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FitnessPro Academy

If you’re bone-tired to maintain a healthy life and ready to drop your unhealthy eating patterns then here is the option for you which is FitnessPro Academy, owned and managed by Mudeser Ali. A specialist in exercise, fitness nutrition, master coach, and a nutritionist at Omer hospital. Whether you’re underweight or obese, in both situations he will help you out to lose weight or how to gain muscle weight and provide you with the best way to eat. 


It’s the third branch of FitnessPro academy in Bahria Town. The first and second branch has been operational in DHA Phase-4, DD Block, and DHA Phase-6. Through FitnessPro Academy, you can get an online coaching program of different durations and for this, you have to register yourself by visiting the academy or simply contacting them on phone. 


FitnessPro Academy has also offering Nutrition Certification Program for all those who are the nutritionist, dietitians, and fitness professionals. The duration of this course in Bahria Town is 2 months, classes will be held 2 days per week Friday & Saturday. The charges are Rs. 3500/- for a full course. You can contact them for more details and for registration in this course. They charge Rs 500/- for an appointment in Town and the consultation duration is 30 to 45 minutes. 



FitnessPro Academy is located at Tulip Extension Block, Sector C. Near to Bahria Golf & Country Club, adjacent to Metro Gulf Centre and opposite to Bahria Grand Mosque.


For more details and appointments:


Phoenix Academy & Tutors

Apparently, it is easy to judge a school by their annual exam results but actually being a parent it is one of the toughest decisions you will ever make is to decide which school you chose for your kids. In Bahria Town, we’ve almost all prominent schools. If you’re still confused which school is best for your kid within the Bahria Town then you can ask Mr.Nabeel by commenting on the I Wanna Know section. 


Apart from schools, there are a bunch of academics that are operational in Town at different locations and it is hard to judge them as compared to schools. Initially, while visiting these academies you can only get a quick sense of their environment and studies. Well, in telephone directory the contact details of each academy are available and do share your experiences regarding these academies if you have any. 


Here is another addition to the list of academies by the name of Phoenix Academy & Tutors. It was opened in Bahria town more than a month ago. Play-group to matric, O-level & A-level,, F.A and F.Sc classes are available. They will also help you out in the preparation of entry test for Arts colleges. Ielts and Spoken English classes are also available. Moreover, the academy has recently started summer splash in which they’re offering swimming, self-defense training, gymnastics, arts & crafts, indoor and outdoor activities etc. I think the dealing of registration in summer splash has gone but you can contact them if it is still available or not. The contact details are mentioned below for further details. 



Phoenix Academy & Tutors is located at 70- Commercial Area, Main road, Umer Block, Sector C. Next to SLC Academy. 


Contact numbers:



Sam’s Mart Is Shifted

Here is the short update for the residents of Sector D and Overseas A that another departmental store, Sam’s Mart has opened at Overseas A. Well, it is not a new store in Town, they just quit the previous location and moved to a new one. It first opened in October last year at 195-B, Jasmine Block. When I saw it as I thought it’s a second branch of it but I confirmed this by contacting them. Here is the new location of Sam’s Mart.


It is now located at Overseas-A, near to Surahi Chowk, adjacent to Diamond Shine laundry and opposite to Brighto Paints. 


For more details & delivery:

0316 7420908

Locksmith By Nokaronline

A short time ago, I just visited the official page of Nokaronline and got to know that they’ve recently started another much-needed service of Locksmith. Though there isn’t any locksmith within the territory of Bahria Town, you can find them in the surrounding areas specifically at Jalynana and Shahkam Chowk. We’ve also listed a few names of locksmiths in the telephone directory. You can contact them in case of any unexpected situation but I doubt one thing that they may not respond to you in mid-night hours.


Well, Nokaronline offering all kinds of services of Lock Master that will be available 24/7. So, call them anytime when you’re locked out or can’t get in your house due to any reason. Here are the numbers mentioned below to contact them:






Live Streaming Fifa Final Match

After a month of battling, the Fifa World Cup 2018 is nearly at an end and now the final clash has arrived. So, if you’re planning to watch Fifa-2018 final clash between France & Croatia with your mates and famaily then CineGold Plex Bahria Town(Sector-F) has arranged live streaming on their screens. They’ve introduced an offer for the viewers which is:


Fifa Offer:

The screening of final match will be on Red lounge. Though the price for Red lounge is Rs. 700/- but for final match you can get the ticket in Rs 600/- which includes a popcorn and a drink too.(terms & conditons applied). The match will start on 8:00 PM, 15th July. 


For more details:

042 35467193

Afsana’s Beauty Salon

Here is a quick update of another beauty salon that has recently added to the list of ladies salons in Bahria Town. Not long ago, Fashion-City Spa & Salon, Smart Look, and Rimel’s beauty salon were opened and its the fourth one in a duration of almost one month by the name of Afsana’s Beauty Salon. 


Afsana’s beauty salon due to its official opening in Bahria Town on 26th June, offering up to 50% discount on all beauty treatments and services. This discount offer is valid for 30 days, so you still have more than 10 days to avail this offer by scheduling your appointment. For more details about the packages and discounted treatments visit their Facebook page. 



It is located at 125-B, Second Floor, Kakyzai Centre, Sector C, Commercial zone. Near to Girls hostel and next to Stylex. 



Opening time: 9:00 AM.

Closing time: 11:00 PM.


Contact number:


KaamLow Services

We already know about the several online services and online departmental stores that are providing daily necessities at our doorstep. Comparatively, among the available options, Nokaronline is one of the prominent names that has been offering all kinds of home maintenance services, grocery items, car wash service, dairy products, fruits and vegetable etc on phone call. Likewise, KaamLow Services is another option for the residents in Bahria Town. They started their services in Bahria Town a few months back and already operational in Valencia and Wapda Town. Here is the list of services by KaamLow:


  • Electrician Services.
  • Plumber Services.
  • Gardner Services.
  • Beautician Services.
  • Mobile Car Wash.
  • Maid Services.
  • Tutor on call.
  • Doctor & Driver on call.


To get all the above services on a monthly basis KaamLow Services have three different membership options including Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The prices and number of services are different in each package. 


Bronze Member Services: Price Rs 3,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.


Silver Member Services: Price Rs 8,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.
  5. Maid Services.
  6. Mobile Car Wash.


Gold Member Services: Price Rs 16,000/-

  1. Gardener.
  2. Electrician.
  3. Plumber.
  4. Beautician.
  5. Tutor.
  6. Doctor.
  7. Driver. 
  8. Maid Services.
  9. Mobile Car Wash.


Office Address: 199-A, Sector C, Commercial Zone, a few minutes drive away from Talwar Chowk and near to sabbay beauty salon & training institute.



Opening time: 9:00 AM.

Closing time: 5:00 PM.


Contact number:


Al-Baik Is Closed

Walking away from a business is not an easy task,  especially when the business is only a few days or months old. The new openings always seem fascinating but eventually, continuousness and consistency of these openings in Bahria Town is a pure fatigue. 


Well, in Town the quitting and shut down of any kind of business has become a ritual. From a local Dood Wala to International Food Chains, all have become the victim of Bahria’s unpredictable market. However, we already discussed the top major reasons for these closures which has been happening every month from the birth of Bahria Town Lahore.


In June, I’ listed about the closing of two venues, Kobeda Palace(restaurant) and Cuts n Color(barber shop). Now, recently, Al-Baik and Foods which was a dairy shop is permanently closed. It was opened last year in November, at Chambaili Block, Sector C. Well, they told me that they’re planning to open a departmental store soon at this same location.


Asani Clinic

The Asani Clinic organized by Asani trust has been operating in Bahria Town for approximately 2 months. I haven’t noticed it before because of its outlandish location in Sector D and I hardly been there once or twice before. Asani trust is a non-profitable organization to provide quality health and education to underprivileged. Asani trust has been working on several projects including education, health, women empowerment and social welfare. They have established first Asani school by the name of Al-falah academy back in 2011 near Bahria Town, which is supporting more than 230 students. The other branch of this Al-falah academy has also opened at Dervesh Kot. 


Asani Clinic organizes different health-related camps in different villages and has the facilities of medical specialists, screening tests, medicines, and spectacles. Around more than 1500 patients are accommodated by Asani trust. You can also become a part of this organization by donating and becoming a volunteer. Get all the details by visiting their website. In Bahria Town, the Asani Clinic offers General Physician, Eye and Skin specialist and other medical specialists. The consultation fee is Rs 100/- and for underprivileged, the consultation and medicines are free of cost. 



There are two different timings for an appointment. In morning the timings are 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM and in evening it is 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. 


For appointment contact:




Asani Clinic in Bahria Town is located at 55, AA block, Sector D. 

Sports Icon Is Active

I’ve told you about the Sports Icon in the month of May. At that time, it wasn’t opened for the customers. It is active now and has been operational since Ramadan. Last month, before Eid, I visited the shop twice to get pictures and details about its products but couldn’t meet anyone there. Then, finally, I talked to Mr.Mansoor(the owner of the shop) by phone he sends me the pictures of the shop which are attached above. So, now you have two proper choices to buy sports equipment and kits, (Liberty Sports and Sports Icon).


Sports Icon has a wide range of sports products with optimal quality and competitive prices. Offering all kinds of Cricket Bats, Footballs, Tennis Balls, Basketball, Badminton, Squash, Snooker/Pool, Sports-wear, Swimming items, Table tennis, Volley Balls, Rugby balls, Exercise equipment, Martial Arts equipment, Karate suits, Boxing gloves, and Punching bags. 



Opening time: 10:00 AM.

Closing time: 10:00 PM.



Sports Icon is located at 98-B, Sector C, commercial zone, next to Ashely Furnitures and near to TGM and Bahria Golf & Country Club.


For more details: