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Ice Rolls

Its been more than a month, Ice Rolls is active in CineGold Plex cinema. Though, they’ve placed road streamers last week before that mostly people were unaware about its opening (inlcuding me). Well, this ice-cream shop Ice Rolls is similar to Ice-curl because they’re also selling hand-crafted ice-cream making live on ice-pan. It is the second branch of Ice Roll that is opened in Bahria Town, first branch is located at Vogue Tower MM Alam road.


Now in Bahria Town there are three options to eat live ice-cream, Ice-Curl, Ice-Pan and now Ice Rolls. Ice-pan is located in Foodcourt Sector B and Ice-curl is at Sector D, near McDonalds.



Ice Rolls in Bahria Town is located at CineGold Plex cinema, Sector F.


For more details:
‭0301 3089999‬

Pan & Grill

Few days back Gets & Grill restaurant was closed because they were facing some name issues regarding registration of it. So, the above seen ‘Pan & Grill’ restaurant isn’t a new one. It is the new name of Gets & Grill, the management has added few more items to their menu along with a new name. And its been three to four days the restaurant has opened with the new name and improved menu.


Discount Offer:

Due to the re-opening of Pan & G rill is offering flat 20% discount for one week. You can get this 20% discount on dine in, take-away and deliveries. The offer isn’t valid on deals.



Pan & Grill, is located at G-2 Plaza, Jasmine Block, Sector C commercial zone, behind Girls Hostle.

For delivery: 0310-4488230


Lahore Chatkhara

Lahore Chatkhara, an old and traditional desi cum fast food restaurant, regarded as one of the most eatry places by many. Famous for its great desi-food and South-Asian traditional style snaks with a very comfortable prices range. In Lahore, there are many branches of Lahore Chatkhara  located in different areas. Now wait is about to be over for all desi food enthusiasts, because one of its branch is going to open in Bahria Town. Though the Bahria Town’s branch isn’t big and sizeable like other branches, but they’ve complete menu items to serve the foodies.



Well, there are many advertisement boards displayed in Bahria Town. The official opening of Lahore Chatkhara in Bahria Town will take place on Saturday, 30th December. Besides that one of my acquaintances told me, the branch of Lahore Chatkhara was already active in town about two months ago. When I seek some information from the management, they told me that they had had plans to open it before and all the arrangements were set. But due to some reason they had post-pond the opening previously.


Discount Offer:

They haven’t decided yet about any promotion or discounts on the opening. But, one of the guy out there told me that, there is a possibility that they will offer 20 to 25 per cent discount on entire menu. However, it is not confirmed yet with any authentic source.



Lahore Chatkhara, in Bahria Town is located at shop no D-8, D plaza market Shaheen Block, near to Safari Villas.


For more details:
‭0324 0117886‬

Juice Hut & Dry Fruits

After having a lot of choices for fresh juices and shakes places, another juice shop is now opened in Bahria Town. Not long ago, Fresh Fruitly Juice shop has also set up in sector E. With the addition of one more juice shop by the name of ‘Juice Hut’, there are now more than 12 options available for juices, shakes and smoothies in Bahria Town. Click here to check complete list.


Its been a week now that ‘Juice Hut’, along with Khan Jee Dry fruits are operational in town. This juice shop is pretty much alike Ice-land, as they’re also selling more or less the same products like juices, shakes and other snacks. And if you’re looking to buy fresh dry fruits in this winter, then they’ve variety of all sorts of dry fruits too.



Opening Time: 11:00 am.
Closing time: 12:00 am.



Juice Hut & Khan Jee Dry Fruits, is located at main road Sector D, facing Mcdonalds and adjacent to Ice curl. Previously, at the same location a restaurant was active by the name of Spice n Sugar, which has closed long time ago.

Kashmiri Chai

‘Kashmiri Chai’ is the desi synonym to winter warmth. And without any doubt, in winters the consumption of every kind of tea increases. Certainly, with having other benefits ‘Kashmiri Chai’ in winter’s night is the perfect combination in just few bucks. Though, most of the time I’ve had this Kashmiri Chai only at weddings. But, now one of the shop specifically for Kashmiri Chai has opened in Bahria Town. Now, for all those Kashmiri Chai enthusiast, they don’t have to wait for any wedding like me or to travel far away for this winter treat because it is now available in Town.


Few days back, by the name of ‘Special Sabz Kashmiri Chai’ has opened in sector C. As it is mentioned in above picture, it is the fourth branch in Bahria Town. According to them, they are in the business for as old as  36 years , and  originating from Sialkot. For the time being, they’re only selling Kashmiri Chai, but later on they will add more items.



‘Kashmiri Sabz Chai’ is located at 105-B, Sector C, adjacent to Birch Woods and G.M cables.


Rs 50/- per cup.



Opening time: 2:00 pm.
Closing time: 1:30 am.


Free Home Delivery:

Free home delivery for Kashmiri Chai is also available within Bahria Town. For free home delivery, you have to order minimum 3 cups or more.


For more details: 0331-4570047

Manhattan Bites

In Lahore, almost everyone is familiar with the name of renowned pizza chain ‘Manhattan Bites’. I’ve also tried their pizza from DHA branch few times. It is famous for its different deals, bigger sizes of pizza and dip sauces. Well, here is the great news for all pizza lovers in Bahria Town. Because, one of its branch is now going to open in Bahria Town. It is their fourth branch in Lahore, after Faisal Town, Johar Town and DHA Phase-4. One of its branch is also located in Gujranwala.


When To Open:

Manhattan Bites branch in Bahria Town will officially open on Saturday, 23rd December. The official opening will be held after 6:00 pm.


Discount offers:

Due to its official opening in Bahria Town Lahore, they’re offering flat 25% discount for one week. And 15% discount on all deals. The discount offer will valid till 28th December. This discount is also valid on home delieveries.



Manhattan Bites in Bahria Town, is located at sector C, commercial zone, adjacent to main boulevard and near to Grand Jamya Mosque.


For more details & delivery:

Student Discount At Lighthouse Cafe

Recently, I have updated about the 15% student discount offer for BNU Students only by foodaholic restaurant. Now, Lighthouse Cafe & Restaurant,recently came up with student discount offer which was only for BNU students. But later on they extended this offer for all students on entire menu. Students can avail flat 40% discount by showing their student identity card. However, this 40% discount isn’t valid on all types of Pakistani food.


Lighthouse Cafe & Restaurant is located at main Canal road, adjacent to PSO filling station and Yasir broast.


For more details:

Kobeda Palace

Kobeda Palace in sector D, Bahria Town is another restaurant that has opened two weeks ago. The speciality of this restaurant is the Kobeda Naan’s which have originated from Kobeda Palace UK. These Kobeda Naan’s are baked in a peculiar Tandoori Clay Oven, all of the ingredients, recipe and the way of cooking is based on the UK’s Kobeda Palace. Other than that, they are also selling fast food items including, Pizzas, Burgers and Wraps. Desi breakfast is also available only on Sunday, in breakfast menu, Keema with Paratha, Mutton Paya and Halwa Puri is included.


  • Single Kobeda Naan: Rs 390/-
  • Double Kobeda Naan: Rs 490/-


Kobeda Palace location is quite separate from others and it is solely located in AA block. Located at Ayyub Tower, commercial area Sector D.

For more details & home delivery:


One more restaurant by the name of ‘Smash’ is going to open this week in Bahria Town. It’s a fast food restaurant offering more than 12 types of burgers and sandwiches. They have all kinds of shakes, cocktails and frappuccino. According to one of their official, told me that Smash is a international chain and all of its ingredients used in each product is imported. The restaurant will start serving in Bahria Town on sunday, 10th, December, after its official opening at 4:00 pm.


Opening offer:

Due to its official opening in Bahria Town, they are offering flat 20% discount on whole menu. Complimentary iced teas and pop-corns will also be served with meals. This discount offer will valid for further one week.



Smash restaurant is located 119-B, ground floor Jasmine block, sector C, commercial area near to girls hostel. Earlierُ at this location Hamza milk farm was active, which is closed now.


For more details:

Fresh Fruitly Juice Is Active

Last month, I have written about the new opening of a juice shop. It was active two or three days ago, now it is fully operational. They have more than one hunderd items in their menu including, Fresh juices, Shakes, Smoothies, Ice-cream, Coffee, Rolls and all other kinds of Snacks. I have attached its whole menu below. Free home delivery is also available on entire menu, within Bahria Town.


Opening time: 10:00 am.
Closing time: 11:00 pm.




Fresh Fruitly Juice is located at 21 Taimoor Heights, Quid Block, Sector E, commercial area facing Eiffel Tower.


Contact number: