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Everyone is familiar with the name of Bata in the footwear industry. They opened its first outlet in Bahria Town back in 2015 on the main boulevard Sector C. Now, as you can see in the above picture, another Bata outlet has opened last week in Town. It is not a flagship store like previous one, it is more like a factory outlet with a limited range of shoes and still needed to b filled with products.


Discount offer:

This outlet was opened last week, so due to its opening they’re offering up to 50% discount on selected items.



Bats new outlet is located on main canal road, opposite to the main entrance of Bahria Town and adjacent to Zakir Tikka.

Pets Boutique & Spa

To be honest, when I first looked at the above Pets Boutique & Spa I had no idea what exactly that means and what they’re up to. I’ve always seen men and women kinds of boutiques and spa’s but never heard or saw any Pet boutique and spa precisely. Maybe there is a reason for this that I’m not fond of to any type of pets and or perhaps didn’t notice it before. Nevertheless, it made me curious and I went there and got information about it.


Well, pets boutique & spa is same as humans or I must say they’ve even more to offer for your pets. They have a wide assortment of products and services for all kinds of pets including bedding, clothing, toys, tubs, and all types of pet care suppliers. Other than imported food and accessories, this pet boutique & spa is also offering grooming, vaccination and medical treatments for your pets. So, if you’re looking for a one-stop shop to get all the needs of your pet under one-roof then it is the only option in Bahria Town.



Pets Boutique & Spa is located on the main road, 25- AA block, Sector D, adjacent to Care for diabetes clicinc and shavi-hut restaurant, near to Surahi Chowk.



Opening time: 10:00 AM.
Closing time: 11:00 PM.


For more details:
‭0336 6309899‬

Libra Hair Salon

Last month, Trendzz hair salon was opened in Umer Block and now another barber shop is active four days ago by the name of Libra Hair Salon. This barber shop is offering all services for men and their prices are relatively less as compared to many other barber shops. If you’re searching for a barber near by you then check this link and get all the details of all barber shops in Bahria Town along with contact numbers and addresses.



Libra Hair Salon is located at Zainab Centre, Sector C, Commercial zone, near to Ravi Restaurant and opposite to Al-Kabir Town headoffice.



Opening time: 10:00 AM.
Closing time: 10:00 PM.



Hair Cut: Rs 200/-
Beard: Rs 80/-


For more details:

Flower & Lawn Competition-Spring 2018

As per last year and almost all previous years, Bahria Town has arranged Flower & Lawn Competition-Spring-2018. Recently, Bahria Town’s management have disclosed the schedule of the competition and distributed registration forms. The last date of submission of registration forms is 10th March, 2018. So, if you did not receive registration form yet with your electricity bill, then you can get one by visiting customer service & administration office, Alfalah Plaza, Sector B.



  • Last Date of Submission: 10th March, 2018.
  • Date of Judges Visit: 15th to 16th March, 2018.
  • Prize Distribution date: 25th March, 2018.


Venue & Timings:

The prize distribution ceremony will be held at Rose Garden, Janiper Block at 5:00 Pm.


Here is the front and back side of the registration form, all of the details are mentioned in it.

Prime Departmental Store Discount Offer

Usually, Prime Departmental store offers flat 10% discount on certain dates and different occasions. But, today, I saw the above banner in front of the store which indicates that 10% discount will be offered for the first five days of every month. Well, today is 3rd March, and you still have more two days of this month to avail this offer.


In addition to this, TGM is also located near to the Prime departmental store in the same block and they offer flat 10% discount once in a month, all you have to do is to get a membership card of TGM. So, for your grocery shopping, there are now two options to get 10% discount.



Prime Departmental store and TGM both are located at Tulip Block, Sector C, Opposite Bahria golf & country club.

Taj Mahal Replica

Monuments and replicas in Bahria Town are one of the most innovative and exquisite features that have become the signature mark in each project. All of the monuments and replicas gained the symbolic attraction by visitors and every resident of Bahria Town. You can check all the details about these by replicas in Bahria Town by clicking here. Because a few months before I wrote about all of them.


Well, the main canal road near the entrance of Bahria Town is solely an eye-catching spot, especially at night. With so many other decorations and lightning out there, it has four replicas including Faisal Mosque, Ziarat Residency, Mazar-e-Quaid, and Bab-e-Khyber. Now, recently, another replica of Taj Mahal is added at canal road which you can see in the above picture. The location where the replica of Taj Mahal is placed was unoccupied for more than a year and I was sure it would be covered anytime soon.


