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Fresh Fruitly Juice

Summers has end now, but the longing for fresh juices and shakes will never end. And the health benefits of fresh jucies are evident, if they are away from any mixing and artificial flavours. Well, we have many options for fresh juices, smoothies and shakes now. But more precisely Ice-land somehow changed the concept of typical way of jucies and it is one of the longest chain in Lahore. Recently one of the Ice-land outlet has also opened in Bahria Town. There are also other few juice shops are opened in town before Ice-land. And most of the shops in Bahria Town have already been following Ice-land, like Ice-fresh, Ice-blend, Ice-chill and Ice-food etc. For all the names of these juice shops, you can have a look in our telephone directory.


Keeping this up with these juice shops in Bahria Town, a new shop by the name of ‘Fresh Fruitly Juice’ is going to open soon. Alongside juices, they will sell Shakes, Ice-cream and all kinds of Chats. I took this picture about two days ago, and they have set all the sittings, machines and counters to make a start. So, might be it will open in a day or two. I will update here about it again with more details after visiting it.



Freshly Fruity Jucie, in Bahria Town is located at ground floor, Taimoor Heights Quid block, facing Eiffle Tower sector E. Adjacent to Fri-Chicks.


Grato Jalaibi

It is quite hard to find a quality and pure sweet Jalaibi and there was not a single shop for Jalaibi in Bahria Town. But, now you have the option to have crispy and warm Jalaibi. Because, ‘Grato Jalaibi’ has opened in Bahria Town, about week ago. The person out there claimed that, it is the Lahore’s famous Grato Jalaibi branch, which is located at Gulberg and DHA. They have secured some space at Fish Corner shop yet. Along with Jalaibi , they are also selling ‘Chicken Samosa’ and free home delivery is also available within Bahria Town.


Rs 300/- Per Kg.


Grato Jalaibi in Bahria Town is located at Fish Corner, 32-A, commercial area near Clock Chowk. Adjacent to main road and few minutes drive away from Eiffle Tower.


For Home Delivery:

Fri-Chicks Shifted Again

It is the second time for Fri-Chicks, they moved again at another location within the Bahria Town. It first opened in Bahria Town about three years ago, and within three years they have already changed three different locations.

First location:

In 2014, Fri-Chicks opened its first branch in Umer Block main road, commercial area, near second entrance of Safari Villas.

Second location:

In start of this year, they moved to the second location, at sector E, facing Eiffle Tower.

Current location:

Fri-Chicks is still facing Eiffle Tower and located at Quid Block, Sector E. But now they shifted to two buildings before the previous one.

Fri-Chicks changed its first location from Umer Block to Sector E, due to failing enough customer’s attraction. The reason of again changing its location is the settlement and rent issues with the building owner.


Zest Restaurant Second Branch

Zest Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurant in Bahri Town, that is still serving to the residents. Other than that, they are also offering event management and catering services within Bahria Town and other surrounding areas. It is located at 198-B, Sector C commercial zone. They have all kinds of Desi, Fast food and Chinese cuisines in their menu. To check all eat-out places in Bahria Town click here.


Now Zest restaurant is going to open its second branch within Bahria Town. As it can be seen in the above picture, they are going to open it by the name of ‘Zest 2’. All of its products are same as branch 1. Almost all the interior, exterior work has completed. It will not take more than 1 or 2 days to finally open it again. Furthermore, they have no plans to offer any discounts yet at the time of opening.



Zest 2 restaurant is located at 32-C, Side B commercial zone sector C. It is adjacent to Sunmit Bank, near to Briyani Master and opposite to Bin Bakar Electronics.


For more details:
‭0306 8967672‬
‭0331 3766564‬

Foodaholic Student Discount

Foodaholic restaurant in Bahria Town was opened about 2 months ago. They are offering all kinds of desi and fast food items with very reasonable prices. I have updated here about this restaurant when it was opened, you will also find there its complete menu. To check these details click here.


Foodaholic has another discount offer for the students of BeaconHouse National University. As we all know that BNU is located near to Bahria Town only 5 minutes drive away from town. When you take the exit from Nargis block, you will find this university on your way towards Raiwind road. Foodaholic is now offering flat 15% discount on its entire menu for the students of BNU. It is simple to avail this offer, students just have to show their student cards and they can get 15% discount.



Foodaholic restaurant is located at Sector C, 91-B tulip block commercial area near to The Great Mall and adjacent to Cosmo derma clinic.


Timings: 1:00 pm to 1:00 am.

For more details: 0324-7580857

Crosta 11 Barbecue

Winters are now here and there are many things we always wanted to have in winters. Well, one of them is grilled food, that is always an essential thing that we need in every season. But ultimately in winters, the consumption and craving for grilled food increases. Many Barbecue enthusiasts still struggling to find a right place where they can get perfect grilled and mouth-watering Barbecue. For Barbecue, it is hard to find perfect combination of marination, perfectly cooked internally & externally, and most importantly it should be hygienic. Well, there are many options for Barbecue in Bahria Town but only few of them are satisfying. Almost every restaurant have Barbecue items on their menu along with other foods, but not all have the ideal and exquisite taste for our buds. I haven’t tried all of the Barbecue options in Town, but here are the review of one of them which I recently tried and that are quite satisfying and good value for money so far.


Crosta 11 Barbecue:

If you’re a Barbecue lover and still haven’t find a true Barbecue spot, then Crosta 11 is one of the option for you in Bahria Town. Crosta 11 was opened in Bahria Town this year, few months ago. They have put much more effort to make it different from other restaurants in town. Somehow they’ve manage to give much needed services, taste and best possible ambience for the residents. Recently, Crosta 11 also gave flat 20% discount on whole pizza menu. Few days back I went to Crosta 11 and tried its Barbecue. It has the complete range of Barbecue food including Chicken tikka, Malai Boti, Seekh Kabab, Reshmi Kabab, Fish kabab and Fish tikka.


Personal Experience:

My experience of Barbecue out there was perfectly up-to the mark.Because, first of all, the taste of all its products is fresh, well cooked, and the spices are balanced. They aren’t much spicy but if you want to have maximum piquancy then you’ve the option to get topped up more ‘Masala’ later. Their Rashmi Kabab, Chicken Tikka and Fish tikka are flavrous as compare to their ‘Malai Boti’ which isn’t much delicious as it should be more soft and juicy. Most importantly, any Barbecue without pure ‘Mint Raita’ and special ‘Sauces’ is totally waste. No matter how good the taste is, without these two things you won’t be satisfied. Moreover, their Mint Raita is fully healthy, in which you find small amount of tomatos, cucumber and black pepper. The yougurt they used in Mint Raita is totally pure without any addition of water. Secondly, they’ve two kinds of Sauces served with Barbecue with no extra charges. The dipping sweet and sour sauces of your choice are made with natural ingredients and it looked fresh. And how can I forget about their ‘Roghni Naan’?. It is much better than regular Naan and highly recommended rather than plain or simple Roti. Because their Naan are Crispy yet soft and makes ideal collaboration with Barbecue. I haven’t tried other Naans, they’ve also Kalvanji Naan, Garlic Naan, and plain Naan. The price of Roghni Naan is Rs 35/- and the price of Kalvanji Naan is Rs 40/-.


They have ample of indoor and outdoor sitting space, two things can make your Barbecure feast double, if the restaurant has rooftop and patio sitting plans in this winter. So for those who are looking forward to have a hot, fresh and warmer Barbecue with outdoor sitting then Crosta 11 is of the best options we’ve in Bahria Town. Cleanliness, overall atmosphere and services are appropriate and you’ll witness it on your visit. Here are the prices of its Barbecue mentioned below:



Chicken Seikh Kabab: Rs 600/-
Malayi Boti: Rs 700/-
Chicken Tikka: Rs 495/- *limited*
Fish Kabab: Rs 700/-
Fish tikka: Rs 800/-



Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C tulip block. Opposite to Bahria golf & country club. And also few minutes drive away from Grand Jamya mosque and Gulf centre.


Due to some reason I was unable to take the pictures of the food and everything. But from now onwards I will make sure to capture everything perfectly to share it here. Now if you have not tried this place yet than you should make a visit. Share your reviews about it and other Barbecue experiences below in comment section.


For more details & orders:


World Sandwich Day By Subway

Subway Pakistan is celebrating World sandwich day on 3rd November. Due to this, they’re offering buy one get one free offer on all subs, you can buy any sub and get one extra sub free of cost, of your own choice. There is no hidden charges or terms & conditions, this offer is valid only for one day.

One of the Subway branch is also located at Bahria Town. It is located at food court sector B, Safari villas. The above offer will also be available at this branch. So its an overwhelming offer for those, who love to eat fresh & healthy subs and visit Subway frequently.

For more details: 042-35340831

Gloria Jeans Winter Offer

Gloria jeans Bahria Town branch is one of the oldest chain that is still serving for more than 3 years. Though, Gloria jeans has changed its location within town about 2 years ago and now it is located at 1-F, sector C, commercial zone at talwar chowk opposite to Metro heights. For now, Gloria jeans Bahria Town branch has showed up another winter offer for the residents. This offer starts from today and will be valid till Tuesday, 31st Oct. In this winter offer, Gloria jeans now offers flat 20% discount on all coffees and 50% discount on their live kitchen. In live kitchen, Pizza, burgers and grilled sandwiches are included. They’ve also started 50% discount bonus coupons in Rs 500/-. You can get these coupons at their branch or you can call them to deliver to your door step. Here are the details of discount coupon:

For more datails:

Chick n Chilli

There are many fast food restaurants that are serving in Bahria Town including international and local chains. A complete list of all restaurants names, contact numbers and addresses are also available in our telephone directory. As we all know that many restaurants  have quit serving from Bahria Town. But, at the same time new openings are also growing. So, there is another new fast food restaurant ‘Chick n Chilli’ has opened its door in Bahria Town. It is now officially opened today in sector D. They have all kinds of fast food items in its Menu, you can find its Menu below the post. Restaurant has both, inside and outside sitting arrangements. Beside this, free home delivery is also available within the Bahria Town.

Discount offer:

Today is the first day of its opening and this restaurant is now offering flat 25% discount for one week.


‘Chick n Chilli’ is located at main road, 11 block CC Sector D. It is few steps away from McDonald and also adjacent to Ice Curl. Due to its location and near to McDonald I think it will be difficult for them to grab more customer’s attention. Because, McDonald itself is evidently one of the most prominent name in fast food chains. But, I hope that they will lock its place and business in the market despite of McDonald near to it.


For more details:

Recent Knock Outs

Few days back I updated here about the recent closures of different restaurants from Bahria Town. I do not want to purposely write about these closures oftenly. Because, somehow these quiting aren’t suppose to be positive no matter how fast the new openings are in town. Well, not only restaurants but many other brands and other shops have closed recently. The Grill spot, Cafe foodie crush, Hush puppies, Dixy chicken, Pizza Clock, Pizza Hub, Pizza X, tobacco shops, boutiques etc are included in the list of closing. Many reasons and hurdles are involved for these names to be consistent to secure a place in Bahria Town’s market. Some may face location issues and some of them may not attract more customers to make their businesses in a running a position. Which ultimately leads them to shut it down permanently or to change its location or moved them outside from Bahria Town.

Well, to keep everyone updated, there are now few more restaurants that has closed. You can also check recent closings in Bahria Town by go to this link. Here are the names which are closed momentarily & permanently.

Illusion Bar & Lounge:

Illusion Bar & lounge was located 21 first floor, Quid commercial area, sector E facing Eiffel tower. Its been more than 2 weeks, Illusion bar & lounge is closed now. Moreover, they’re now planing to re-open it soon outside from the Bahria town. But there is no exact place and date mentioned yet when they will re-open it.

Brussels Cafe & Grill:

Brussels Cafe & Grill was opened this year at sector C, commercial area near to Bahria golf and country club. It is also closed now and they already re-open it at a new location of Iqbal town. It is now active at Kareem block. But it isn’t permanently closed from Bahria Town, because they’re looking for a suitable location near Talwar chowk. When they will find the place near to Talwar chowk it will re-open.


Fri-Chicks has many branches in all over Lahore and also in few other cities. In Bahria Town,  It first opened at Umer block near Safari villas. Few months back it was closed and they came up again with a new location. It was re-open 3 months back at Sector E commercial zone facing Eiffel tower. Unfortunately, it is again closed permanently and I believe that they will not going to re-open it.