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Mastani By Nazia Hafeez

Bahria Town being a fast changing realm always gives us a lot more new openings of many venues on daily basis. Despite of few closings, the progression of these new openings of every type is always thrilling for the residents. Certainly, the space for clothing and apparel brands still need to be filled yet. Because, there are only few names that have entered in Bahria Town’s market and I already mentioned and anticipated that many big names are expected to open in future. Roughly, more than 30 names are operational including ladies boutiques and other renowned brands. I have updated about the opening soon of Chenone last month. It will also open in sector C, at the end of this month. You can check all the names of boutiques and clothing brands in telephone directory.


Now, ‘Mastani by Nazia Hafeez’ is another boutique is going to open in Bahria Town. This brand is owned by former Pakistani cricket team captain and opener Mohammad Hafeez’s wife. All of the clothes designing, styling, color combinations and fabric choice is managed by her. I do not have much idea about the women’s clothing, but the store has all kinds of casual, party-wear clothing and a range of women accessories. Previously, their stock was also available at ‘Tehzeeb’ which is located at MM Alam road. The interior and exterior work has completed in a very short span of time. Each segment and setting of the outlet is ready, as it can also be seen in pictures. They are ready to open this store tomorrow, But the official opening and selling for general public will start the day after tomorrow on Friday. Moreover, they have not decided about the discounts yet but there will be few discount offers for its customers at opening.


‘Mastani by Nazia Hafeez’ is located at Roshaan centre, ground floor, main boulevard commercial area Sector C.

Zest Restaurant Second Branch

Zest Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurant in Bahri Town, that is still serving to the residents. Other than that, they are also offering event management and catering services within Bahria Town and other surrounding areas. It is located at 198-B, Sector C commercial zone. They have all kinds of Desi, Fast food and Chinese cuisines in their menu. To check all eat-out places in Bahria Town click here.


Now Zest restaurant is going to open its second branch within Bahria Town. As it can be seen in the above picture, they are going to open it by the name of ‘Zest 2’. All of its products are same as branch 1. Almost all the interior, exterior work has completed. It will not take more than 1 or 2 days to finally open it again. Furthermore, they have no plans to offer any discounts yet at the time of opening.



Zest 2 restaurant is located at 32-C, Side B commercial zone sector C. It is adjacent to Sunmit Bank, near to Briyani Master and opposite to Bin Bakar Electronics.


For more details:
‭0306 8967672‬
‭0331 3766564‬

Chenone Opening Soon

I am always positive about the fact that Bahria Town still need more names in its market to make a complete stopping place for shopping. Currently, clothing and apparel brands lack in number, but the number of such brands are gradually increasing in Bahria Town. Few of them have already entered and many big names are still anticipated and will step in future. Well, for now there is another big name that is opening its door for the residents of Bahria Town. Yesterday, when I was enroute to Tulip block near Biryani Master, I saw the banner and got to know that ‘Chenone’ is next now.


Almost everyone is familiar with the name of Chenone in Pakistan. But those who do not have the exact idea about it, its not just an apparel brand. Chenone is a subsidiary brand of Chenab group and they are offering wide range of foot wear, Bed Linen, Kitchen Accessories, Furniture and Home textile. It first started in 1997, and it is now one of the largest chain in Pakistan with more than 50 outlets. Chenone stores are established in all most all the cities nationwide.


When to open:

If you visit any Chenone store than you will find out that mostly Chenone stores have secured spacious area. Because all of their products are available under one roof. Well, if you look at the above picture it seems like that this whole building is for Chenone. But they will only get 2 or 3 floors from this whole building. For the time being only grey structure has completed, still all the renovation, interior and exterior work is yet to be completed. The main point is when will it open, they said that they’re trying to open it by the end of November and there is no exact date have been announced yet. But according to the current situation I believe it will take one more month to finally open its door in Bahria Town. I will definitely update here about the final date of its opening whenever I get to know about it.



Generally, most of the Chenone stores are not located within the premises of any Mall, and you won’t find it with other brands. They always go for a separate place for their stores, so it is obvious that they aren’t going to open it in Jasmine Mall. It is located at Tulip Block, sector C commercial Zone, near to Briyani Master and also adjacent to Bin Bakar Electronics. Few minutes drive away from Bahria Golf & Country Club and opposite to Grand Jamya Mosque.

Another TGM!

The Great Mall in Bahria Town was opened back in 2015, almost three years ago. It is the oldest Mall in town, when there wasn’t any choice( other than Safari Mall). TGM is a complete mall where you could shop for grocery, toys, cosmetics, jewelry and garments. They always comes up with exciting offers at every occasion and providing innovative facilities for the residents. Mainly, you can avail up to 10% discount every time, if you have a membership card of TGM.

Due to its strong and positive response by the residents of Bahria Town. They’re now expanding it and already set to open its door once again in Canal Garden which is adjacent to Bahria Town. There is no exact date has been announced yet, but it is expected that it will open in Canal Garden in end of November.

Opening Offer:

When TGM first opened in Bahria town, they offered flat 20% discount. Now, in Canal Garden due to its official opening, TGM is now again offering flat 10% discount. As you can see in picture it will be limited time offer, so there is no idea when this offer would end. I will update here more about it when final date of its opening will be announced by the management.

Chicago Scissors

Bahria Town already have several Barber shops, approximately more than 20 shops are active till date. But, the new openings of barber shops aren’t stoppable and it is increasing swiftly. Recently, Cuts & Color has opened in sector C for men & kids. It was opened about 2 weeks ago. Mostly barber shops are located at sector C, and some of them are opened in sector D and sector B. Well, I think that the numbers of Barber shops in Bahria Town are already way more than its needed. But in the long run these growing barber shops would eventually make balance with the increasing number of residents. For now, I’ve seen another Barber shop is now going to open soon in Bahria Town.

‘Chicago Scissors’ is the new name which is going to be a part in the list of Barber shops. The front board is already placed as you can see in above picture,  still much renovation work underway. And there is no exact date has been mentioned yet when this shop will officially active. I guess the opening will take no more than one week. It is the third branch in Bahria Town, first branch is located at Punjab co-operative society and second is at Sabzazar. I will update here more details about this shop, timings, services and charges after its opening.


Chaicago Scissors is located at Overseas A near to Al-Falah mosque and Bahria complaint office.

For more details:


Yoga Centre In Bahria Town

I was never fond of this Yoga stuff and I had never been near to any Yoga center. There are many reasons behind this. Honestly, I never took interest in Yoga that why people are getting into it. For me it was one of the most boring and passionless activity for health. Because we have so many other thought-provoking options for our mental & physical health. Secondly, mostly people are engaged in other activities like joining a gym, sports clubs, jogging, exercises etc. These activities are more fascinating to all of us as compare to Yoga.

In my teens I also believed that it was only related to Indians and Hindus, I thought that it was a part of their worship. Well it is funny though, but after some time I realized that how wrong I was to think that way at some instant.

After eyeing on it, I have seen many people in all over the world who are following it in their daily routines. And I got to know that it has so many health benefits including breathing techniques, relief for body pains, mind relaxation and meditation. Moreover, there are very minimum side effects and injury chances while doing Yoga. One of the research also indicates that this is the sixth most commonly used health practice among women & men. Keeping these facts in mind Yoga trend has been adopted by many of us. People are now gradually affiliating to yoga more. Due to this there are more yoga art centers being established now.

The main reason to writing this all is that  Yoga art centre is also going to open soon in Bahria town. Before this there isn’t any specific yoga center for the residents of Bahria town. W.A Tai Yoga is a well known name in Pakistan for Yoga, Karate & Ninja. It first started almost 37 years ago and its first branch is located at CC block phase 4 DHA. Now, W.A Tai yoga center are going to open in sector C, they’ve already placed a front board, booking has opened and renovation work is in-process. The management told me it will take not more than 2 weeks to be fully operational.

Classes Schedule:

Karate classes:
4:15 Pm to 5:15 Pm.
5:30 Pm to 6:300 Pm
8:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.

Yoga class:
7:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm.

Classes will only held on 3 days but above mentioned classes schedule isn’t permanent it could be changed after some time accordingly. Furthermore, they haven’t decided yet about the fee structure they will finalise it before opening. But the owner of this centre told me that they will set some discounts keeping in view of their official opening.


W.A Tai Yoga art centre is located at sector C, commercial area 120-A in basement.

Contact no:

Cine Gold Plex

The most awaited luxury cinema in Bahria town Cine-Gold Plex is now going to open. It is one of the most high standard and state of the art cinema that is now fulfilling all the ease and contentments for the residents of Bahria town. Cine gold plex has two halls, one is Red lounge and the other one is Gold lounge. Gold restaurant is also a part of this cinema located at upper floor providing all types of fine cuisines. Barco projectors are installed in both halls, which are famous for its excellent quality, 3D effects and brightness. Moreover, sound effect is always important for cinemas and add more mesmerizing touch. So, QMC sound system is import from USA and installed. Cinema has a wide open area with ample sittings. So, You will definitely witness the ultimate entertainment and quality of this cinema that is inadequate in other cinemas of Lahore.

Grand opening:

The grand opening of Cine Gold plex will be held on Friday 6th Oct, 2017 after 6:00 pm. On grand opening Malik riaz (Chairman Bahria town) will also visit. Many reknowned  actors and singers would also join the event and some performances are expected. Refreshments and other activities are also arranged for families and kids on 6th Oct. But, the first screenplay is yet to be decided.

Red lounge:

As it mentioned above Cine Gold plex has two halls red and gold lounge. Red lounge consists of total 202 seats with 2 VIP boxes and 14 seat gallery. VIP boxe and gallery are equiped with luxury sofa and provides privacy for the families. The price of red lounge seat is Rs 700/-.

Gold lounge:

Gold lounge has 96 sofa recliners for more comfort and luxury. Gold lounge also has separate 3 VIP boxes on first floor having total capacity of 18 persons. The price of gold lounge is Rs 1000/-.


The price of Membership for Cine Gold Plex is Rs 7500/- and but due to its official opening, Cine Gold plex is offering 50% discount. So, the charges of membership for now is Rs 3750/-. This offer is valid for only two days.


  • For members ticket price is Rs 500/- in Red lounge and Rs 800/- in Gold lounge.
  • 2 free gift vouchers on registration.
  • Free SMS alert.
  • Get free ticket on tuesday.
  • 20% discount on all tickets.
  • 10% discount on Food items.
  • Online booking facility.
  • Discount on Vip lounge.
  • Points generation system.
  • 1 free ticket on 200 points, 2 free tickets on 300 points.
  • Passes for Red carpet and premier events.
  • Top up facility.


Cine Gold plex in Bahria town is located at Sector F.

Contact no:


Q Mobile Customer Care Centre

Q mobile has a strong market in telecommunication sector.  They significantly targeted the lower class market over the specific period of time. Providing a vast variety and range of cell phones of a utmost economical prices. Everyone is well aware about these facts and their products. You will easily find its products at any mobile shop but its customer care centres are situated at specific locations. Particularly, in Lahore more than 6 customer care centers are currently in service at different locations.


Well, as it can be seen in above picture, Q mobile is now going to open another customer care centre and Q shop for the residents of Bahria town. Most probably,  It will be fully operational after one month.


Q mobile customer care centre in Bahria town is located at main boulevard sector C, opposite to Grand jamya mosque and near to Bahria golf & country club.

Prime Departmental Store

In Bahria town, we’ve many upto the mark departmental stores. You will easily find a good departmental store at every distant. If you need all the details of departmental stores that are opened then you can check telephone directory section. To check these details go to this link. Moreover, I observed that in past few days that there are many departmental stores has ben opened. Some of them are only selling customary things and grocery items. While some are complete shopping malls along with departmental store. TGM, Easy mart etc are the examples where you can find everything.

Now there is another departmental store that will be opening soon in Bahria town by the name of Prime Departmental store. When I passed through tulip road opposite to Bahria golf and country club I saw the coming soon banner and I got to know that one more departmental will going to open. Furthermore, they’ve completed its interior and exterior work, all the segments are placed. Its not a large scale store like Green valley, TGM and easy mart but it has secure an adequate area.


Prime dapartmental store is located at tulip road, sector C commercial area, opposite to Bahria town golf and country club. Few minutes drive away from Honey beans and fine eatry reataurant. As per my observation it is not situated at central location so that would be a minor drawback for it.

Beauty n Style

There are few choices of shops which are particularly for womens in Bahria town. Ladies shops provides perfect sense for the ladies to go one place and get everything which they want without switching one place to another. She mart and roop singhar etc are one the options. We’ve also updated shops and boutiques that are currently active and only for womens in our telephone directory. Click here to check the details.

Beauty n style is another option for ladies which is now going to open in Bahria town. It will provide all kinds of cosmetics, jewellery(artificial), perfumes, under garments, hand bags and many other gift items. The above picture was taken about 2 days ago at that time the finishing work was on the process, shelves and other work is completed. Moreover, they are also looking for female staff.

Launch of Beauty n Style:

Today, I got to know that this shop will be active after 2 or 3 more days and most probably it will open for customers on friday or saturday.


Beauty n style is located at sector C commercial zone near cakes n bakes.