The opening of any clothing brand is always fascinating because whether you’re a frequent visitor or not it is still good to have them. There are already several local high street fashion brands are available in Bahria Town and most of them are situated at Jasmine Mall. But its been a long time we haven’t seen any new opening of clothing brand in Bahria Town, especially for men. And, despite having several brands, Bahria Town still isn’t a complete shopping destination for us, it will take few more years to become multiple high-end retail shopping hubs. You can check all the names of brands and boutiques that are available in Bahria Town here.


Well, most people only prefer to buy branded clothes over the prices and quality. And for all those who aren’t brand conscious, ‘Brandz’ is the option for them which is opened almost two weeks ago. I gave it a visit recently, they’ve got imported and local stuff with a very affordable price range. You can get a good denim in Rs. 1000/- to Rs 1300/- and a fine quality polo t-shirt in Rs 850/-. You will also get a range of clothes for kids there.



Opening time: 12:00 PM.
Closing time: 11:30 PM.



Brandz is located at tulip extension block near to the great mall and croasta 11 restaurant. At this location the fine eatery restaurant was opened which was closed a long time ago.

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