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Pizza Hub Is Closed

Recetly we’ve updated that pizza X was closed. Now there is another pizza shop by the name of Pizza hub has been closed few days back. It was located at sector C near main boulevard. When I talked to one of the person who was there he told me that it is permanently closed. The main resaon of its closing is that its location wasn’t suitbale for them. Secondly, they have opened another restaurant in Bahria town.


Pizzaria has opened by the same management of Pizza hub. All the pizza flavours and menu is same but they’ve changed its name and location. It is located in dubai tower sector C, commercial area.

Contact no:


Hamza Milk Farm

As per my opinion quality of milk is the most important thing in our daily necessities. We’ve mny choices for fresh milk in Bahria town. Adil milk shop, organic mart, Ujala milk etc are the few options that are better among others. Recently a new milk shop by the name pf Hamza milk farm has opened in Bahria town. Here are the few details about it.


Hamza milk farm isn’t just a dairy shop. They’re also offering ‘Halwa puri’ breakfast, Greek yogurt (first time in bahria town), desi ghee, Kheer and all kinds of fruit shakes. They claimed that all of their products are pure and organic. Free home delivery is also available for the residents of Bahria town.


Hamza dairy farm shop is located at tulip block commercial area 119-B sector C. Adjacent to 786 pan shop few minutes drive away from bahria gold and country club.

Rate list:

Milk 1 liter: Rs 100/-
Yogurt 1 kg: Rs 100/-
Desi ghee 1 kg: Rs 1000/-
Kheer: Rs 400/-
Butter: Rs 500/-
Lassi: Rs 60/-
Greek yogurt: Rs 140/-
Shakes: Rs 90/-

Contact no:


The Grill Spot

I always prefer burgers on any other food options l’ve near to me. A specified burger shop is always much needed thing. We’ve many eatout places in Bahria town for a good burger. For any local chain it is hard to compete with other international chains in any town. But we could experience that many local chains are setting up in Bahria town. A burger isn’t just a burger, its the stuff and filling we’ve got in it and the grill spot is one of the option to satisfy it. The Grill spot has opened in Bahria town few days ago before Eid. Its first branch is located at MM Alam road and now its second branch is in Bahria town. I’ve tried their burger from its first branch and my experience was sufficiently adequate. Prices are also reasonable, as per my opnion the grill spot is better than among other options. Moreover, they’re not just selling burgers but there are other foods are also included in its menu.

Discount offer:

Due to its grand opening in Bahria town on friday they’re offering 20% discount. This discoint offer is valid for only 7 days.


The grill spot first branch is located at Al-Gafeez tower MM Alam road. And now first branch is located at Shop G-4 sector C commercial area near to Talwar chowk.


12:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Contact no: 0320-4008220

Bakers Ville Opening Tomorrow

We’re now going to stumbled by another bakery in Bahria town. Few days ago we updated about the new bakery will going to open in Bahria town- Bakers ville. If you’re in Bahria town you would have seen many advertisement boards in town about the opening of Bakers ville. When they started their work about 2 months ago, one of the guy told me that they’re trying hard to open it before Eid. And now they did it. All the renovation work has been completed, machinery is installed and they’re ready to serve from tomorrow onwards.


Bakersville is of a kind bakery that would serve live baking. It will now be opened tomorrow i.e 24th June. The opening cermony of this bakey will take place after 8:00 PM. Moreover, they haven’t decided yet about any discounts at opening. They might  arrange discount in following days keeping in view the response of customers. We will further update you about all the products, their taste and our experience with this bakey.


Bakers ville in Bahria town is located at main boulevard sector C. Few minutes drive away fron Talwar chowk and Grand Jamya Masjid. And also near to Jamin Java cafe.

Contact no:

Ramadan Deals Brussels Cafe & Grill

Brussels cafe & grill restaurant was open more than a month ago. It is located at sector C, commercial zone 114-B. To check details about this restaurant click here.

Here are the details of Ramadan deals offering bt brussels cafe & grill.

Deal 1:

4 choice of burgers.
6 pcs nuggets
4 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1499/-

Deal 2:

2 choice of burgers
2 fries
1 drink. Rs: 699/-

Deal 3:

1 Large pizza
1 pasta
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1199/-

Deal 4:

1 medium pizza
2 grilled chicken wraps
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 5:

1 medium pizza
1 choice of burger
1 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999

Deal 6:

1 large pizza
2 choice of burgers
1 pasta or lasagna
1 grilled chicken wrap
1 1.5LTR coke. Rs 1999/-

Deal 7:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 fries
1 coke. Rs 499/-

Deal 8:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 classic zingers
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 9:

1 sandwich
1 pasta or lasagna
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. 899/-

Deal 10:

2 medium pizzas
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 1249/-

Deal 11:

9 pcs fried chicken.
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 799/-

Deal 12:

10 pcs grilled strips.
10 pcs chicken strips.
1 family size fries.
1 500ml drink. Rs 649/-

Deal 13:

1 clssic zinger burger.
1 fries.
1 fried chicken piece.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

Deal 14:

1 personal pizza.
1 drink. Rs 299/-

Deal 15:

1 choice of burger.
1 fries.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

To check other Ramadan deals in Bahria town go to this link.

Stop N Watch Bar BQ, Pizza & Shawrmaa

In Bahria town there are many fast food international and local chains are present. Some of them are shut down in past. Besides that due to its swift growth many of the food chains are willing to establish their branches in future. We observed that on regular basis and after short interval of the time many restuarants are opening. To check all the eat out places in Bahira town click here.


There is another fast food restaurant by the name is Stop n Watch which is about to open in Bahria rown. This restaurant is owned by Shop n watch Bakers and super mart. It will serve Pizza, Bar BQ,shawrma and burgers.


Stop N Watch is located at main road AA block sector D. Adjacent to Stop N Watch bakers & sweets.

When to open:

As it can seen in above picture all the work is complete now. And when I asked them when your restaurant will start they told me that it will require 2 or 3 days more to fully active. There is no plan for any promotion and discounts for customers yet. But they will provide free home delivery in all over Bahria town.

For more details:


The Fine Eatery Opening Shortly

The fine eatery restaurant will be going to open soon. There is no exact date publicized yet when this restaurant will be active. Moreover, outer look is completed and almost all finishing work is just around the corner. One the guy who was working there told me that this restaurant will be active during Ramadan and before eid. This restaurant  will serve all kinds of food, Desi, Fast food, Italian and chineese.


We already have many restaurants in sector C. Now, the fine eatery is also located tulip block sector C near grand jamaya mosque.

Note: All the contact details are added in telephone directory. For more details go to this link.

Brussels Cafe & Grill

Restaurants business are very fetching and easy to run in Pakistan especially in Lahore. Because everyone knows that Lahore is famous for its foods and taste. Good Restaurants are the chiefs in the development of any housing society. If we have numerous options within the town than we don’t have to go far-off to dine out. There are many major points for any new restaurant for its success like its location, its ambience and most importantly quality and taste. Exceptional taste is the most important ingredient to attract the customers and to make it profitable.

Well, In bahria town we’ve seen many cool openings in past few months. We have now multiple local and international eat out places in bahria town. Recently, Yasir Broast, Cafe lighthouse, honey Beans, Croasta 11 etc are opened. In past we had least options for dining. But now there’re several options and we’re expecting more to come in future too. So, here is another choice  for us in Bahria town, Brussles cafe & grill. This restaurant was opened approximately 2 weeks ago. They have Pizzas, wraps, burgers, pasta, grilled chicken, desserts,  shakes and stuffed chicken etc are included  in its menu. When, I talked to the restaurant  manager he claimed that its a local chain but the ingredients they’re using in their  dishes  are totally imported.

Discount offer:

At the time of opening they were offering 20% flat discount for one week. Now there is no such rebate. But only 10% discount is still available for stundents by showing their student ID. 


Not every available location is good for any restaurant. Location always matters the most to get positive response from the customers and a key component for its success. Brussels cafe & grill restaurant is located at sector C commercial zone few minutes drive away from Talwar chowk and also near to Bahria country club.

In my point of view good restaurants are as important as other utility facilities in any housing society. We  now have plenty of choices in Bahria Town. Well, i haven’t tried this new one but i’ll give it a try soon. If we talked about its looks, the outer look is average and the inner sitting area isn’t so wide and large as you can see in above picture. They have outside sitting arrangement and a parking area in front of the restaurant too.

Ramadan Deals & Offers

Finally, In Pakistan we have our first fast tomorrow. Ramadan is the month in which blessings and mercy of Allah descend upon us continuously. And its a best month among other months because we will have countless blessings through out this month. It is the month of patience, goodwill and obligations. So, we wish you a happy Ramadan, we pray that may this month chase away all of your depression and misery out of you. Happy Ramadan!
“O you who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, so that you may develop Taqwa”

Well today, I would like to share about all Sehri and Aftar menues of different eat out places located in Bahria town. As it seems and observed that we mostly prefer to stay home with our family for iftar and seher in start of Ramadan because it is definately more comfortable than any other option. While some of us relished to break their fast in different restaurants. For those here are the deals and offers for Ramadan mentioned below to find out best places.

Seher & Iftar Offers:

Triple Delight:
any three  6-inch Subs + 3 Drinks = Rs 850
Offer Valid till 5pm to 8pm.
Double the Offer: 
Buy any 6-inch sub and get one free.
Valid from 11pm till sehri.
Light House Cafe.

Special Iftar & Dinner Buffet.
Rs 1195/-.

Get’s Grill.

Aftari Deals : 
2 Large Pizzas and 1.5 LTR Drink= Rs 1250/-
2 Small Pizzas and 500ml Drink= Rs400/-
1 Sp Burger=1 Fried chicken and Drink= Rs 300/-
1 Sp Sandwich+1 Shwarma and Drink=Rs 250/-

Sehri Deal : 
Small Pizza 1 Drink= Rs 150/-
2 Paratha Roll 1 Drink=Rs 200/-
1 Sp Sandwich 1 Shwarma 1 Drink= Rs 250/-


Sehri : 
1 Medium Pizza+ Cinnasticks+ 2 345ml Drink= Rs 849/-

1 Large Pizza+ 1.75 LTR Drink+ Lava Cake or Potato wedges= Rs 1199/-

Timmy’s :

2 Clucker Burgers
2 Thrill of the Grills
4 Reg Drinks
1 Bazooka Sauce. = Rs 1199+ taxes.

3 Pcs Chicken Wings
3 Ocs Onion Rings
1 Reg Drink
2 Pcs Pizza Roll
1 Garlic Mayo Dip1= Rs Rs 345+taxes.

1 Large Pizza
4 Pcs Garlic Cheese Bread
1 Potion Potato Wedges
2 garlic mayo dips
1 Pitcher of Coke. = Rs 1199/- + Taxes.


2 Zinger Burgers.
2 value burgers.
4 Chicken Pcs.
2 Dinner Rolls.
2.25 LTR Drink.
4 Flavored Milk.
4 Samosas.
1 Lays Party Pack = Rs 1495/-

Deal 2:

4 zonger burgers. 4 pcs chicken. 2.25 Ltr pepsi. 2 dinner rolls. 1 lays party pack. 4 samsos. 4 flavoured milk.  Rs 1695/-


Sehri Sandwich Feast: Rs 990/-
Sehri Burger Feast: Rs 990/-

20 Drumsticks: Rs 1990/-
10 Drumsticks: Rs 1190/-
Iftar Sharing Feast: Rs 990/-

Note: More Ramadan deals will be update soon.


Dixy Chicken is Closed

Some History:

Those Muslims  who are living abroad the  major hurdle they face is that they couldn’t easily get halal food economically so in response to that Dixy chicken Uk’s no 1 halal food was first established by two british Pakistani’s to provide healthy and halal fast food products. They have 110 branches in Uk and also more than 150 branches worldwide. Dixy Chicken offers Pizza, Burgers, Dessets, Sides and Wraps.

But today while en route to the sector c commercial area i got to know that Dixy chicken  is closed now. I once tried their Peri Peri Chicken and also Jalapeno Burger more than a month ago. Taste was quite good and unique the sauces they were using in their products was import from UK. Prices were also reasonable and quality was also better.

Might be a reason:

Their another branch in Faisal town near Akbar chowk is still active and seems in a positive running position so i called to the number they had provided for home delivery in Bahria town which was also unfortunately switched off.  So the reason is obvious that they hadn’t get positive response and didn’t secure their place in market and eventually wiped out dartly from Bahria town Market.

Its not happening for the first time many other local and international brands in past also faced unwanted closure from Bahria town, Bagel Bar and Papa Rotti etc are the examples and now Dixy Chicken. I think about that to secure the market of Bahria town more consistency, quality, door to door awareness of products, location, value proposition and for sure strong advertisement has been required becuase i hardly heard about Dixy chicken from any person in Bahria town. Well Goodluck for them for its future in Lahore.