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Foodaholic Is Closed


It is always disappointing to write about the closings and discontinuing of every single business in Bahria Town. Because it has become a ritual now, almost every month I have to write about unfortunate quitting. Once again, while en route to Tulip block, I’ve come across to another closing that is Foodaholic.


It was located at 91-B, Tulip Block, Sector C, commercial zone. It was opened in Bahria Town in September last year. Unfortunately, right after three months it wiped out from the market. Well, they do not have any further plan to change its location or to re-open it near future.

Bahria Bazar

Bahria town have a significant number of departmental stores and other online options, almsot 30 stores are currently active. Most of them are absolute shopping malls with a comprehensive range of each category of grocery, garments, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, fruits & vegetable etc. Certainly each departmental store offer much-needed service of free home delivery for the residents. I’ve also compiled the complete list of all departmental stores, numbers, and addresses at one click in the telephone directory.


Bahria Bazar.

However, despite these ample of options, another online departmental store will be launched soon by the name of Bahria Bazar. Bahria Bazar would be a specific option only for Bahria Town’s residents. You can buy grocery, clothes, fruits & vegetable, stationary, accessories and many other products. Though we’ve already similar options to buy these things on a phone call, but they claimed that their core target is to provide each product at your doorstep at a cheaper rate as compare to market.


Well, for the time being, it is the only update about it, I do not have more information about this online store or  their way of selling, whether they will launch Bahria Bazar website, application or use other social media forums. I will update complete information here about Bahria Bazar after its launching.

Gold Spa & Fitness Club


Gold Spa & Fitness Club which is operational at Bahria Golf & Country Club, has now opened its membership for the residents. It has also introduced a seasonal package/special offer for new customers.


Special Offer:

Gold Spa & Fitness Club is giving free registration offer to first 20 customers only. Otherwise, registration charges are Rs. 2000/-. Along with 20 free registration, the seasonal package includes:


  • 5 personal training sessions are complimentary.
  • Free general training.
  • 10% discount on Country Club restaurant menu.



Gym or Pool: Rs 6,000/-
Gym with Pool: Rs 8,000/-
Personal Training Fee: Rs 15,000(45 minutes per day for 25 days).


Note: All the above charges are same for Male & Female.



Female Timings: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM(All week).
Male Timings: 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM.( All week).



You can get the registration forms by visiting Bahria Golf & Country Club, fill t up and submit there at Bahria Golf & Country club along with the registration fee.


For more details:
Address: Bahria Golf & Country Club, Sector C.
Tel: 042-35976149

Quality Fruit & Vegetable Shop

A new fruit & vegetable shop is open for business  in CC Block, one week ago by the name of ‘Quality Fruit & Vegetable Shop’. This shop is selling all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables at market rates and free home delivery is also available for the nearby residents. Similarly, Quality Meat & Vegetable shop is another option which is located near to Surahi Chowk, Overseas A, main road. So, both of the shops are easily approachable for sector D residents. To check other vegetable & fruit shops details in Bahria Town click here.



Quality Fruit & Vegetable shop is located at main road, Plaza 4, CC block Sector D adjacent to Ahmad mart.


For home delivery:
‭0313 0402915‬

Flat 10% At Prime Departmental Store

Prime departmental store is operational in Bahria Town from the month of July. It is located at tulip block, sector C, commercial zone near to Bahria Golf and Country Club. Last month they had set some promotions and discounts on different categories. Now again they are going to offer flat 10% discount for one week.  The 10% discount offer will start from 1st January and will end on 7th January, 2018.


For more details and free delivery:
‭0331 4203938‬

Keish— Where Elegance Meets Sassiness

Despite all good and bad experiences, online shopping trend became vogue within a short period of time. Because comparatively, it is one of the most convenient and easily accessible embark upon shopping especially for ladies. It is an observation that women of all ages, most likely prefer online shopping as compared to men. In short, the need for online shopping forums is equally important as other retail stores due to the positive demand for online shopping. Well, there are few options for ladies’ boutiques in Bahria Town that are operational. But still, these boutiques do not successfully fill the market gap to become exorbitant shopping venue for Bahria Town’s residents.


Keish- An Online Store:

Well, other than retail outlets, an online store by the name of ‘Keish-Where Elegance Meets Sassiness’ is also running and it is the only Bahria Town based online boutique so far. I believe that while shopping online everyone is way more concerned about the quality and satisfactoriness of stuff. The only paramount fear mostly shoppers face while shopping online is that whether one can get the same quality of the product or not, as shown in the pictures before placing an order. And it is quite risky and exasperating to judge the quality of any garment in just pictures. But, Keish has its own throne to provide both, first-grade fabric and impeccable service simultaneously. All of its dresses are made of pure and premium quality material. In addition, the detailing and tailoring of each suit are handled professionally, which you will witness after getting hands on it.


Keish claims to provide not only the premium quality of tailored fitted ensembles but also due time deliveries. They claim to never let you down to the time limits and every delivery will be in the due time.


Product Range & Types:

Keish— has a complete range of Formal, Semi-formal, and Casual dresses. A comprehensive variety of irresistible suits in vibrant colors, block printing, and interesting patterns are available for its customers. They are offering suits in:


  • Pure Silk.
  • Raw Silk.
  • Pure Chiffon.
  • Velvet.
  • Kataan Silk.
  • Pure Organza & Lawn.
  • Khadi Net & Cotton Net.


Here is the glimpse of some of its products. You can find out the complete range of dresses by visiting the official page of Keish.


Though you can hardly find any online shopping forum that gives you the absolute choice to customize your dress, Keish— being a woman’s personal atelier, you have the liberty to customize your dress according to your own selection of colors and fabric. They claim to provide state-of-the-art tailoring services and offer direct factory prices to their customers.


The titles of being the top notch and the promise to give care and attention to every detail has definitely set higher standards in the future business deals in the town.


Note: For the time being, the stitching service is only available for Overseas customers.


Special Discount:

As I mentioned earlier, Keish—is a Bahria Town based online boutique. So as a token of goodwill and benevolence, Keish is offering a special discount for the residents of Bahria Town, starting from Rs. 9,000/-, applicable on Rawsilk suits. And for others discounted price is Rs. 9,500/-. Moreover, free home delivery is available for Bahria Town residents.


For More Information & Orders:

Contact no: 0322-7002333


Fentezo Cash & Carry

Few days back, I saw the coming soon banner in front of Shoprite departmental store. I thought that one more departmental is going to open,or may be Shoprite is planing to open its another branch in Bahria Town. But, all my assumptions were wrong when I got to know that Shoprite’s owner has sold out the departmental store. So, the departmental store is same but the name and the management of Shoprite has changed now. The official re-opening with the new name by ‘Fentezo Cash & Carry’ was held two days ago.


With a new name of Shop-rite, Fentezo Cash & Carry, is located at sector C, commercial zone near to girls hostel and opposite to Metro Shoes.

Replicas In Bahria Town

It is justly obvious that Bahria Town has changed the way of living and transformed the lifestyle in Pakistan by providing state of the art and world-class facilities. It has encompassed everything that give a complete eminence living. Certainly, strong security system, load-shedding free community and recreational facilities, are the most noticeable and appealing features of Bahria Town. Without any incertitude, these things have attracted so many people to live and become the part of this idiosyncratic housing scheme. Well, previously, I have written about the 8 Mosques of Bahria Town. Here are the Replicas & monuments in Bahria Town along with some basic details and pictures.


Other than all exclusive and standardize amenities, one of the most recognisable feature of the Bahria Town is the replicas of well-known places of different regions. Doubtlessly, these replicas and monuments are not just proud identity for the residents but it has been megnatizing many visitors everyday. These replicas and monuments can be found in each project of Bahria Town from Rawalpindi to Karachi. All of them will give you the glimpse of original ones and each replica is on the top of the list of most visited places of Bahria Town.


1. Eiffel Tower Sector E:

Eiffel Tower in Bahria Town is the most recognisable monument of Lahore and a mark in, it was opened for general public about two years ago in 2015 on new year’s night. There are 30 replicas of Eiffel tower around the world, and almost everyone knows about the fact that Eiffel Tower of Bahria Town Lahore is the third largest copy after Paris and China. The first and the original one of Paris has the height of 300 meters and the height of China’s Eiffel tower is 100 meters. Eiffel Tower of Bahria Town Lahore is 100 feet taller than Minar-e-Pakistan, with the height of 80 meters. It is surrounded by spacious park and symmetric tracks. On four sides of Eiffel Tower fountains have placed, though I haven’t seen them active yet. In night, it looks breathtaking and give you more mesmerising views.


Restaurants & Three Floors Of Eiffel Tower:

Eiffel Tower Bahria Town Lahore consist of three floors. The top floor of the tower is only dedicated for ‘Viewing Deck’ giving you the perfect experience of breathtaking views. The other two floors were used for fine dining, one was for restaurant and other was for coffee place.


Ticket Price:

Ticket price of the third floor is Rs 300/-. Previously, Rs 100/- was charged just to move up on first and second floor.


L’Eiffel Bistro & Cafe Is Closed:

L’Eiffel Bistro & Cafe, was located on Eiffel Tower but its been more than 6 months this restaurant has closed now. Bahria Town itself banned this restaurant, before that, fine was also imposed on them due to uncleanliness and hygienic issues. But, it is anticipated that, soon after one or two months another restaurant will open at Eiffel Tower. Still, it has three eatout places adjacent to parking area and two are located opposite to the Tower.

  • Shawarma Point/Tuck Shop.
  • O My Buns & Tutti Fruitti.
  • L ‘Eiffel Food Truck.
  • Fri-Chicks.
  • Fresh Fruilty Juice.



You can visit Eiffel Tower any time, but timing of lift is 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. On Saturday, 4:00 pm to till closing time, it is for only families. The above mentioned restaurants are also open in afternoon and close till 12:00 am.


Rest Rooms:

A large number of visitors came to Eiffel Tower from all sides of the city. For their convenience, Bahria Town has placed rest rooms for the visitors on one side of the Tower separatly. The manangement of these rest rooms isn’t in hands of Bahria Town, it is managed by a private contractor, they are charging some little amount on usage.


New Year Fireworks At Eiffel Tower:

In previous two years Bahria Town has arranged fireworks on new year night. Hundreds of people had gathered to witness the Eiffel Tower’s Fireworks. To continue this tradition, Bahria Town have also planned to arrange fireworks on 31st December this year. The event will be held in three cities, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Karachi Bahria Town. It will start on 8:30 pm and will end on 1:300 am. Only families are allowed and there is no liability to have a ticket or pass. Entry is free of cost for this fireworks event.


2. Trafalgar Square Sector B:

Original Trafalgar Square is located at charing cross road, Westminster Central London. It was built in 18th centuary, to pay tribute for the Battle of Trafalgar. It is also well-known for public gatherings and annual celebrations.


Well, In Bahria Town the reminiscent of Trafalgar Square London, is located at Sector B, safari villas and it is one of the must visit places of Bahria Town. Trafalgar Square connected with Safari villas through a walkway. Most of the visitors does not know about the Trafalgar Sqaure other than Eiffel Tower and Grand Jamya Mosque. That is why, it seems less crowded. It is evident that this beautifully constructed Trafalgar Square make Safari Villas more attractive and become the identity of it.


Trafalgar Square In Karachi:

The gigantic and outspread masterpiece Trafalagar Sqaure has been built in Karachi’s Bahria Town. Its been more than a year Trafalgar Square has opened for general public and already turn out to be one of the most visited place in Karachi.


3. Pyramids, Ahram-e-Misar:

Pyramids in Bahria Town, is of its own kind and straightforwardly a class over the rest. The concept is based on the civilization of eminent and ancient Egyptian. The whole architectural views of ‘Meadows’ throw back to the orginal Ahram-e-Misar of Egypt.


  1. The spacious parks has built on both Egyptian and Cambodia themes.
  2. In whole enclave structures of Sphinx and Cats in each street have placed.
  3. The themetic historic calligraphic and carving on walls make it more mesmerising and looked manifestly isolated.


4. Faysal Mosque, Quid House & Mazar-e-Quid:

The three above replicas are placed on canal road near to the main entrance of Bahria Town. Though, these replicas have no comparison with the ones mentioned above. But, whenever I pass through to canal road I have noticed that many visitors stop there to take pictures with these replicas. Each replica has the arresting recognition in Bahria Town for many visitors. Because, whenever any visitor came to Bahria Town for any specific place, ulitmately these replicas of some of the great monuments can be seen and surely catch the attention of almost everyone.


All of the monuments and replicas have proved its identity and significance in Lahore and Rawalpindi projects. But Karachi Bahria Town seems to be lead in future. Because, as I mentioned earlier, Trafalgar Square has already opened in Karachi. Furthermore, Karachi Bahria Town also have Statue of Liberty and Taj Mahal replicas.

Shades Beauty Salon & Institute

Shades Beauty Salon & Institute was opened week ago in Bahria Town. In this month, two ladies salons has opened, one is at Talwar chowk and this one is at Overseas A. It is offering all kinds of services including every type of make overs, Cutting, hair styling, manicure & pedicure. Due to its official opening, they have also reduced the prices. Shades beauty salon is owned by experienced Sanam Khan, she is also offering different courses of short and long duration for training on a reasonable prices. Click here, to check the complete list of ladies beauty salons, location and contact details.



Shades beauty salon and institute is located at main road, Overseas A. Adjacent to Hi-care pharmacy and near to Surahi Chowk.


For more details
‭0322 4289376‬

Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon

Chicago scissors in Overseas A, Am-pm Salon & Talent House, Cuts n Color in sector C, was opened in Bahria Town not long ago. All of these shops started functioning for its customers in the period of one month(October). The flow of these particular new openings of barber shops is still ongoing, because few days back another barber shop has opened in sector C. Now, with the addition of new barber shop and despite of few closing, there are still more than fifteen Barber shops are active.


Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon, is the new barber shop that has opened in about week ago. They are giving all kinds of services for men including, cutting, trimming, beards trimming, shaves, hair styling and shampooing.


Rs 200/- to 350/-


11:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Riwaj, A House Of Hair Saloon is located at 107-B sector C, commercial area and adjacent to Pick n Pay mart. Also, few minutes drove away from Bahria Golf & Country Club.


For more details: