Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

In Pakistan if any person is investing in property to earn money, then they have only two names in mind.

  1. DHA
  2. Bahria Town

All Pakistani investors and overseas Pakistani’s who make their properties in Pakistan have just these two names on top of their list.

Booming 4 Years of Property Investment In Bahria Town Lahore

We’ve recently experienced the boom period in history of Bahria Town Lahore.  That period was from 2009 to 2013. We’ve seen extra ordinary gain in prices of residential and commercial plots. Amazingly that extraordinary gain in prices of plot wasn’t artificial, that was real.

Let me give you some examples of that prices categorically.

  • Residential Plots: From 15 lac to 65 lac (10 Marla plots)
  • Commercial Plots: From 30 lac to 10 crore (5 Marla Main boulevard plots)

I’m not talking about 10 or 20 years here, this gain is within four years. People who have worked in Bahria Town Lahore in these four years have make the money of their lifetime. Many people left their businesses to invest in Bahria Town Lahore and even started their own property offices over here.

Reasons Of Boom Period

Why am I saying that this wasn’t any artificial gain but the real thing. Here are the reasons.

No Electricity Load Shedding:

One big problem of Pakistan. Where people face 14 to 20 hours of load shedding in summer season, Bahria Town residencies doesn’t know that how much people are suffering from load shedding because there ain’t any. Yes not even for half an hour.

Bahria Town management has implant the big backup generators which can run the whole society power whether you turn on your A.C. or whatever.

And Bahria Town charge No Extra Charges for this kind of non-stop electricity services. Bill tariff is exactly the same of govt. tariff but many people including me has experienced the far low bill as compare outside of Bahria Town.

No Sui-Gas Low Pressure:

People face Sui-Gas load shedding in winter due to heavy use of it. It’s pressure lower down in city and there’s often difficult to even make a roti. Where as in Bahria Town, there ain’t any low pressure of gas even in winters.

In this case Bahria Town management is not doing anything. Luckily it is located at such a location where the main pipe line of Lahore district came from. So there is never a low pressure in start of a pipe, it’s always in middle or where it reach at last.


Second big problem for people of Pakistan. Bahria Town management has arranged a large force of security guards, who petrol all over society on motorcycles, cars, wagons etc. They also have installed the CCTV cameras with 24/7 monitoring. Plus they have walled boundaries all over the society and have check posts at each exit.

One interesting fact that if you have to go somewhere for few hours and even for few days, you just call to security number and tell them. A guard from security will come to your home and stays at your street until you come back.


Whole society is so clean that it is really hard to find even a juice pack or a chips wrapper on roads.They do it on daily basis in whole society.

Greenery and Parks:

It is a beautiful society with trees on all roads and parks in each block. It feels really good to see the natural green colour done so beautifully.


What most housing societies do is that they create a society with basic, roads, masjid etc. and give commercial plots so if anyone wants to start a shop, he can. So it takes long time to people to shift in such society where you have no facilities or added services.

Bahria Town has started their own shopping mall for grocery shopping, so at first day, you have a place to shop. Further Bahria Town has started below services by it’s own so when anyone shifts in Bahria Town, they should have these services from very first day.

  • 24 hours emergency ambulance
  • Fully functional hospital
  • Fire Brigade
  • Shopping Mall
  • Restaurants (In Food Court)
  • Cinema
  • Gymnasium

Supply Demand Theory:

When people see such wonderful above mentioned services lots of people starting to shift in Bahria Town. Nearly 150 new houses started in each month, which is like 1800 houses in an year. This is a big number. Availability of plots was not according to the speed of house construction so plot prices rises not in months, but in weeks.

This is where investors jumped in Bahria Town Lahore and started transaction by buying and selling of plots

Bahria Town has taken intelligent steps at that point and launches new Sectors with lots of plots and amenities of course in each sector and block. People started to go for the booking where they have to pay very little price in start and then 2 years instalments. This way Bahria Town has gone through very successful Sector-D and Sector-E launching. Investors has earned many times of their investment in just few months.

More and more people rush to buy such a cheap plot with elite class maintenance in society that again create a high demand low supply and prices shoots like a bullet.

Afterwards they launch commercial plots of Sector-F which also goes very well and investors double and triple their investments in few months.

After that much speed, it even happened that prices start to change on daily basis and even on morning evening basis, you buy something in morning and sell it on profit in evening.

It was like heaven for investors and they wish that night never came and we keep on earning money more and more and more…

Reasons Of Fall In Bahria Town Investment

Let me clear you one thing at start, fall of investment in Bahria Town is not due to discontinuation of any of the services mentioned above. Above all services are still the same and much more better services has been added as well. It is still a very good place to live, but investors are stuck due to below reasons.

LDA Campaign To Let Down Bahria Town Lahore:

LDA never complain or point out any housing society in such a way that they place the road hoardings in whole city by pointing out one specific name. It might started after construction of Bilawal House in Bahria Town.

Many investors ask the question at that time that what is going to happen, I wan’t to take out my money. Few who were just trying to get themselves in this business also get aware with such quarrel with a Govt. institution (which is always dangerous).

Question arose that Govt. is taking CVT daily from transfer of Bahria Town plots and they have never complain that  it is not approved, why this suddenly happen? Well now banner are off the road and no one remembers about it.

Civic Commercial Project:

Investors have doubled their money in just three months in commercial plots, so when Bahria Town management announces the Civic Commercial projects everyone try to get the booking. When Bahria Town release the map, there was nearly 800 commercial plots (it is really a big number). Supply was really big, so the demand drops and price as well.

People have paid Rs. 5,000,000/- for booking of one 5 marla commercial plot over there. It means that Rs. 4,000,000,000/- got stuck as the sale stops due to heavy supply. That much amount of investors got stuck in this project.

This is one of the main reason of fall of investment in Bahria Town Lahore.

Private Commercial Plazas:

When investors were enjoying the boom period where prices increases in weeks and days they totally depend and trust on their property dealer/advisor.

Property dealers were also enjoying such a boom and many of them started their joint ventures of constructing commercial buildings.

There is a mentality of Bahria Town investors that they don’t care how much money they have to give at the end (the full price of property). They only see that how much down payment we have to pay right now. Because most of them don’t really want to go for full payment, they only need to invest for few months and then sale it, earn their profit and invest in other deal.

Property dealers first sell whole commercial building with all the shops on each floor at very high rates to their customer according to the speed of market. They even sell first and second floor shops of 225 sq feet at the price of nearly 9,000,000/- (just for 225 sq feet, and on upper floors)

No one realize the full price of plot. At the end, one person has to pay the full price and keep that shop with it. If that do his own business then a business would be really small (according to size of shop). If he rents out the shop than at second floor, in that small shop, I believe the people would come up with bangles shops or mehndi shops etc. which will pay rent like Rs. 8,000/- per month.

After spending Rs. 9,000,000/- you are getting sleazy Rs. 8,000/- won’t sound good to anyone at all. These projects are the second big reason for fall of investment in Bahria Town Lahore.

Again Supply Demand Theory:

After launching of Sector F commercial which remains profitable. Bahria Town launched three more sectos with lots of plots.

  • Sector-F residential plots
  • Golf View Residencia with commercial and residential plots
  • Bahria Greens

Where investors are stuck in Civic commercial plots and commercial plazas, how come they invest in these lots of new sectors and plots. Here the supply of plots increase with the current capacity of investment in market.


For living it is still a wonderful housing society. It won’t be a lie if we say that Bahria Town is giving the best living experience in whole Pakistan. This is the reason that even in this slow market, people are still constructing houses and shifting to Bahria Town Lahore.

On ground plots are still showing appraisal in price but the increase rate is slow because most of the investor’s money is stuck in above mentioned projects. This is the time to invest in on ground plots and house construction.

Market is expected to get better as Bahria Town management has already lesson down nearly 200 plots from Civic commercial and right now rumours are that Bahria Town is merging more 150 approx plots.

At the end let me tell you one thing that owner of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. Mr. Malik Riaz is a game changer, whenever he plans to lift up the prices and projects of Bahria Town, he’ll surely play his part and will turn the market all around. I’m sensing that good days of Bahria Town investment is not years away, it seems to be near somewhere. Hope for the best…

211 thoughts on “Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore”

    1. Golf view plots are allotted, it will rise soon. Golf view residencia plan is very good and it will turn out to be one of the good projects of Bahria Town.
      Green Valley or Bahria Greens however is still a question mark, until Bahria Town do the balloting.

      1. Right now prices are not rising in Golf city Bahria Town Lahore. This is because development has stop in this project. As soon Bahria Town management start development in that Golf view residencia, prices will certainly rise.
        In far future it will be one of the good projects if it turns out as it is on map.

  1. Dear Abu Osaid

    I want to sell my plot 544 in ghaznavi block sector F, please advise the own I would like to sell on best offer. Please also advise your service charges.

  2. Lanut Ullah Alal Kazabeen.
    lanut to Bahria Lahore for Cheating of Sector F. No land No plots #.Just took almost more than 70% payment without Plot and balloting due to land acquisition. If Bahria have no land than why launch this scheme? What is this sense?
    This is cheating with market & with the money of innocent Pakistani citizen?
    INSHA ALLAH they will answer on Youm ul Qaymia?

  3. AOA,

    I read the blog detail information and I agree with you. My Question is that these parameters are apply at Bheria Town Orchard and what future of it. Please give me detail answer.

    1. I’ll write a detail post on Bahria Orchard later on. But in short Bahria Town management tries to maintain their same standards in every project, whether it’s Bahria Orchard, Bahria Nasheman or any other.
      Bahria Orchard will have a future in coming years and I believe after five years it will be a good place to live as well.

  4. Anybody advice me about bharia green valley. I have one 10 marla file and i already paid 60% (Half installments+ down payment) of the plot. but still no map, no plot and I heard it is in minus now. Please advise I have to keep the file for some more time to avoid the loss?


    1. As per my info, green valley (raiwind road) is in controversy. Some settlement issues between Pak Army and Malik Riaz. Apparently no future value for at least coming three years, i suppose.

  5. Osaid, do you have time frame how long we should hold it from now 2 , 3 or 5 years.

    Bahria has shifted all machinery to BTK in next 1 year no chance to start construction.

    Pls advise what’s going on?

    1. Bahria Town is also working in Lahore sectors. As you must have seen the Jamia Masjid. Eiffel Tower is almost ready, it will be ready in two months. Thirdly they are also working on Theme Park. Fourthly their community club with indoor sports, bowling alley etc. will be ready in three to four months.
      As these developments get ready, Bahria Town will promote about all these which will surely attract people to Bahria Town Lahore. Consequently it will start the market, I believe Bahria Town Lahore will again see the highest return on investment within next year (2015)

  6. Dear Abu-Osaid,
    May please be guide me the balloting/plot numbers of Sector F BTL?Plz Plz Plz.We are near to die our patience is over now.

  7. Dear Mr Abu-Osaid,
    Plz give idea about Sector F Balloting as only one installment remaining.It will be pay on 15-Feb-15.After that what will happend?It will be refund?

  8. SIR
    wts the current status for golf ewsdncia…………they hv the land or not and wts current price for 10marla plot.
    also about dd blk in sec-D……………is it under threat for ring road…..or E sector is under threat.

    pls update also on ring road and bahria dispute.

    1. We are listening rumors about an opening of gate at Raiwind Road which conncects to Golf resedencia will open soon. Current prices of 10 marla in Golf residencia ranges from 37 lac to 57 lac.
      DD block was never under the threat of ring road.
      Sector E was the place where ring road was planned. We haven’t receive any official news about taking away that ring road from there, but unofficially it is moved away. People are constructing their plazas and houses in that area

  9. Dear ABu-Osaid,

    I really like to read comments, I have one file of bharia green valley 10 marla. I already paid 3 installments now 5th is coming. Please guide whats the predictions. where the location of this project and map will announce.


    1. Location of Bahria Greens is still not announced. This is the reason that Bahria Greens file are still in minus.

      People who do investment in Bahria Town are not paying the installments of Bahria Greens file. This is because Bahria Town have a culture that they don’t provoke to pay installments of plot unless it comes in profit, neither they cancel the plot.
      Second reason of not paying installments is that down payment paid file sell easily in market.

  10. DEAR SIR ,


    1. Files of Bahria Town Lahore and Karachi are very uncertain. You may face heavy loss if you are not up-to-date minute by minute with market.
      Investment in plots are quite safe and profitable too.

  11. Sir many people asked about the balloting of F sector files but u did’t provide a clear reply… please tell the future of F sector files and expected date of F sector new balloting.. i know management has still not announced any date but now only one installment left

    thanks and regards

  12. What a rubbish system is this— Bharia town files. My 20 lac stuck in bharia green valley. I will never invest in any Pakistan scheme specifically like bharia where every moment is like gambling. This type of thing is specially for brokers-middlemen who spread rumors and earn their big commission. every month rumors come balloting on this date—–but?…

    for general person I believe this is good place of living but for investment its totally drama. Fed uppppp.

  13. Plz tell me about the future of bahria golf city lahore, i have 10 marla plot in northern zone at raiwind entrance, should i hold it or sale it.

  14. Dear all,
    If anyone can let me know about the Balloting og BTL Awawmi villas 2nd phase ?
    I heard it was to be on 25 Dec 14, but no news so far.

  15. Dear Sir,

    Your write up and response to people is very good. Well Done !

    Can you brief about the future of Bahria Nasheman at Ferozpur Road, Lahore. What is future of extension plan. I have 5 marla plot there, what should I do? what is its future profitability chances?
    Please give your expert opinion this subject. Thanks a lot.



    1. Bahria Nasheman is a good investment as Bahria Town has bought the land near to that area and plan to extend it. It’s not confirmed that when they will expand.

      Secondly Govt. is approving Metro bus service further forward which will certainly result in increase of prices of all housing societies (especially Bahria Nasheman & Central Park) in that area.

      If you can hold it then it will turn out to be a good asset of yours. But if you have option to buy a plot in Bahria Orchard than it will be a better option.

  16. Dear Osaid!
    can you shed some light on Avami villas balloting??i have got a file…should i hold it or sale it??as there seems to be no interest on the part of management to hold balloting….

    1. There ain’t any news of balloting of Awami Villas from Bahria Town. People are really fed up with this Awami Villa project. If you can give it to anyone then do it.

  17. I want to purchase Bahrain home in sector E
    What would you suggest me .I want to purchase and shift there in March 2015
    Have people started to live there?

  18. I want to purchase 6 marla Bahria home in sector E
    What would you suggest me ?.I want to purchase and shift there in March 2015.
    Have people started to live there?

  19. I want to purchase and start living in 6 Marla bahri a home sector E in March 2015
    what you suggest me?
    Please guide me sincerely

    1. Yes, Bahria Town have given the possession of few houses of Bahria Homes. Nearly 15 to 20 families have been shifted there. It’s a good place to live however I’ll not suggest you to buy that house. They are not constructed up to mark

      1. Thank you very much for replying
        What deficiencies bahria homes have ?
        What will you suggest to me to purchase because I want to shift in March 2015

        1. There are many houses built privately by different builders which are far better than Bahria Homes.

          Bahria Homes and Safari Villas are wonderful places to live in Bahria Town but only on rent. They are not the property to purchase.

          If you need any assistance in buying house in Bahria Town Lahore, you can call me at 0345-4301013

          1. I will come to Pakistan in March 2015
            I want to purchase 8 Marla double unit house . Upper portion for my accommodation and lower portion for rent
            You can be in touch with me either through same forum or through whatsup 00966599477638

        2. we started new buildres in bahria town.presently we are constructing a house in Umerblock.if you are intrested with trust contact me.

          1. Its last installment will be paid to BTL on 15-Feb-2015.After that we have right to ask for plot number or no?

    1. This project is bringing a bad name for Bahria Town as there ain’t any news about it. It is still in minus and don’t know how long it will take.
      But Bahria Town has started to merge these files in other plots of Bahria Town so if you have other plots then go for merging

  20. Dear Abu-Osaid, kindly guide is there any way to sell Green valley files if you dont have other plots in Behria Town in your name?

  21. Dear Abu Osaid do you not feel that bahria is becoming nightmare for investors as they failed to deliver posession commitment in Dec 14. Also failed to deliver Bahria Enclave’ green valley’ Sector F and golf view residencia. Their credibility is becoming question mark…? plz comment on it, thanks

    1. These all are very bad steps. Malik Riaz / Bahria Town is not delivering their new projects in time. Investors are stuck and exhausted.
      However people who are living in Bahria Town are quite satisfied with their service and continuous improvement in already developed areas.

  22. dear abu Osaid!!!

    dont you real estate agents of Bahria HOLD MEETINGS WITH malik Riaz or Ali Riaz or Shahid Qureshi and give them negative feedback of investors??bahria town is only running bcoz of its commitment of delivering projects at a fast pace.its not like DHA which even continues to sell on the name of army as people think that whatever happens to country DHA will be safe. if Bahria fails to deliver, nobody will buy anything here. please convey this to management

    1. We are very greedy people. We are not man of words. You know what, these all property dealers + investors promise not to invest in files (because they have lost millions). But whenever Bahria or Malik Riaz launch any new project with attraction; THESE are the ones to book first.
      Malik Riaz is a business man. He is taking advantage of these characteristics of our nation

  23. Dear abu Osaid,
    what is development status of bahria Golf view residencia lahore ? In Last nov i was in pak & try to enter the work area of golf but security guid stopped me. is there any good development.

    1. If you wanna buy something for long term than don’t worry, it will turn out to be a good investment anyhow. But not advisable to book in a new project for short term investment.

  24. Dear Abu-Osaid,

    To day BTL give notic to cancel the develop plot for sector F those lag from installments payments.

    Then why not doing the ballot/plot numbers for us as we paid all installments.

      1. Dear Abu-Osaid,
        Thanks for hope.I already paid all installments like 8 completed.I have right to ask for plot or money to BTL(Cheater Management) or no?

  25. AoA, dear Abu-osaid can u please tell me the future of BTL, golf view residencia, for how much period we should hold. thanks

  26. Mr. Abu-Osaid,

    To day BTL give notic to cancel the develop plot for sector F those lag from installments payments.

    Then why not doing the ballot/plot numbers for us as we paid all installments.

    1. Dear I have also plot in Sector F and have already allocation of plot in S. Sadi Block….i don’t understand why balloting again? its already done in 2014. I paid all installation and looking any news from someone about current situation.

  27. Malik Riaz aik ghatya insaan ha is nay Bahria Greens walay project main logon ko buhat nuksaan pohunchaya ha. Allah is ka beira Garak karay aur is ko nistu nabood kar day. Ameen

    1. No official news.
      Unofficial news 1: Going to held soon within 6 months.
      Unofficial news 2: Bahria will first go for Bahria Greens, then Golf View and then Sector F

  28. Sir I’m new in property field and I want to invest in property sector. Plz. guide me k bahria town k kis project me invest kya jy, ya DHA or LDA city me .

    1. DHA is always a good place to invest but requires a heavy budget. On the other hand Bahria Town is good opportunity to get more out of less budget.

      Let me know if you are interested to invest in Bahria Town, I can help you with that

  29. I wish to have a home in Lahore but I have saved upto 18 lack thinking to get a plot and later saving more to build home..but I want a good place to live for sure.. At the moment I am living in gulf.
    Please guide where I can get a good plot of what price and size. I really dont want my saving money to be waisted at anyway.
    Thank you indeed.

    1. AOA.I AM ALSO IN GULF.i have some experince in baria town if you are intresing in bahria town i can guide if u trust.

  30. Dear Abu-Osaid
    Why LDA City is bad investment for short or long term?
    What is the best residential/commercial scheme where I
    can invest on instalment basis.

  31. Asl Abu Qaid bahi,
    I have a 10 marla plot in Golf Residencia, I was just wondering shud I hold the plot for dew more months or sell it and invest somewhere else. If u think I shud hold it then for how long I shud wait.
    I got 1 Kanal file in green valley as well hav’t paid any installment plz guide me for that as well.
    May Allah pak bless u for ur time u giving to people.

    1. Golf Residencia will ultimately rise but it will take time. A smart and quick investor do the loss and try to cover it from somewhere else. Time is not confirm, it seems to take more than a year for any movement in Golf View Residencia.
      Secondly I’ve heard that Bahria Town has submitted the papers for Bahria Greens Lahore for registry. In this way it will appear soon on map. Otherwise there ain’t any need to give installments of this plot. And if you get any chance to merge this file, then avail that chance.

    2. If you are victim of Bahria Green Lahore project and want to join efforts to get it resolved, please join our whatsapp group. Send message to Dr. Rizwan at 0335 1182783

  32. Dear Abu-Osaid,

    I have heard that Bahria has purchased the land from Ishaq Dar and other landowners specifically behind Haier factory unit for Bahria Green Valley (Bahria Greens Lahore). Is it something that you or others have come by?


    1. I’ve got the news that Bahria Greens is coming in front of Bahria Orchard. But Haier factory is also almost there, so this news could be true as well.

  33. Dear Abu osaid

    If green valley is coming in front of orchard, then do you think price level of green valley is justified ?

  34. Dear Abu Osaid,

    Please advise the impact on prices of Bahria sector F on ground plots after completion of instalments.


  35. Dear Abu Osaid,
    Nice to see your web page , comments and their answers. My Question is why Bahria is going unpredictable? especially in new projects. Is it due to PLM-N Govt?
    Should I pay installments in Golf View Residencia?



    Muhammad Sabir

  36. Dear Abu Osaid
    There is strong rumour in the market that Bahria is failed to acquire land in Sector F. In this scenario they are asking instalments pending ones. What do you suggest either we should pay instalments plots those reflecting only in map but not on ground.

  37. I’ve an On Ground plot 1 kanal Tipu Sultan block Sector F. Should i hold it or sell it. Moreover is there any chance bahria will give possession of these plots in near time ?

    1. Sell it and invest in other better options e.g. in Bahria Orchard

      Possession is not planned in near future as they have recently given the possession of Sector E.

      1. I have 1 file 10 marla in Sector-F Bahria all instalments paid. Shall I sell it or wait ????
        Please advise..
        Moreover, is there any chance of it getting sold ….

  38. Dear Abu-Osaid,

    Iam looking for 2-3 years good investment (1 – 1,5 crore) in Bahria or DHA, prefering a commercial plot.

    please guide, thanks for your advise.

    1. This is the time to invest in commercial plots of Bahria Town Lahore. These plots are at their lowest price right now. Only one thing can happen to these commercial plots which is ‘appreciation’

  39. Dear Abu Osaid,

    I have a house in Tulip Extension (288) and I am hearing stories that Lahore ring road will pass through theses houses. What can u suggest? Should I keep that house or sell it?

    I like the way u answer questions, very straightforward which prompted me to clear my doubt with your help.


    1. Govt. has not issued final map of their Lahore Ring Road, so no one can’t be sure from where it will pass.

      Though your house is near to the Ring Road area if not come in it.

      1. I m from canada n like to buy land n built in 4 year What is final price of bahria golf residancia pls tell me for 10 marla

  40. dear Abu osaid, in how much can we get the best location plot like Corner facing park type in balloted but not developed blocks like alamgir , sheikh saadi etc of sector F ?

    1. Location is said to be in front of Bahria Orchard. Some news are that development will start in next three months, but no official news.

      how much land is not pointed out,

  41. Osaid bhai what is major difference between dha and bahria town let say i was checking haloki garden phase 11 and golf residancia which would be more safe n strong investment point and y?

    1. Bahria Town is giving such facilities which DHA could never think of. But Bahria Town is always considered as one man show and people have a great question mark after the death of Mr. Malik Riaz where DHA is a stable, structure based society.

      Both are important and good investment in respective point of views. I’ll try to write a complete post on it soon at

  42. Are u sure BAHRIA is really doing some thing for bahria or it is just rumor, i heard there is conflict between MR and Boot Power.

  43. boots will bow before money.. Malik Riaz says every person has a rate.. and he gets an idea of that rate after meeting that person.. only one meeting and general will cool down 🙂

  44. Patwari came and have taken some measurement of Tulip extension (5 marla houses) for ring road. Dear Abu Osaid r u aware of this news?

    1. I’ve heard that Govt. team has placed the marks and talk to the Janiper house owners as well. I’m checking out the authenticity of the news so I can share it.

      I’ve seen marks on walls and on houses for Ring Road. Just need to confirm then I’ll share it with photos as well.

  45. Dear Osaid, I dont think so because janiper block had never been planned of Ring road old map And Janiper is already developed block. Could you please share photos as discussed above

    1. Dear Shazad, Bahria Greens did not exist so what’s the question of impact.
      Though, if Bahria Greens launch in front of Bahria Orchard as there are rumors then it will surely have a good effect on it.

  46. welcome back…why was website down for so many days??? as if we were blinded out from Bahria town happenings..please update about market situation post merging etc

    1. Sorry dear, that was due to some technical reasons. I’m back now and going to update you about Bahria happenings. Keep checking the website and get an email subscription

  47. Dear Abu Osaid, I am constructing home in Overseas B (Extension). Gray structure has been completed. My plot located about 100 meter away from mark on Wall for Ring Road. Kindly tell me what will be the effect on my living in that home if Ring Road will pass just nearby it??????

    1. It depends how Lahore Ring Road is constructed in Bahria Town. I believe there won’t be any commercial market near to it (as the case with other parts of Ring Road). If Bahria Town do the plant work to make it beautiful then you’ll have a great view, otherwise you’ll experience much noise.

      Secondly I’ve mentioned about a new news (not confirmed) that Ring Road plan is mended to Sundar Road. This way no one has to worry.

  48. ”Moreover I’ve heard a new news that Southern Loop of Lahore Ring Road is going to pass through Sunder Road. If this happens then it will pass through whole Bahria Town”


    ”Secondly I’ve mentioned about a new news (not confirmed) that Ring Road plan is mended to Sundar Road. This way no one has to worry”.

    I am a bit confused can u pls clarify what does ‘This way no one has to worry’ means.

    Many thanks

    1. Dear Imran, many people are worried that Ring Road will acquire their houses or plots.
      If Ring Road pass through the Sundar Road (not from Bahria Town) then, no one has to worry about their houses or plots.
      Ring Road will not acquire anything from Bahria Town in this case. But still it’s not a confirm news

  49. Dear any news for green valley, as per the feedback Bahria created the story of Haier factory to keep hope in green valley and can collect more from merging. Plz share your thoughts.

    1. What I’ve heard that Bahria don’t have enough land. Bahria has given lots of options to merge Bahria Greens file to payoff dues of any other plot. It is not a good project right now.

  50. Aslam u Alikum,
    Abu osaid bahi I live in States I have a plot in golf city lahore southern side #712 , I bought it for 51 lac n now I wanna sell it. What do u think what would be the price at the moment?
    And if it’s slow right now what do u think sir how long it’s gonna take to come back?

    1. Golf View Residencia will only come back after the development. Right now rates are it’s lowest, further there ain’t any buyer to buy plots in Golf View.

      If someone buy your plot then he’ll give you ‘choron wala rate’ very very low rate.

  51. ASA kindly inform me about progress in golf view residensia I have a 10 marla plot in northern zone and wanna know that can I start construction with in one year or when the pocession and construction will be possible.please guide me I sgall be very thankful.

    1. If we look into the development of Sector F (which Bahria launch prior to Golf View) then it seems to take couple of years.

      It won’t be possible to start construction of house in Golf View after one year. It will take more time

      1. Thankyou for your is it better for saving purpose to keep this plot for long time? Is it bennificial later if we invest more in golf view residensia.

  52. Abu osaid as per dawn news and after approval of LRR route by Govt as per old route. How do u see impact on Golf view.

    On u mentioned no impact due to LR is scenario change now.

    Pls advise

    1. Old route of Lahore Ring Road doesn’t show the Golf View in that area. I guess Ring Road will pass side by side with Golf View Residencia which will have a good effect on GVR instead of a negative one.

      But what negative for GVR is that Bahria Town management is not doing development in that area.

      1. Dear Abu Osaid, The old route of ring road doesnt show golf view because that time this project was not launched am I right or what is the fact about it.plz guide me

        1. Sector B and Sector C are approved from TMA. Others are not approved as a society, that’s why one can’t see the map of those sectors including Golf View in Govt. map

  53. Aslam u Alikum,
    Abu osaid bahi I live in States and I do have some residential properties in bahria town lahore, now I m planning to come back for good, my question is should I deal in plots or should I make houses and sell it. I do have construction experience in pakistan n all these plots are 10 marlas.

  54. I have a plot in sector F Abu Bakar block for 1 kanal but i have heard still Bahria Town hasnt accquired the land for the block, when do you expect a possession and is it worth keeping?

    Best Regards


  55. I have a 10 marla residential plot in Golf Residencia Lahore (Northern Zone). I just want to find out the current status if the land has been acquired yet or not and should I keep this plot or sell it.

  56. Dear Abu Osaid,
    If you will not share the latest information with the visitors of your site and your followers then whole purpose of this blog / page will be defeated.

    You might be knowing that people have made group on face book and they launched the protest in front of Bahria office but there is no feedback from your side or Usman Bin Khalid. Neither any update on LRR or any other sort of development news regarding Bahria shared by you guys.

    You guys are known for your prompt and blunt write up’s and good advices keep this maintained as we experienced earlier.

      1. Dear Abu Osaid, I will appreciate to have feedback on LRR impact on golf view and green valley especially after merging news of green valley.

  57. Dear Abu Osaid

    I need your advice regarding my 10 marla plot in Golf View Residencia (Northern Zone). I have heard that Bahria couldn’t acquire the land yet and the final instalment is approaching next month. Can you please advice me if I shall keep this plot or sell. What do you see the future of Golf View Residencia in next 6 months time.


    1. Can’t say anything about future of Bahria Golf in next 6 month. But whenever Bahria starts development, this is for sure, within six month time, it will see extraordinary jumps in prices

  58. Salam Mr. Abu Osaid,
    Your articles and comments are really helpful. Thanks for that.
    Do you have any idea what is the current price of 10 marla plot in North zone of Golf Residencia? Just an approximate number is fine.

  59. Aw, this was a really good post. Spending some time and actual effort to create
    a top notch article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot and never seem to get anything done.

  60. Assalam o Alaikum Abu Osaid
    Any updates on Golf Residencia. Has Bahria acquired the land yet? If yes how far development work has progressed so far. Also, would you recommend to invest in golf residencia?

    1. If you ask Bahria management, they will say that we’ve acquired the land. On the other side there is not much development in Golf View Residencia which shows that they don’t have the whole land yet.

      I suggest you to not to invest in off ground plots at this moment. It is good to invest in On-ground plots. Bahria Orchard is a good option.

      You can call me at 0345-4301013 for investment proposal as well. Regards

  61. Aslamu Alikum, sir any updates of Golf Residencia,?
    And Sir 2nd question is i have a 1 kanal file of green valley, what are my options with that?

  62. I m sorry but i did”t get what u said. Do u mind explain me lil bit or if its convenient 4 u if i call u? Ur # plz?

  63. Assalam o Alaikum Abu Osaid

    I have just found out that the issues Golf Residencia project had, i.e. acquiring land and the ring road, have now been resolved. Can you kindly confirm if this is the correct news?

    I have a plot there where I only paid first 2 instalments and 6 more are remaining. Do you have any idea how much time I can be given to pay off the remaining. I have never received any notice from Bahria about the miss payments. It might be because they knew they had issues there and development was on hold. However, as per the above news, which I believe I correct, I don’t know how they will act now.

    Can you please also confirm where do you see the future of this project stands?

    I look forward to have your reply very soon.


    1. Sorry for late reply Ammar, I’ve been very busy in dealing property in Bahria Orchard, which is a booming market nowadays.

      Bahria office has that notice on their notice board. But after that Govt. has placed a road hoarding that news is wrong. Well that is still in between.

      Bahria has not given any recent notice about submitting the installments. Many people has not given any installments in this project. I guess once they start development, they will start asking about the missing installments.

      Thirdly If Bahria develop the Golf View Residencia then it would be one of the best project of Bahria and prices will simple get doubled from now. If Bahria didn’t develop it, then it will be remain in current position.

  64. Adlamu Alikum,
    Sir what is the current rate in Golf city Lahore? My plot is in northern zone #712, and it is 10 marla. 2nd question is should I hold it so sell it?
    Sir as u said Bahria orchard is doin very well right now advise me for that aswell or if u have anytime allow me to call u. I have ur #.
    Thank u

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