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New York Estate Opening Soon

Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. has the biggest society in Rawalpindi, than Lahore and than Karachi. This is according to current situation. It might be different after some time.

Every housing society become successful when property dealers move in. More the property dealers, more transactions. As every property dealer will bring investors with them.

In Rawalpindi there are two big names of property dealers; one is Prism Estate and other is New York Estate.

Prism Estate already started their setup in Lahore for almost a year or so. But New York Estate was not present in Lahore. Now they are starting their office in Bahria Town Lahore.

New York Estate is coming at B-side Sector C commercial zone, Bahria Town Lahore. It is in the round commercials which came in center of Sector C commercial zone.

Let’s see when they start their setup and how much investment they bring in Bahria Town Lahore market.

Merging Notice Of Bahria Greens

Bahria Greens is a last project launched in Lahore till now by Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. This project is becoming a bad mark on Bahria Town as they have not done balloting of plots after such a long time. Secondly they have not mentioned the area in which this project has to launch. Thirdly there ain’t any trading of files of Bahria Greens in market resulting very low rates of file (in minus).

Bahria Town management has announced the merging of Bahria Greens 5 Marla plots in Orchard 5 Marla commercial and Orchard 1 Kanal Villa. To view the complete details of merging and official notice of Bahria Town (Pvt.) Ltd. click here. 

This merging also give a sign that Bahria Town is not planning to launch Bahria Greens. This might be a good decision for whole market to empower the already launched projects. But what about those people who have booked in Bahria Greens to get a good residential plot by Bahria Town? They still have to wait… and we don’t know for how long.

Bahria Premier League Ends And Civic Commercial Merging

Bahria Premier League (property dealers’ cricket tournament) finally ends yesterday. It was raining like cat and dog so final match didn’t took place. Both teams which came in final was of Bahria Town. Management check out the average and give the points to both participant of finals. In the end Shahid Qureshi’s team of Bahria win the tournament.

Ceremony took place yesterday night and they give away the prizes and cash incentives of tournament. Continue reading Bahria Premier League Ends And Civic Commercial Merging

Knock Out Round Of Cricket Tournament

Property dealers cricket tournament has entered in knockout round. 16 teams have came up from 8 pools, which means two teams from each pool. Management has written the name of each team on a paper and then shuffle those paper and then randomly pick up to set matches.

4 matches of knockout round has been played yesterday, four (4) matches has to be played today. Then only 8 teams will remain in the tournament which will play quarter finals. Quarter finals will be held on tomorrow. Then Semi finals day after tomorrow and finally the last and Final Match. Continue reading Knock Out Round Of Cricket Tournament

Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

In Pakistan if any person is investing in property to earn money, then they have only two names in mind.

  1. DHA
  2. Bahria Town

All Pakistani investors and overseas Pakistani’s who make their properties in Pakistan have just these two names on top of their list.

Booming 4 Years of Property Investment In Bahria Town Lahore

We’ve recently experienced the boom period in history of Bahria Town Lahore. ¬†That period was from 2009 to 2013. We’ve seen extra ordinary gain in prices of residential and commercial plots. Amazingly that extraordinary gain in prices of plot wasn’t artificial, that was real.

Let me give you some examples of that prices categorically.

  • Residential Plots: From 15 lac to 65 lac (10 Marla plots)
  • Commercial Plots: From 30 lac to 10 crore (5 Marla Main boulevard plots)

I’m not talking about 10 or 20 years here, this gain is within four years. People who have worked in Bahria Town Lahore in these four years have make the money of their lifetime. Many people left their businesses to invest in Bahria Town Lahore and even started their own property offices over here. Continue reading Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

Cricket Ground’s Booking At It’s Peak

Property market of Bahria Town is little slow so every property dealer is practising for the cricket tournament. Property dealers are booking Sector D cricket ground on daily basis.

Normal rates of Sector D cricket ground (Aleem Dar Cricket Academy) is Rs. 7,000/- on weekdays and Rs. 12,000/- on weekends for full day. (I’ve heard this rates from a person working in cricket ground) well right now due to heavy demand of booking Bahria Town cricket ground management has raised their rates and booking grounds at like Rs. 8,000/- for two hours, yes just for two hours, which means one match only.

I’ve been to ground and it is really occupied and everyone is trying to get a booking. I believe this would happen until the Bahria Town property dealers tournament and then it will come back to it’s normal rates.

So until the tournament it is hard to get a booking for full day. Let’s see what happens next…

Bahria Town Property Dealers Cricket Tournament

There are lots of property dealers in Bahria Town. Actually when any good society launches and go well in business then there is a big role of property dealers over there (check out the history of DHA). When there are property dealers they bring their investors to the society and further if society fulfil his promises then it grows as Bahria Town is growing.

Bahria Town property dealers association has announced the cricket tournament of property dealers only. Some rules of the tournament is as follows.

  • Bahria Town registered property dealers can apply.
  • One team will give name of 14 players.
  • More than one dealer can collectively make a team.
  • If any one bring a person other than property dealer, that team will be disqualified.
  • Registration fee is Rs. 25,000/- per team.
  • Winning team will get Rs. 500,000/- (has to finalize yet)
  • Other monetary prizes like on every boundary, every catch, every wicket etc.

Tournament is on 29th of May, 2014. It will be held on Cricket Academy, BB block, Sector D, Bahria Town Lahore. Further we’ll update you about the tournament details INSHALLAH.