At first, I took the picture of it in daylight three days ago but didn’ share it. But the above one I captured today and it looks more alluring at night. Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, then do check this replica after Maghrib.

Freshly Second Branch Opening Soon

Freshly is a subsidiary departmental store of Metro Cash & Carry. Its first launched in Lahore, at the end of 2016 in Allama Iqbal Town. The second store of Freshly was opened in Bahria Town last year in July. Not long ago, they’ve placed the opening soon banner of it second branch in Shaheen Block, Bahria Town. You can also check the complete list of all departmental stores along with contact numbers and addresses by clicking here.


Well, the reason of the second branch of Freshly in Bahria Town is quite obvious. Because since the very first day of its opening they’re getting a favorable response from the residents that allow them to expand it within the Town. And I think there are three major reasons behind this, firstly I’ve noticed that every other week Freshly came up with different promotions and discounts (like Metro stores). Secondly, they’ve secured a very attractive and easily accessible location at the main boulevard. And, above all, it’s convenient and hustle free car parking area and I believe it is one of the attractive key features of Freshly.


When To Open:

The official opening of the first branch of Freshly in Bahria Town took almost three months. And according to the authorities of Freshly, the second branch would be active by the end of March or maybe the first week April.



It will be active in the same building that you can see in the above picture, which is located at D-Market, Shaheen Block, commercial area, Sector B, adjacent to Hot n Spicy restaurant. Though the location of the second branch isn’t impressive the first one because this area is a little bit congested and in the nearby area we already have Green Valley and other stores.


For More Details:


Omer’s Events & Decor

Proper event management planning is one of the top esstentials that plays a vital role for any successful event. From wedding ceremonies to any home functions, there are tons of ways to map out a well-organized event. For this, everyone needs an event-planner to style their events inch-perfect and fit to every budget. On the other hand, all of the typical arrangements for an event have also changed in past few years. And, you can’t dread over a simple plan to make your day memorable, you have to hire a highly skilled, a well reputed and a professional event organizer and let him do the rest.


Well, there are few event management and catering services that are available in BahriaTown, you can get their contact details by clicking here. Omer Events & Decor is a new addition in the list of event management & caterers. It was opened last week in Sector C. According to them, they’re providing each and everything related to events and decorations including food, tentage, and lighting for every type and size of functions. They’ve also decorated vintage cars for weddings. You can check their work which they’ve done in recent days by visiting their facebook page.



Omer Events & Decor office is located in Jasmine Block, Sector C, commercial zone. Near to Jasmine Mall and opposite to Beauty n Style.


For more details:

Hi-Care Clinic

Hi-Care Pharmacy in Bahria Town is located at Overseas A, recently this pharmacy has started their clinic by the name of Hi-Care Clinic. The clinic is fully operational and offers a breadth of medical and health services. Here the details of services being offered by Hi-Care Clinic and the availability of different physicians and consultants.


Family Physician:


12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.


Clinical Psychologist:


Monday to Thursday
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM.


Consultant Physiotherapist:


Monday to Saturday
(On Appointment).


Consultant Cardiology:


12:00 AM to 3:00 PM.
(On Sunday).


Other Services:

  • Lab Collection Centre.
  • Nebulization.
  • First Aid Management.
  • Free B.P & Weight Check.
  • ECG & Echocardiography.



Hi-Care Clinic is located Shop no. 25, adjacent to Hi-Care Pharmacy on the main road Overseas A near to Surahi Chowk.


For more details:

0336-6128418, 0334-6146101

Lahori Khabay Opening Soon

Another opening soon banner of a restaurant has been spotted at Sector D by the name of Lahori Khabay. It is going to be the third one in the same month in the same sector. Shavi Hut is already active at Sector D, the other one is Smokehouse Grill restaurant which is also under renovation and it will be opened soon. Both of the opening soon restaurants are opposite to each other (at Surrahi Chowk).


Well, I’ve no idea about its menu card, but the name Lahori Khabay itself specify that this restaurant will probably serve all sort of desi food. And, someone out there told me that it would be opened for customers in the mid of next month. Meanwhile, they’re looking for restaurant staff as it is mentioned above in the picture. For now, it is the only update, you will get detailed information about this restaurant at the time of its opening.



Lahori Khabbay is located at Surrahi Chowk, adjacent to Mart-One, Block AA, Sector D.


For more details: