Bahria Town Property Is Becoming A Good Investment Once Again

Bahria Town Lahore has been a very good investment opportunity for property investors in recent years. Yet it have a downward graph for couple of years. But it seems that wheels are turning back and Bahria Town Lahore is once again becoming a good place to get a returns. Check out these posts below for investment in Bahria Town Lahore.

Is Property Boom Coming Again To Bahria Town by me

Wrong Perception About Bahria Town Lahore by Moazzam Khan

Hope you find these above articles informative. It will help you out to know the current situation of property investment in Bahria Town Lahore.

4 thoughts on “Bahria Town Property Is Becoming A Good Investment Once Again”

  1. Dear Abu Oasis
    How you can predict better situation. As you know Bahria Greens and Sector F matters seems to be beyond control. Bahria in only interested in Karachi and not any where

    1. Yes Saleem, I’ve also discussed about the projects not in profit in that post.
      But think for one second that where in Pakistan, you can get such quality living in such low price (as if I’m talking about Bahria Orchard) That’s the reason of rise in price.
      Secondly people who are living in Bahria Town are really enjoying the lifestyle, only problems is with investors

  2. dear abu osaid
    you have not covered opening of ARENA cinema in orchards..yu normally give news of opening of even a burger can you miss this grand opening? 🙂

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