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Gym Charges & Timings

After this post you don’t have to go anywhere or dial a number to know about what are the charges and timings of each gym. Here are the details about the timings and charges of each gym that are currently active and located in bahria town.

Life fitness club:

Life fitness club is located at Takbeer block Bahria town. They’ve also arrange yoga and aerobics classes for ladies.

Registration fee:

Bahria town residents: Rs 2500/-
Non reaidents: Rs 2500/-
Students: Rs 1000/-
Bahria town employee: —
Aerobics: Rs 1000/-

Monthly Charges:

Bahria town residents: Rs 3000/-
Non residents: Rs 3500/-
Students: Rs 25,00/-
Bahria town employee : Rs 1000/-
Aerobics: Rs 3000/-

Ladies: 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
Open for all: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Fitness factory gym & nutrition:

Fitness factory gym is located at 221 sector C, tulip extension. They’re offering aerobic classes, weight loss programmes, personal training, crossfit and cardio.

Monthly packages:

Men/ladies: Rs 4000/-
Quarterly: Rs 11000/-
Couple: Rs 7200/-
Family: Rs 3600/- per member.

Functional training:

FIT workout 16 sessions: Rs 6600/-
FIT workout unlimited : Rs 9000/-

Combo packages:

Gym + FIT workout 16 sessions: Rs 8800/-
Gym + FIT workout unlimited : Rs 10500/-
Value package : Rs 6000/-


Morning: 7:00 am to 9:00 am
Evening: 5:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Refuel fitness:

Refuel fitness gym is located at 48-A commercial area, chambeli block sector C.

Mix timings:

Morning : 6:30 am to 9:00 am
Evening : 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Ladies timings:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Free classes:

Refule fitness is also offering 30 days mix shred classes for max calories burn out only for Gold and Personal members. These classes has been held on Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm.


Registration fee: Rs 2000/-
Monthly fee: Rs 3000/-

Sole Fitness Club:

Sole fitness club is located at 237-B commercial area, tulip extension sector C near Grand Jamya Mosque.


There is no registration charges at sole fitness club. And the monthly charges are Rs 2500/-.


Morning: 6:00 am to 10:00 am.
Evening: 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

Fab Fitness Club:

Fab fitness club is located at 189-B, commercial area sector C.


Registration fee: Rs 1500/-
Monthly: Rs 1500/-


Morning: After Fajar to 8:00 am.
Evening: 5:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Note: To find out contact details of each gym click here.

Summer Activities For Kids In Bahria Town

Kids now a days need more physical and outdoor activities to keep them motivated. These days, due to modern technology, usage of smart phones, tablets, laptops and other gadgets make our kids physically weak, extra curricular activities are now being stop able. Summers are here and mostly kids are enjoying their summer vacations. So here are some activities for them in Bahria town that are intentionally more healthy and keep them energetic.

Archery In Bahria town:

Well, it seems like that mostly people aren’t interested in archery and they’re not eager to learn about it and to play it. Historically, it was used in wars and for hunting. A research indicates that, It was first adopted by ancient Egyptians about 5000 years back. Islamic-ally, we as a Muslim must learn three things in our life. One is horseback riding, swimming and the third one is archery. These days its a kind of sport. In Olympics it has separate category and has seven different disciplines according to distance.
There are huge health benefits of archery. The main benefit of archery is focus and patience. In our daily routine we’ve required more focus and patience. Archery is one the best sport that will help us to maintain high needed focus. If you will observed people who are engage in this sport they will look more balanced, confident, mature and well manner.
You won’t see any notable academy specifically for archery. But in Bahria town a separate archery academy is available for the residents. Its a great opportunity for kids in this summer to spend their extra time in this sport that will eventually help them to boost up their confidence and to focus on everything more deeply.
Bahria town Archery academy is located at Sector A near to shahkam chowk, facing canal road. When you will come to Shahkam chowk you will see an advertisement board of this academy on your right side.
Registration fee: Rs 2500/-
Monthly fee: Rs 2000/-
5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Horseback riding club:

According to John Lyons, ” The way to heaven is on horseback”
I remember that when I was in my school life, horse riding was something that I dreamed. We didn’t have any options that were approachable and economical for us. Horseback riding is a perfect exercise for muscles. There are many other obvious health benefits like, strong back and strong legs. Riding a large animal as compare to our body need more attention and focus. And it will force all your body parts, brain and eyes to handle it precisely. Well, in Bahria town everyone can easily avail this thrilling activity with professional instructors in a very economical prices.
Horseback riding club in Bahria town is located at Sector C, Janiper block near to rose garden.
Morning: 6:00 am to 7:00 am.
Evening: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.
Monday is off.
Registration fee: Rs 5,000/-
Monthly: Rs 3,000/-
Note: These above charges are same for adults and kids.

Martial Arts:

Martial arts covers all the activities and skills that involve physical fitness, mind discipline and fighting methods. I think, martial arts has more influence on kids as compare to adults. Because kids eternally love to fight and use their arms and legs more. It will help kids to improve their skills, physical fitness, strength and stamina. Moreover, martial arts also stimulates brain working and makes a balance personality.
In Bahria town Karate and martial arts classes are available for kids, men and women. Mashfitt is one prominent option in Bahria town for martial arts.
Kids Taekwando Summer Camp:
Mashfitt will also arrange special classes by the name of kids taekwando in summer vacations. These classes will going to start from 12th of July and will complete after one month.
Main objective of this camp:
  • Develop kids confidence and discipline.
  • Develop flexibility, endurance and strength.
  • Teach the conceptual and physical perspective of self defense.
  • Completion of Taekwondo Yellow Belt syllabus.



Mashfitt is located at main boulevard second floor building 6 sector C, near to talwar chowk.
For boys: 6:00 pm.
For girls: 5:00 pm.
Registration fee on time: Rs 5,000/-
Kids charges: Rs 3,500/- per month.

Swimming in Bahria Town:

Swimming is one of the perfect physical summer activity, because it includes all our body parts from head to toe. I will always prefer swimming on any other workout and exercise. It’s a all rounder activity, that can make strong muscles and endurance. It helps to build healthy heart and helps to loose weight and burn fats from our body. Those who feel annoyed to go to a gym in this summer. I would recommend them to start swimming because it is the best way to loose weight. Secondly, there are more than 25 swimming pools are available in all over the Lahore.
In Bahria town swimming pool is also available that provide kids to spend their extra time to build a strong body structure and its a perfect way to cool down in this hot summer. This pool is fully equipped with all lifeguard facilities.
It is located in Bahria town golf and country club which is located at sector C, few minutes drive away from talwar chowk.
Daily 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
For adults: Rs 500/-
For kids: Rs 400/-

Cricket ground & academy:

Currently, kids are less engaged in cricket as compare to any other sport. They would rather play more football or basketball. But few ones still have passion for cricket. It encourages more team spirit, discipline and physical health. For kids in Bahria town there are many opportunities and pitch’s for them to play cricket.
Cricket ground and academy in Bahria town is located at BB block sector D.

Superior gaming arena:

Due to the summer heat they’ve another opportunity for them to play cricket at night in superior gaming arena. Its an indoor cricket with many other activities like paintball war arena and target shooting.
It is located opposite to main entrance of Bahria town and at main canal road.
Open 24 hours daily.
Rs 1200/- per hour for cricket.
Paint ball war: Rs 500/- for 25 bullets.

Bahria Town Football Academy:

Football is one the best healthy and physical sport that I refer on any other sport. Football has incredible importance and I referred this sport to every kid. I think it should be the necessary part in every school for their students like other learning activities and subjects. However, Bahria town football academy is a good option for all the kids who haven’t join this academy yet.
Football academy in bahria town is located at janiper block near rose garden, sector C.
First session: 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
Second session: 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Registration fee: Rs 2000/-
Monthly: Rs 1,000/-

Creative activities at Maktab:

Though, this school isn’t located within the bahria town. It is located at raiwind road near to Bahria town. Maktab is offering summer activity for kids like arts & crafts classes, math, french, English and music classes. It will going to start from 10th of July to 4th of August.
Age groups:
4 to 8.
9 to 13.
8:00 am to 12:00 pm.

Badminton court in Bahria town:

Badminton is one the sport that included in the list of top 10 healthy sports worldwide. Badminton approximately burns more than 500 calories in one hour. It promotes physical health, mental health and build more stamina. It will also help our body to maintain diabetes, blood pressure and provide all our joints more mobility. So, badminton is another option to spend time in a healthy sport. Moreover, you don’t have to go far away. All you need is the rackets, shuttlecock and a badminton net to play this sport at your home.
Court location:
Well in Bahria town, badminton court is also available. It is located at safari villas near food court.

Basketball & tennis Court:

Basketball is another great social sport for kids. It is the fast moving game that includes shooting, dribbling, passing and stretching muscles. A healthy opportunity for kids in Bahria town. Basketball and tennis courts are located at overseas enclave behind executive lodges.

Discount Offers In Bahria Town

Eid-ul-fitar is now just around the corner and Ramadan is now going to end after almost one more week. We can see that many Eid discounts and offers in Bahria town. Few days ago we had updated here about the discounts. Here are some more discounts mentioned below. To check all the discount details click here.

Comfit Gallery:

Comfit gallery is a boutique selling stitched and un-stitched clothes. It is also offering clothes stitching on reasonable prices. Now, due to eid they’re offering flat 25% discount on ready made kurta, waist coat and shalwar kameez. It is situated at sector C, commercial zone near max shawrma.


Al-mehmood which is located at sector C, commercial area in Jasmine mall. Now offering up-to 25% discount on new arrivals.

Red Rose Home Textile:

Red rose home textile located at commercial zone sector C, opposite to shoprite. Now they’re offering flat 30% discount on curtains and Sofa clothes.

Ramadan Deals Brussels Cafe & Grill

Brussels cafe & grill restaurant was open more than a month ago. It is located at sector C, commercial zone 114-B. To check details about this restaurant click here.

Here are the details of Ramadan deals offering bt brussels cafe & grill.

Deal 1:

4 choice of burgers.
6 pcs nuggets
4 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1499/-

Deal 2:

2 choice of burgers
2 fries
1 drink. Rs: 699/-

Deal 3:

1 Large pizza
1 pasta
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs: 1199/-

Deal 4:

1 medium pizza
2 grilled chicken wraps
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 5:

1 medium pizza
1 choice of burger
1 fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999

Deal 6:

1 large pizza
2 choice of burgers
1 pasta or lasagna
1 grilled chicken wrap
1 1.5LTR coke. Rs 1999/-

Deal 7:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 fries
1 coke. Rs 499/-

Deal 8:

2 grilled chicken wraps
2 classic zingers
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 999/-

Deal 9:

1 sandwich
1 pasta or lasagna
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. 899/-

Deal 10:

2 medium pizzas
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 1249/-

Deal 11:

9 pcs fried chicken.
1 family fries
1 1.5 LTR coke. Rs 799/-

Deal 12:

10 pcs grilled strips.
10 pcs chicken strips.
1 family size fries.
1 500ml drink. Rs 649/-

Deal 13:

1 clssic zinger burger.
1 fries.
1 fried chicken piece.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

Deal 14:

1 personal pizza.
1 drink. Rs 299/-

Deal 15:

1 choice of burger.
1 fries.
1 drink. Rs 349/-

To check other Ramadan deals in Bahria town go to this link.

Fariha’s Beauty Salon & Spa

Before Eid and in end of Ramadan we could see a lot of mess in markets and everywhere. Specially, it’s hard to find a place in any barber shop or beauty parlor when we have limited options around us. But it won’t happen in Bahria town because ladies have now many options and it is increasing. Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is another beauty parlor for ladies which was opened few days ago this beauty parlor is also added in our telephone directory. To check all the list of beauty parlor’s click here.

Discount Offer:

They’re now offering two kinds of offers for its customers. They’re offering up to 50% off on facial, makeup, hair dye, massage and hair cuts.

Ramadan Offer:

Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is also offers Ramadan discount. If you book any makeup package than you will get 30% discount. This offer is valid before 20th Ramadan.


Fariha’s beauty salon & spa is located at 124-b commercial sector C near to girls hostel.

11:00 Am to 9:00 Pm.

Contact no’s:

Eid Discounts In Bahria Town

There are many discount offers due to Ramadan and now Eid-ul-fitar is just nearby. We’re regularly updating about these discounts and other offers whenever it launches. Here are some more offers for this special month and Eid.

Punjab Optics:

Punjab optics which is located at main canal road just near to main entrance and adjacent to Timmy’s and have more than 5 branches in Lahore. It is now offering up to 50% discount on all varieties of shades. This offer will be valid till last day of Ramadan.

Contact no: 042-35453829

She Mart:

She mart is located at city tower near talwar chowk sector C commercial zone. A mart which is specially for women now offering up to 30% off on all products.

Contact no: 0345-9444191

Red Rose Home Textile:

Red rose home textile located at commercial zone sector C, opposite to shoprite. Now they’re offering flat 30% discount on curtains and Sofa clothes.

Contact no: 0321-4812842

Castillo Is Open

We’ve some choices in Bahria town specially for footwear. In Bahria town Bata, Maga brands, comelv shoes etc are currently available, borjan is also going to open after few more days. About week a ago hush puppies is closed which was located at jasmine mall. To check the details about footwear brands in bahria town click here.

Castillo is active:

Yesterday, another footwear brand by the name
of Castillo has open. They’ve wide range of leather shoes and also have other products like bags, belts, key-chains, wallets and rugs. All of their products are made by leather. All kinds of men, women and children products are available at castillo.

Discount offer:

Castillo has open on 9th June and now they’re offering flat 15% discount on all products. This offer will be valid for 3 days only.


Castillo is located at ground floor jasmine mall, sector C commercial zone. Previously hush puppies was located at this same location. Its a fifth shop of castillo in Lahore, other shops and locations are mentioned below:

1. Castillo

Address: Shop 6 Mall 96 b-2, Opposite Vogue Tower, Main MM Alam Road Gulberg III, Lahore
Tel – 042-35785496

2. Cobblers

Address: Shop 11 c,1 MM Alam Road, Lahore. 
Tel – 042-35754326


Address: Shop no. 6 Adnan Plaza Model Town Link Road, Lahore.
Tel – 042-35949233

4. Ala Mode

Address: 1st Floor, Shop No. Ff-58-59
Fortress Square Mall, Fortress Stadium Lahore Cantt.
Tel – 042-37341536

Flat 10% At Iqbal Oil Store

Bahria town has more than 6 to 7 spare parts and oil change shops that are currently active. They’re located at different areas of Bahria town. We’ve also updated all details of these shops in our Telephone directory. To check all the details about these shops go to this link.

There is another shop that has opened in Bahria town 2 days ago with the name of Iqbal oil store. They’ve all varieties of oil, air filter and oil filter. Due to its opening they are offering few services which are mentioned below.

Free services:

  • Oil change
  • Battery water top up.
  • Wind washer liquid top up.
  • Engine cleanup.
  • Carpet vacuum.
  • Break oil checkup.
  • Gear oil checkup.
  • Power oil.
  • Coolant checkup.

Discount offer:

They’re offering 10% flat rebate on all kinds of oil, Air filters and oil filters. This offer is valid till Eid-ul-fitar.


Iqbal oil store is located at main canal road near to PSO filling station and Yasir broast just before the main entrance of Bahria town.

More Iftar & Sehri Deals

At the starting of Ramadan we have updated some Iftar and Sehri deals of different restaurants. Here are some more offers and deals mentioned below.

Sehar and Iftar Deals:


Buy 2 get 1 free on all burgers.


Plain Lassi : Rs 80/-
Mango Lassi : Rs 120/-
Strawberry Lassi: Rs 120/-
Yogurt Bowl: Rs 80/-


Iftar Platter: Rs 199/-

Fresh Juice.
Cream Chat.
Finger Fish.
Channa Chat.
Mini samosas.


Crispy chicken 1 pc.
Regular Fries.
Medium Drink.  Rs 450/-

Offer valid from iftar till sehri.

Crosta 11:

Iftar & Sehri+Dinner Buffet.= Rs 1095/-
More than 32 dishes.

For 4 People:
Xtream Pizza
Garlic Bread
Potato Wedges.
Small Salad
Pepsi 1.5 LTR. Rs 1095+ tax.

To check all other Iftar and Sehar deals in Bahria town Click here.