Best Outing In Lahore

Whenever a Lahori (one who lives in Lahore) thinks of outing, he has one thing in mind ‘where to go to eat’. On some occasions like Eid, people were looking for something more then eating.

When you look around the Lahore city, you’ll get many historical landmarks where one can go. Those who live here has got bore with that and want something new, something modern.

I’m amazed to see that people from whole city come to Bahria Town Lahore to visit. They came here to visit the Grand Jamia Masjid and Eiffel Tower.

On Eid days our Bahria Town Lahore is full with people wandering around Grand Jamia Masjid and Eiffel Tower. Entrance of Bahria Town get choked due to load of traffic. Good thing is that, now we have more places in Lahore to hangout.

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  1. As Abu-Osaid said, mostly people go for DWN connection (Wireless Cable TV). For Internet, Only best available option is PTCL DSL. You can also opt for PTCL Smart TV. Bahria has a cable network as well but quality is not upto mark. So better go for Smart TV or DWN.

    In Wireless Internet, Zong 4G, PTCL Charji , Mobilink 3G has good coverage across Bahria Town. Ufone 3G, Telenor 3G and Wi-tribe also has coverage however few sectors (e.g Sector D and E) has spotty signals.

  2. It’s actually good to see people coming from different parts of Lahore and surrounding areas to visit Grand Mosque and Eiffel Tower. However, the traffic congestion at Shahkam Chowk is getting terrible day by day. Usually it takes 30-60 minutes to cross that traffic Jam and traffic jam is now routine there. Bahria or Punjab govt. should immediately look into this issue and must consider constructing a overhead or underhead bridge.

    1. Govt. map of Defense Road is already revealed. Govt. has started the construction. There’s an overhead bridge planned on Shahkam Chowk. Defense Road traffic will pass through that bridge.

      I guess it would take an year

  3. New to BT lahore, ptcl DSL is full in overseas A😛. Second option thinking is wi tribe the cheapest. Is it good? And what about TV cable? Anyone can guide me. Above comments are quite old is DWN still in town?

    1. I am having Wi-tribe LTE-A in my office (Sector C Commercial – Near Talvar Chowk) and stopped paying for it this month. It is one of the worst wireless internet. Most of time I could hardly get 1Mbps or less. It even don’t let me stream Youtube videos smoothly. So best option is don’t go for it.

      Zong 4G and Jazz 4G has good performance but not the best. Even Evo Charji is better than Wi-tribe.

      Wi-tribe offers a trial service (for 7 days i think), I recommend getting a trial of it to check the speed etc. I used wi-tribe during office hours, so there is possibility speeds would be better at night.

      Regarding PTCL DSL full in Overseas A, have you tried offering your line some chaye-pani, if you know what I mean 🙂 Try contacting with him directly and make some arrangements, it’s bad but unfortunately thats how things work in Pakistan.

      And yes, DWN is still in Bahria Town.

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