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Rumors About Hyperstar

Hyperstar is the biggest shopping mall of Lahore. It is also present in other cities of Pakistan like in Karachi as well.

Hyperstar in Lahore start it’s first mall in Fortress Stadium. Further they plan to open more in Lahore. They have planned one in Emporium Shopping Mall (under construction) near to Expo Center, Wapda Town Lahore.

Now what I’m hearing from very positive resource that Hyperstar is coming to Bahria Town Lahore.


In Sector E, near to Bilawal House. Opposite of Bahria Homes. There is a constructed building with finishing works taking place right now. In Map this place is mentioned as ‘Mart International Chain’

Rumors are that this place will be going to become Hyperstar mart very soon. Let’s see when official news about this come out.

Dentists Arrived

Two dentists in Bahria Town started their clinic on same date i.e. February 1, 2015. Both are offering free dental check up and few other services free for some time. Find below details of each.

1. The Tooth Clinic:

Address: G-15, Eagle Mall, Sector B, Bahria Town Lahore

Phone# 0321-4966339, 0323-8448211

Free Offers Time:

Free Offers Include:

  • Check Up
  • Light Cure Filling
  • Extractions
  • Scaling with Root planning
  • Sedative Dressings

2. ADS; Azhar Dental Studio:

Address: Shop No G-2, IBL Plaza, Ghori block, Sector B, Bahria Town Lahore

Phone# 0345-2113306, 042-35340028

Free Offers Time: for First Month (5pm – 9pm)

Free Offers Include:

  • Consultancy
  • Filling
  • Scaling (Along with Treatment)

New Department of Traffic Control

Bahria Town has a team of security persons to whom they put at any place even at traffic controlling.

I’ve noticed a difference for couple of days that they have new department of traffic control. New persons standing at signals and squares. They are wearing new uniforms/jackets.

Did Bahria Town have divided already hired persons in different groups or hired some new one? Whatever the answer is, it’s a positive step. If Bahria Town have created a new department in their office then it will develop itself sooner or later.

Maintenance Charges From January 2015


Maintenance charges from 1st of January has changed, which means we’ll get our maintenance bill from this month with new tariff. New maintenance charges in Bahria Town Lahore is as follows:


  • Upto 5 Marla: Rs. 1,500/- per month
  • 10 Marla: Rs. 1,800/- per month
  • 1 Kanal: Rs. 2,500/- per month
  • 2 Kanal: Rs. 3,500/- per month
  • 4 Kanal and above: Rs. 5,000/- per month


  • Shops: Rs. 2,000/- per month
  • Plaza per floor: Rs. 3,500/- per month
  • Flats: Rs. 1,500/- per month
  • Hotels/Cinemas/Restaurants: Rs. 5,000/- per month
  • Banks: Rs. 8,000/- per month

Book Fair In Bahria Town Lahore


There are two locations of this book fair for Bahria Town residencies.

  1. In parking of zoo of Safari Villas. (for two weeks)
  2. Above Zakir Tikka, opposite to house of Mr. Malik Riaz. (for three months)

First location has a limited place and limited books. Whereas second place has more capacity of books.

Discount Offer:

They are offering 20% discount on written price of book.

Green Valley has a book shop which sells the book at it’s actual price. So according to that it’s a good discount.

But if we look it as a book fair, then I believe, there should be more discount on books prices.

Easy Mart A New Departmental Store


A new small size departmental store is opened with the name of Easy Mart in Jasmine Mall, Sector C commercial zone, Bahria Town Lahore. Al-Bake is a famous general store in Bahria Town which is now shifted in Easy Mart.

I’ve given them a visit but didn’t find any enormous difference as compare to Al-Bake. Area is bigger but it seems that they have same stock as they have in Al-Bake. But this is the current situation of Easy Mart and they are putting more stock in the store.

Special Offer:

Bread and Beyond is giving 20% off in Easy Mart but I didn’t get it that for how long. If you came to Bahria Town Lahore then you have noticed the road hoardings with 20% discount.

Let’s see how this mart turn out to be… I’ll update about it later as well.

Meezan Bank Opening Soon

Meezan Bank Ltd. is a pioneer and only complete Islamic bank in Pakistan. Meezan Bank is not only attracting clients because of Islamic perspective but providing extra ordinary services as well.

I’ve a account in Meezan Bank and I know how comfortable it is. They give you a true meaning of online banking whereas other banks limit you at that point. Beside my satisfaction, Meezan Bank Ltd. is the fastest growing bank in Pakistan.

Recently Meezan Bank started their branch at Shahkam chowk. But I’ve told the Meezan Bank employees that Bahria Town is not such a place that people will go out of the society to open an account over there. If you need to attract the clients of Bahria Town Lahore then you need to come inside the society.

Now Meezan Bank Ltd. is starting a branch inside Bahria Town Lahore. They have rented out the place and preparing themselves to become operational.


It is on main boulevard B-side Sector C commercial zone, opposite of Grand Jamia Masjid Bahria Town Lahore.

Shahkam chowk branch intake is that Bahria Town branch will become operational in next two months.

Peacock Changed At Mor Chowk

Mor-chowk-bahria-town-lahoreI believe Bahria Town Lahore has a department which seek continuously about increasing the beauty of the society. Every thing is going fine, no one bothers about such things and suddenly we saw some labor work at site. After some time it brings a good change at that site, new model installed, or made the old one better. Why this, no one needs it, it was already beautiful, but maybe Bahria Town don’t want to stuck on beautiful, maybe they want to deliver more. Maybe they don’t want to just satisfy their residencies but make them delighted.

Here in Bahria Town Lahore we have famous square with the name of ‘Mor Chowk’ Mor is a peacock which is placed at that square. But that peacock was small in size. Now Bahria Town has replaced it with the new one, which is of course big in size, easily view-able and certainly more beautiful.


Havoline Xpress Lube Opening Soon

Havoline xpress lube is a Caltex company project. It is a car and motorbike oil changing place. They have Caltex mobil oils and Caltex give franchise of this Havoline Xpress lube.

Location: It is located in front of Malik Riaz’s house at one side of Zakir Tikka. This place is not a part of Bahria Town but shops over there serve the residencies of Bahria Town mostly.

So soon we’ll have a good oil change option in Bahria Town Lahore.