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Al-Ghani Grill Is Active

I’ve my eyes on every just-opened restaurants across Bahria Town. After several openings in October, I must say November is also shaping up to be a pretty busy month of new restaurants opening in Bahria Town Lahore. Last month, four restaurants have been opened including Lazzat Hotels & Restaurants, CIE KONG restaurant, Yummy Tummy and Desi-Devine House Of Desi Foods. So, if you haven’t visited these eat out places; then get their details, visit them and share the real insights about their food!


Well, if you have already visited these places its good and if you’re still looking out to taste more in this winter, brace up your palates! Because I already told you in my previous post that there is an array of restaurants that are scheduled to open soon in Bahria Town. Five of them are opened and I had already penned down about them lately. Here is another restaurant that has opened 2 days ago in Town. 


Al-Ghani Grill Is Active:

Its Al-Ghani Grill with the tagline of “We bet you won’t find better”, appeared at AA Block, Sector D. It’s a small space but with a bigger and detailed menu card which I’ve attached below. Al-Ghani Grill is very much one for all desi-food-lovers. With offering such as Sajji with different deals, grilled fish, barbeque fish, fish burgers and fish sajji. More than 15 items in the Barbeque portion. They also have a good option of all sort of fast food items. Here is the menu card of Al-Ghani Grill. 


Menu Card:


I observed and you will also agree with me that AA Block, Sector D is not an ideal location especially for the restaurants. Because at AA Block, there were many restaurants that opened and regretfully after some time we had to say goodbye to them. I haven’t seen a single one in AA Block that was opened and made its appearance prominent and stayed consistent. However, we wish them good luck in the future!


It is located at the main road, 29-AA, commercial zone, Sector D. Near to Animal Hospital and Pizza 2 go. 



The breakfast timings are 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM. The restaurant will remain open till midnight. You can also call them on below number for free home delivery. 


‭+92 307 0090004‬

Kitchen Line

New kitchen cabinets and other kitchen related hardware will definitely give a fresh look to your kitchen. If you’re residing in Town and looking for designer hardware to spruce up your kitchen and make it look more elegant. Then do visit recently opened shop called Kitchen Line in Bahria Town. You can now have another option to consider to shop kitchen accessories for your newly built or under construction residence. I think it was opened in Town about a month ago. 


They feature a variety of in-demand and unique kitchen cabinet door styles in various wood species and stain, as well as up-to-date painted and glazed looks. And, a full array of other kitchen cabinets and countertops to help you create your Kitchen. 



Kitchen Line in Bahria Town is located at the main road, commercial area, Overseas A, Shop no.3, first floor. Next to Chicago Scissors and Diamond dry cleaners. 


For more details:


A Few Openings

We all know that there are a lot of new openings taking place every other day in Bahria Town. We get to know about them because they create a fair amount of buzz in community with good advertising strategies and words of mouth. And become successful to reach out to a large number of customers. On the other hand, there are also many businesses that are opened in Town but didn’t manage to brew any excitement in the air and failed to draw the crowd’s attention in the first place. Therefore, I’ve my eyes on them to keep you updated regarding all types of openings and happenings in Town! 


Well, in the past few days, I’ve seen a few venues that are popped up in silence. And, couldn’t reach out to us through advertisement or any kind of communication. So, here are the few openings that took place recently.


Roti Tukkar:

As the name suggests, Roti Tukkar restaurant is a desi dhaba type eatery. Its been two months the restaurant has opened at CC Block, Sector D, next to Khan Juices and Dry Fruits. 


Its complete week menu is attached below. Along with desi food, they’re selling more than 25 kinds of Naans. Moreover, the owner told me, their Plum Sauce(famously known as aloo Bukhara chatni) is a big hit. Freshly prepared at home without any artificial flavor or color. The price of this sauce is Rs. 600/- per kg. 

Shahram Suitings:

I don’t know why but there are two names mentioned on the front board Shahram Suitings and Deewan Suitings. They have a wide range of men’s clothing including Shalwar Kameez, Formal Suits, Sherwani, Waistcoats, and wedding dresses. Also, offering all types of stitching services. You can also avail a flat 20% discount on all ranges for a limited time. 


It is located at Jasmine Block, Sector C, adjacent to newly opened Taana Baan’s outlet and Karma Boutique, below Aura’s beauty salon. 


N.K Travels & Tours:

There are already a few names of Travel & Tours in Bahria Town and N.k travels and tours is another addition in the list of these names. So, if you’re looking to handle your Umrah & Hajj visas, procedure and for all airlines tickets, you can contact them. 


It is located at Tulip Block, Sector C. Opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. 




Lahore Waly:

Lahore Waly is the seller of fresh vegetable, mutton, beef, and chicken. This meat shop was opened in Bahria Town more than a month ago. They’re providing desi bakery for Sadqa and Haeeqa. Free home delivery service is available for the residents.


Contact details:

Lahore Waly is located at D-Plaza Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B. 



Menu Card And Pictures Of Lazzat Restaurant

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants that I will share the menu card and its pictures whenever I would visit it. So, here is the detailed menu card of Lazzat Hotels & Restaurants. To check the details of this restaurant click here. 


Menu Card:

They were offering flat 20% discount on the entire menu for the first three days which has ended now. You will get your hands on all sort of foods including, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Fast food, and all types of desi food. 

Front Video & Pictures:


As I told you before that this restaurant is one of the sizeable restaurants in Bahria Town. But, at the moment, only the ground floor is operational. They have ample seating plan split into two parts along with the bar of juices and mocktails. 

Event Space and Hotel Rooms:

You can book their floor for your events like birthday parties, weddings, meetings, corporate events with unique decorations. Moreover, according to the restaurant’s manager, they are working on the upper floors and soon its hotel rooms will be opened for the customers. 



Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is located at 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. To check the address in map visit the previous post. 


For more details:

0301 4618410

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants Is Active

The above-attached picture of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants was taken by me a long time ago. It was dusk at that time neither the quality nor the angle is right! So, I am planning to visit this restaurant again to capture some good pictures and will also make a video to share here along with its menu card. 


Official Opening:

It took around 4 months for its opening  and finally the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday. My friend told me that they had also arranged an event outside the building to celebrate its opening. And, for those who haven’t seen this restaurant yet, you will definitely find this eatery as one of the largest restaurants(except those which are possessed by Bahria itself). Two to three sizeable floors are being occupied by this restaurant. They will provide you space to arrange events and cooperate meetings. Moreover, I think, as the name suggests, along with the food they’re providing accommodations too. Well, wait for another update. I will visit it soon and will gather as much as information I can to share here. 


Discount Offer:

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants, is offering flat 20% discount on food due to its opening. This discount offer is valid for three days Friday to Sunday. 



The address of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. I’ve attached the map below:

Contact number:


Houlihen’s Restaurant

If we talk about eat-out places in Bahria Town then it is like one door closes and a very next you will find out more restaurants opens. In recent times, two to three prominent and oldest restaurants closed their doors and replaced by new ones. Almost four new restaurants are opened at different locations over the time span of a month. Check the previous posts for more details.


Yummy’s 36 Replaced by Houlihen’s:

At the end of August, I told you about the closing of Yummy’s 36 and the opening of a new restaurant called Houlihen’s. Its a second branch of Haulihen’s in Town. The first branch is operational in Izmir Town. Well, today, I got its menu card. So, if you don’t know what they have to serve then the menu card is attached below. 

Discount Offer:

Though it’s been a month the restaurant is open but they’re still offering flat 10% discount. All you need is to bring the below-attached flyer along with you to get the discount. 


Houlihen’s location is the same as Yummy’s 36. It is located at D-Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Behind Eagle Mall and Fazal Din Pharmacy. 


For more details and home delivery:


50% Off By Life Fitness Club

Yoga and Aerobics both do good to your body and help in many ways. From burning calories, getting strength and flexibility to reducing stress. Both exercises are excellent for you. In fact, not just these two exercises but every daily workout can do wonders for your body. So, keep doing exercise and glow with good health!


Well, in Bahria Town, there are several fitness centers that also offer yoga and aerobic exercise. You can get their details and contact numbers by clicking here. One of them is Life Fitness Club which is located at Commercial Complex, Takbeer Block. They’re offering a discount for ladies. The offer waves 50% off from the registration fee. Now, you will have to pay Rs. 1500/- instead of Rs. 3,000/-. And, the monthly charges are Rs. 4,000/-. For further details and timings contact below number:


Tel: 042-35340891.

Food Palace

Here is another addition in the list of restaurants that only sells variety of desi food. Because a new restaurant under the name of Food Palace has opened at Umer Block. The official opening of this restaurant was held on Sunday, 19th August. You can have a look on its menu card which is attached below. They have all range of desi foods including Barbeque, Karahi, Tawa, Chicken & Mutton Handi, Sajji and a limited choice for fast food is also available at Food Palace. 


Food Palace is located at 63, main road, Umer Block, Sector C. Near to SLC Academy and opposite to Honey Jay’s Ice-cream.



Opening: 01:00 PM.

Closing: 2:00 AM.


For more details:


Live Fresh

Another fruit & vegetable shop is opening soon in Sector D market under the name of Live Fresh. As it can be seen in the above picture, the front board of Live Fresh has been placed and renovation work is under process. So, it will be active for customers in a few days, most probably in a week. You can get all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables and hygienic meat from this greengrocer store. 


Their main target is to provide all of their products on your door-steps on market’s rate without any extra charges. For this, they’ve also developed a website for the customers where they can place orders. Well, I will inform you whenever the shop will be opened. 



The address of Live Fresh is 20-Commercial, Main Road, CC block, Sector D. Adjacent to Ice-curl and near to Mcdonald’s. 


Timings will be:

Opening: 8:00 AM.

Closing: 11:00 PM.


Contact number:


Waheed Waffles

Earlier this year an ice-cream shop by the name of Wido Waffles Cone Ice-Cream was opened, which has been operational at Sector C, jasmine block. Now, a similar shop has also opened at shaheen block by the name of Waheed Waffles. At first, I thought the shop has shifted from Jasmine Block to Shaheeb block with a different name because the owner is same and both the shops have the same taste and menu card. I asked the guy out there that whether the shop is shifted here or they opened its second branch. And he told me that the first shop was in partnership and due to some dispute one partner left and opened his own shop. So, the shops are different but all the other stuff and taste is same. 


At Shaheen Block there are two cone ice-cream shops are available. Waheed waffles and the older one is waffle cone ice-cream, located adjacent to Lahore Chatkhara. Here is the menu card of the recently opened shop:


Shop no. 12, D-Plaza, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Opposite to Yummy’s restaurant and next to burger fix.


Iftaari to Sehri.

Contact number: