it is one of their policy to do such voluntary projects which are beneficial for their residents and other people living near Bahria Societies.

I have also witnessed the above policy many times, where ever Bahria Town projects are located. They always try to make changes outside of Bahria Territory, it includes construction of main roads, underpasses and bridges that connects to Bahria Town.

Few Examples:

Karachi’s Clifton Flyovers and underpasses developed by Bahria Town. It is one of the Pakistan’s mega and only project that was  developed by Bahria Town itself. The project not only provide clear and smooth way for the Bahria Town Karachi residents, but also contribute to solve the enormous traffic issues for many other surrounding areas. Similar projects were undertaken at Medical & Education City near Ferozpur road, they carpeted all the roads that connect to this society. Bahria Town have done every possible thing to provide ease and convenience to its residents. Well, as a matter of fact, this policy has failed at Shahkam issue so far.

Dispute At Shahkam Bridge:

If you ever wonder why is this issue taking too much time to construct a bridge or why Bahria Town have not done something for it. Even though, it is just a matter of days for Bahria to resolve this issue. Well, last year I also heared that the Government has approved the construction of a bridge on Shahkam Chowk. However, up till now there are no signs of it, no one is sure as to when the construction will take place. My brother told me that, the bridge or underpass is surely expected and Bahria Town management is working on it. But, the real hurdle that is stopping the construction of bridge, is the Shahkam Industries. Because, the land opposite to ShahKam industries is owned by Shahkam group and they are not ready to leave it. So, strangely enough this dispute is not going to settle any time soon. Either we have to wait patiently or consider other routes that are already available.

Few Steps Taken By Bahria Town:

Unfortunately and sadly Shahkam Chowk is the main entrance of Bahria Town. Every time I cross Shahkam Chowk, it seems that there are peak-hours. In early days, like four to five years ago we did not expected that it will be some serious choking issues and overloading traffic at Shahkam Chowk. Its been years that no proper steps have been taken to resolve the traffic issue out there. Though, in the start of this year, Bahria Town management did a little work and got some space from Imeprial College side to widened and construct the canal road. However, it was not as fruitful as we thought. Secondly, the number of traffic wardens also increased, around six traffic wardens and two to three guards of Bahria Town enggaged in controlling the traffic flow. Thirdly and most importantly, Bahria Town worked on different substitute ways which helped us a lot.

Other Connecting Routes:

There is no doubt we all need clear and time saving way through Shahkam Chowk and it is the most common route for almost all the residents. And no one wants to spend their time hours just to cross this obstacle of Bottle-neck Shahkam Chowk. Well, I looked into this tormenting situation with a great interest and tried to find out every possible solution for it to share.

Luckily, there are other substitute ways in Bahria Town too, many of us are well-aware with other ways and might be some of us are not. But this information would be helpful for those who haven’t accustomed with it yet.

Jaliana Exit & Entrance:

Well, according to me Jaliana exit and entrance is one of the most convenient and easy substitute way out. I personally use this way most of the times. After traffic overloading issue at Shahkam, in start of this year, Bahria Town management made some changes on Jaliana exit. Somehow, this route works but not as much as we required. At Jaliana exit they have made few changes last year:


  1. Carpeted the road to Dream Gardens.
  2.  Opened both sides of Jaliana for exit and entrance.
  3. Placed two guards on both sides of the bridge. So that, one way traffic can move on the bridge.

Advantage of this Route:

This route is a little longer to reach canal road, but it surely saves the time that is wasted at Shahkam Chowk instead.


  • This route will connect you to Raiwind Road crossing Dream Gardens Society.
  • You can easily enter to Jubliee and Izmir Town via this route, which leads you to the main canal road.
  • Same route can be used if you are coming from Thokar via canal road to enter Bahria Town using bridge towards Jaliana.

Golf View Or Nargis Block Exit:

The second most appropriate way is Golf view exit through Nargis Block. You may face some traffic at Jaliana at certain times, but this Golf view exit is always clear and it will save much of your time. This route was basically constructed to connect Bahria Town to Bahria Orchard. And I observed that many people are now using this route from last few months.

Bahria carpeted the roads till ‘BeaconHouse National University’. A small patch of road is not constructed where you can face slow moving.


  • It will take four to five minutes after entering Nargis Block to connect you ‘Mirza Chowk’ and then ‘Adda Plot’.
  • This route will also help you to take Ring road.
  • Shaukat Khanam, Wapda Town, Valencia Society, DHA Rehbar and other surrounding areas are easily accessible through this route.

Sector F or Tipu Sultan block Exit:

Sector F or Tipu Sultan block exit is the third most suitable path. Well, this route takes a little longer to  exit from Bahria Town, but it  is quite suitable for the residents of  Sector E and Sector F. While exiting Tipu sultan block the road is extremely wide and carpeted till the end which passing through Sui Gas Housing society.


  • This route will lead  you towards ‘Jaati Umra’ and further Raiwind Road.
  • Sector F exit is only suitable for those who have to travel to the other side of the city.
  • It is one of the most clear and peaceful route with a very low traffic flow.

Sikandar Block Exit Sector F:

Sector F has another exit from Sikandar block. This passage will link you to the main Multan Road via passing through NFC 2 society.

Sukh-Chan Garden Route:

Sukh Chan Gardens has two entrances, one side is at main Canal road adjacent to Bahria Town and other gate of Sukh Chan Garden opens at main Multan Road. But, there is another way and mostly people are unfamiliar of it. That route links  you to Multan Road near to Punjab Co-operative society main gate. If you are coming from Bahria Town and take the service lane of Canal road from Sukh Chan Gate onwards. After 500 to 700 meters you can have left turn, then it will open to Multan Road. But that service road is not wide enough and is usually not clear.

EE Block Near Overseas B:

I have not used this route yet, and do not know how long it is. But this route can also be used to reach main Multan road, through EE block near to Overseas B.

Rafi Block:

There is another exit through Rafi Block, the roads are unmattled  on  this way. But now this route has closed temporarily, it was also used to reach Multan road. I have seen ‘Work in Progess’ board where road has blocked, might be this way open again after a few days.


Well, we have these seven different routes to and from Bahria Town. But they are still insufficient because most of the routes certainly gives a decent approach to Multan Road and Raiwind Road. For the time being, only Jaliana and Golf View exit are somehow substitute for the Shahkam Chowk. Nevertheless, which ever way I chose I never reached anywhere on time. So, the only hassel-free way we need is the Shahkam Chowk.


Earlier in this post I mentioned that, we heared almost a year ago about the construction of a bridge. Its been more than a year now and seen no signs of it. But the positive hope is still there and I am winding up this post by leaving a good news here. In July this year, LDA has approved a bridge/underpass for Shahkam Chowk and allocated Rs 100 Million for this project. And there are rumors the construction of bridge/underpass at Shahkam chowk will start in the start of next year.