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Opening a new restaurant can be risky, especially in Bahria Town almost every restaurant owner is in throes of getting a favorable response from the residents. Of course, restaurant’s food taste, services, and ambiance is more important factors but I believe a right spot for the restaurant plays a significant role to make it a success or may turn out to be a dud.

And, we all know that not every location is right for a new restaurant and I was wondering and couldn’t get an answer why every newly opened restaurant chose Sector D’s location for a start? As  I have already mentioned in one of my updates that Sector D is the most unstable spot for any kind of business. It is my concern and do share your thoughts in comments why so many restaurants prefer this area because we have been observing many knockouts from Sector D.

Well, in Sector D there are already 8 restaurants that are serving including Mcdonald’s and 4 restaurants out of 8 are opened over the time of two months. There is another restaurant that has opened recently by the name Bread & Bean-Cafe & Grill. I haven’t seen any road hoardings or heard any news before and after its opening. However, I saw it today and the balloons caught my attention while passing through AA block, and got its menu card which is attached below.

Discount Offer:

Bread & Bean-Cafe & Grill is offering flat 20% discount on the entire menu. This discount offer is valid on the dine-in, take away and home delivery for one week and you can still have 3 days to avail this discount.


It is located in the basement, 62- AA Block, Sector D. It is adjacent to Smokehouse Grill and opposite to Lahori Khabay, which are also opened a few days ago.


Opening time: 1:00 PM.
Closing time: 1:00 AM.

Contact numbers:

2 thoughts on “Bread & Bean-Cafe & Grill”

  1. You are right Farhan, location is very important for any restaurant or cafe. I’ve seen an excellent restaurant ‘Safari Grill’ winding up because of it’s location. They open restaurant in Umar block market, which is not suitable for restaurant. Though they have move to main boulevard of Sector C commercial zone later. At that time they didn’t have much capital to sustain it for longer.

    Later another restaurant open at same place and shut down. Now we have Agha Khan Lab at same place. That is a strong party and seem to remain there for long.

    Well coming back to this cafe. I’m worried about their location. It is in basement as well. It could become a friends gathering of smokers or a gaming zone. If they are working for a coffee shop and cafe seriously (as their menu shows) then they have to rethink about their location. They should shift it in start or otherwise their future seems dark to me.

    I wish business run whatever the odds are. Just giving a insight on basis of previous experiences. Thanks

  2. I think exactly the opposite. I believe that this commercial area is perfect for restaurants. It is away from main commercial and is peaceful. I would love to see more restaurants pop up here… heck maybe this becomes the food commercial of Bahria of sorts. Also, I think the rent is less than the main commercial.

    As for the restaurant, I believe it has opportunity to grow. The basement is a non-issue if they can provide good food, hire good servers, offer good service and ambiance. This is what I believe makes or breaks a restaurant. Will check it out and post a review soon.

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