Brussels Cafe & Grill

Restaurants business are very fetching and easy to run in Pakistan especially in Lahore. Because everyone knows that Lahore is famous for its foods and taste. Good Restaurants are the chiefs in the development of any housing society. If we have numerous options within the town than we don’t have to go far-off to dine out. There are many major points for any new restaurant for its success like its location, its ambience and most importantly quality and taste. Exceptional taste is the most important ingredient to attract the customers and to make it profitable.

Well, In bahria town we’ve seen many cool openings in past few months. We have now multiple local and international eat out places in bahria town. Recently, Yasir Broast, Cafe lighthouse, honey Beans, Croasta 11 etc are opened. In past we had least options for dining. But now there’re several options and we’re expecting more to come in future too. So, here is another choice  for us in Bahria town, Brussles cafe & grill. This restaurant was opened approximately 2 weeks ago. They have Pizzas, wraps, burgers, pasta, grilled chicken, desserts,  shakes and stuffed chicken etc are included  in its menu. When, I talked to the restaurant  manager he claimed that its a local chain but the ingredients they’re using in their  dishes  are totally imported.

Discount offer:

At the time of opening they were offering 20% flat discount for one week. Now there is no such rebate. But only 10% discount is still available for stundents by showing their student ID. 


Not every available location is good for any restaurant. Location always matters the most to get positive response from the customers and a key component for its success. Brussels cafe & grill restaurant is located at sector C commercial zone few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and also near to Bahria country club.

In my point of view good restaurants are as important as other utility facilities in any housing society. We  now have plenty of choices in Bahria Town. Well, i haven’t tried this new one but i’ll give it a try soon. If we talked about its looks, the outer look is average and the inner sitting area isn’t so wide and large as you can see in above picture. They have outside sitting arrangement and a parking area in front of the restaurant too.

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