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One more restaurant by the name of ‘Smash’ is going to open this week in Bahria Town. It’s a fast food restaurant offering more than 12 types of burgers and sandwiches. They have all kinds of shakes, cocktails and frappuccino. According to one of their official, told me that Smash is a international chain and all of its ingredients used in each product is imported. The restaurant will start serving in Bahria Town on sunday, 10th, December, after its official opening at 4:00 pm.


Opening offer:

Due to its official opening in Bahria Town, they are offering flat 20% discount on whole menu. Complimentary iced teas and pop-corns will also be served with meals. This discount offer will valid for further one week.



Smash restaurant is located 119-B, ground floor Jasmine block, sector C, commercial area near to girls hostel. Earlierُ at this location Hamza milk farm was active, which is closed now.


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Sawera Milk Shop

Last month, Al-Baik milk shop was opened and now another dairy shop has opened by the name of Sawera Milk Shop. There are more than four milk shops set up in Bahria Town in the last two to three months. The official opening of Sewara milk shop was held yesterday, due to its official opening they are offering one litre free milk on purchase of two litres. Right now, Sawera milk shop is only selling fresh milk & yogurt. The owner told me that their dairy farm is located at Pak Patan city, the milk is extracted back there. He also said that their milk is 100% pure without any mixing of water and any other chemicals.


Sawera Milk Shop is located at 134-B, Dubai Tower, Sector C commercial zone near to Girls Hostel.


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Hamza Milk Farm Is Closed:

Hamza Milk Farm was opened in Bahria Town back in the month of June, this year. I wrote about its opening back then and now writing about its closing. This milk shop has closed its doors two weeks ago. The reason is same, they didn’t managed to make much customers and eventually wiped out. Moreover, they have now shifted to Gulberg-2.

Free Medical Camp

Green poly clinic has arranged a free medical camp for the residents of Bahria Town. The camp has  started this week and it will be held on every Sunday. The banner is placed above the Green pharmacy. As it is mentioned in banner, they are offering free screening tests for hepatitis B & C. Along with these free screening tests, a free general check-up is also offered by Dr. Ayub Naich.


2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.


Free camp will held at Green Poly clinic, which is located at main boulevard, Sector C. Near to Agha Khan Laboratory and Talwar Chowk.


Doctor’s Contact Number:
‭0307 6666922‬
‭0321 4941745‬


Pharmacy Number:
‭0307 4449595‬


12 Rabi-ul-Awal Discounts

Due to 12 Rabi-ul-Awal, two of the restaurants are now offering discounts on their entire menu.

Lighthouse Cafe:

Lighthouse cafe is located at main Canal road, adjacent to Yasir Broast and PSO filling station. They are offering flat 30% discount on entire menu.


Promo Code: LIGHT12

Contact no: 042-35454066

Crosta 11:

Crosta 11 is located at 211-B, sector C opposite to Bahria Golf & Country Club. Previously, there was upto 20% discount and but now they are offering flat 12% discount on complete menu. This offer is valid for three days and wil be end at 3rd, December.


Contact no:

Upto 70% Off At Ideas

Ideas by Gul Ahmed is a renowned brand for Men, Women and Kids. They have wide range of Fabrics, Home Textile and Accessories almost at every outlet. One of their branch is also located at Bahria Town in Jasmine Mall(Ground floor) sector C, Commercial zone near Talwar Chowk.


They are now going to offer 70% discount nationwide. So this discount is also for Bahria Town residents. This discount offer will start from 24th November, and it might end after 2 weeks.


They have another 70% discount offer for two days, 21st November and 22nd November. This offer is only valid for UBL, HBL, Faysal Bank and Al-Falah Bank card holders. You can avail this offer at Bahria Town outlet.


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Refuel Fitness Health Bar Offer

Two weeks ago, ‘Refuel Fitness’ opened its Health Bar within the premises of their gym. You can check these details by clicking here. For the first week of its opening, they offered flat 20% discount on all juices and this discount offer has ended.


Its been two weeks for this Health Bar, there is another offer has been showed up by Refuel Fitness. Here are the details mentioned below, which I took straight from their Facebook page.


Refuel fitness is located at 48-A Chambaili block, Sector C, commercial zone.


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Free Entry Pass By Gloria Jeans

Few days back, Gloria Jeans Bahria Town branch was offering different discount offers for the residents. They offered flat 20% discount on all coffees and also gave discount coupons in Rs 500/-. You can check these details by clicking here.


Now, Gloria Jeans Bahria Town branch brings another offer for all its customer. A renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will going to perform in a ‘Live Concert’ at ‘Royal Palm Golf & Country Club’ on 15th, November. All you have to do is to spend Rs 5000/- and more at Gloria Jeans Bahria Town Branch and you will be able to get Free Entry Pass for this live concert. This offer has start now and you have two days 13th to 15th November, to avail this offer.



Gloria Jeans Bahria Town Branch is located at 1-F, sector C, commercial zone at talwar chowk opposite to Metro heights, near to Jasmine Mall.


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Jimmy’s Snooker Club

‘Snooker club’ is the best place to spend some leisure time for many of us. And if you are a true snooker devotee than you will get to know how important these snookers clubs are. Well, for me it is certainly refreshing,  to hear about the opening of new Snooker Club. However,  the availability of these snooker clubs are insufficient. Many of the snooker clubs are way too crowded and have limited number of snooker tables as compared to the cueists. In Bahria Town, we have many options for ‘A’ standard snooker clubs. There are more than five snooker clubs are active in Bahria Town, i.e Strickers Snooker Club, Friends Snooker, Black Snooker Club etc.


Now recently, there is another snooker club in Bahria Town that has opened by the name of ‘Jimmy’s Snooker Club’. The soft opening of this snooker club was held about two weeks ago. But now its been three days this snooker club has officially opened. Jimmy’s Snooker Club has more than 8 snooker tables. Normally, you will find no more than 4 snooker tables in any snooker club. So, the number of snooker tables is quite sufficient so far to avoid waiting. Currently, there is no separate refreshment area or canteen in this club, but in the meantime you can get ‘Coffee, Chae and Cold drinks’. Secondly, they are planing on it, to establish a proper canteen and will be available in a few days.


Discount offer:

The price of one snooker set is Rs 120/- before discount. But due to its official opening in Bahria Town, they’re now offering flat 20% discount. Furthermore, they have not decided yet when this discount offer will  end.



Jimmy’s Snooker Club is located at 221-B, Titanium heights, Tulip ext block sector C commercial zone. It is near to Bahria Golf & country club and honey beans restaurant.


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Health Bar In Refuel Fitness Club

There are more than ten fitness clubs currently operational in town. And ‘Refuel Fitness’ is one of the significant and leading fitness club in Bahria Town among others. They have all state of the art and upto the mark equipments in their gym. From the time of its opening and till now, they have been offering various offers for the residents. Recently, I have updated Gym Charges & Timings of each gym, in which you can also find Refuel fitness timings, offers and charges.


Health Bar:

Health Bar is a perfect place in any fitness club, and much needed thing before and after workout. And evidently, it should be a part of prime facilities in every fitness clubs. But unfortunately, it is very hard to find Health Bars and only few of the Gyms have this facility. Now, Refuel Fitness is one of the Gym in Bahria Town, that took this initiative and recently they opened a health Bar within the gym. This health bar has all kinds of fresh juices and you get your desire fresh juice while your workout session.


Discount offer:

Due to its opening, Refuel fitness is now offering flat 20% discount on all the juices. This is a limited  time offer that will end within a week.



Refuel fitness is located at 48-A Chambaili block, Sector C, commercial zone.


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Flat 40% At ‘Bella’

‘Bella’ was opened about month ago in Bahria Town. It is the only store in Bahria Town that is offering hand-made accessories, home decorations and clothes under one roof. They are also selling their products online and curreently Bella has only one store in Bahria Town. I have updated its details at the time of its opening in town. You can check those details by clicking here.


Flat 40% Discount:

At the time of openeing, they were offering flat 20% discount on all of its products. But now as it can be seen in above picture, the discount is still there and now it has increased to flat 40%. Prices before discount are already reasonable and now they are further redcued. So I think, its a great offer for all the residents who have not shop there yet. You can also check all of its products on facebook and instagram page before visiting Bella store.



Bella in Bahria Town is located at 125-B Jasmine block, sector C commercial zone. It is near to YNY fabrics, Guzel Boutique and opposite to Shop rite. And adjacent to Pizzaria Restaurant.


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