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Houlihen’s Restaurant

If we talk about eat-out places in Bahria Town then it is like one door closes and a very next you will find out more restaurants opens. In recent times, two to three prominent and oldest restaurants closed their doors and replaced by new ones. Almost four new restaurants are opened at different locations over the time span of a month. Check the previous posts for more details.


Yummy’s 36 Replaced by Houlihen’s:

At the end of August, I told you about the closing of Yummy’s 36 and the opening of a new restaurant called Houlihen’s. Its a second branch of Haulihen’s in Town. The first branch is operational in Izmir Town. Well, today, I got its menu card. So, if you don’t know what they have to serve then the menu card is attached below. 

Discount Offer:

Though it’s been a month the restaurant is open but they’re still offering flat 10% discount. All you need is to bring the below-attached flyer along with you to get the discount. 


Houlihen’s location is the same as Yummy’s 36. It is located at D-Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Behind Eagle Mall and Fazal Din Pharmacy. 


For more details and home delivery:


50% Off By Life Fitness Club

Yoga and Aerobics both do good to your body and help in many ways. From burning calories, getting strength and flexibility to reducing stress. Both exercises are excellent for you. In fact, not just these two exercises but every daily workout can do wonders for your body. So, keep doing exercise and glow with good health!


Well, in Bahria Town, there are several fitness centers that also offer yoga and aerobic exercise. You can get their details and contact numbers by clicking here. One of them is Life Fitness Club which is located at Commercial Complex, Takbeer Block. They’re offering a discount for ladies. The offer waves 50% off from the registration fee. Now, you will have to pay Rs. 1500/- instead of Rs. 3,000/-. And, the monthly charges are Rs. 4,000/-. For further details and timings contact below number:


Tel: 042-35340891.

Food Palace

Here is another addition in the list of restaurants that only sells variety of desi food. Because a new restaurant under the name of Food Palace has opened at Umer Block. The official opening of this restaurant was held on Sunday, 19th August. You can have a look on its menu card which is attached below. They have all range of desi foods including Barbeque, Karahi, Tawa, Chicken & Mutton Handi, Sajji and a limited choice for fast food is also available at Food Palace. 


Food Palace is located at 63, main road, Umer Block, Sector C. Near to SLC Academy and opposite to Honey Jay’s Ice-cream.



Opening: 01:00 PM.

Closing: 2:00 AM.


For more details:


Live Fresh

Another fruit & vegetable shop is opening soon in Sector D market under the name of Live Fresh. As it can be seen in the above picture, the front board of Live Fresh has been placed and renovation work is under process. So, it will be active for customers in a few days, most probably in a week. You can get all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables and hygienic meat from this greengrocer store. 


Their main target is to provide all of their products on your door-steps on market’s rate without any extra charges. For this, they’ve also developed a website for the customers where they can place orders. Well, I will inform you whenever the shop will be opened. 



The address of Live Fresh is 20-Commercial, Main Road, CC block, Sector D. Adjacent to Ice-curl and near to Mcdonald’s. 


Timings will be:

Opening: 8:00 AM.

Closing: 11:00 PM.


Contact number:


Waheed Waffles

Earlier this year an ice-cream shop by the name of Wido Waffles Cone Ice-Cream was opened, which has been operational at Sector C, jasmine block. Now, a similar shop has also opened at shaheen block by the name of Waheed Waffles. At first, I thought the shop has shifted from Jasmine Block to Shaheeb block with a different name because the owner is same and both the shops have the same taste and menu card. I asked the guy out there that whether the shop is shifted here or they opened its second branch. And he told me that the first shop was in partnership and due to some dispute one partner left and opened his own shop. So, the shops are different but all the other stuff and taste is same. 


At Shaheen Block there are two cone ice-cream shops are available. Waheed waffles and the older one is waffle cone ice-cream, located adjacent to Lahore Chatkhara. Here is the menu card of the recently opened shop:


Shop no. 12, D-Plaza, Shaheen Block, Sector B. Opposite to Yummy’s restaurant and next to burger fix.


Iftaari to Sehri.

Contact number:


Sports Icon Opening Soon

If you’re into different sports activities or your kids are always obstinate to buy more and more sports equipment no matter how much they already have. Then, you will agree with the fact that there are very bounded choices for sports equipment shops. A few departmental stores have a limited range of sports equipment and I think other than departmental stores, Liberty Sports is merely an option in Bahria Town that has a complete range of sports equipment(located at Jasmine Block near Jasmine Mall). And before writing, I’ve checked that there isn’t any listed option for sports shops in the telephone directory. So, I will update all the available options in Bahria Town from where you can get sports equipment after reconnaissance on it.


Sports Icon is another sports equipment shop which is opening soon in Bahria Town. I contacted them today and the owner told me that it will be opened after one week. They will sell all kinds of local and imported sports equipment and sports clothing. You will get more details here along with the pictures of product range after its official opening. 



Sports Icon is located at 98-B, Sector C, commercial zone, next to Ashely Furnitures and near to TGM and Bahria Golf & Country Club. Earlier at this location Vista Travel & Tours was active. 


For more details:

0300 9619198

A Plaza Caved In On Saturday

Everyone knows that what happened to the three-story plaza situated in Chambaili block, which was collapsed on Saturday evening. There were hundreds of eye-witnesses at the time of the incident and a video which has already viral on the social media shows that how the building went down in seconds. The two floors of the building were occupied by Eco-Star(ground and first floor) and on the second floor, a snooker club was active. I visited this building a week ago to collect some information of a newly opened snooker club. Well, it’s a little late to write about the incident because I wasn’t in Bahria Town for the last two days and when I got to know about the incident yesterday, I’ve been gathering more information to share here.


The reason for the incident was evident that on the adjacent plot to Eco-Star building another plaza was being under construction. And, the deep digging for the new under construction building has damaged the underground water pipeline and disturbed the foundations of the neighbouring plaza. Due to this, on Saturday everyone in the perished plaza observed that the building started shaking, then all of the people came out and after a few minutes building was gone. Fortunately, everyone was safe at the site.


But, being a Bahria Town’s resident what happened after and before the incident was an immense disappointment for all us. Because the owner of the affected plaza had reported the issue several times to the Bahria Town’s management and no measures were taken out to resolve the problem. After that, when the incident was happened the owner again reported to the management about the shaking of the plaza but Bahria Town’s management didn’t respond to the issue by saying that presently no personnel is available for this matter. After sometime when the building went down the security personnel of Bahria Town reached the site.


Then, the heated argument started which lead to the scuffle between the owner of the plaza, snooker club’s owner, and security personnel. Rest of the security was engaged to diffuse and stopped the people gathered there who were making videos by beating them. As a result of the situation, Bahria Town’s security opened aerial fire and I heard that few residents got injured and also locked up in the cells of Bahria Town.


I do not know the current situation of this matter but the police had registered the case against Bahria Town on the complaint of the owner of the plaza. Well, we all believe that this is the most unexpected, highly condemnable and lamentable act done by the Bahria Town’s management and should be report on every forum so that in future any kind of moronic and humiliating activities by Bahria Town’s management should be stopped. However, these words aren’t enough so I will again write about it in details that what Bahria Town will do to protect the basic rights of its own residents.

Wido Waffles Ice-Cream

New openings are always exciting, especially the opening of an ice-cream shop, and it is one of the best perks for all ice-cream lovers. Bahria Town Lahore, already have few notable names for ice-cream like Ice-Rolls, Ice-Curl, Chaman Ice-cream, Ice-Pan etc. Similarly, there are plenty of spots available for fresh juices, where you can also find many flavors of ice-cream. For now, another Ice-cream shop by the name of Wido Waffles Ice-cream is going to open in Sector C.


This Ice-cream shop is somehow different from other options because they will sell waffles cone ice-creams in various flavors, cold coffee, smoothies, and shakes. The official opening of Wido Waffles Ice-cream is expected on Sunday, 11th Feburary 2018. But, it is not yet confirmed.



Wido Waffles Ice-cream is located at 135-B, Dubai Tower, Sector C, near Girls Hostel and Jasmine Mall. Previously at this location, Bella was active, which is closed now.


For more details:

Bella Is Closed

Though we’ve observed that most of the closures are related to eat-out places in Bahria Town. But, it’s not just for the restaurants every time, there are other venues too that are being a victim of quitting. Well, the new month has started and each month I’ve to write about these unwanted closures. Last month, it was Foodaholic restaurant and now its a ladies boutique “Bella“.


Bella was opened in Bahria Town in the month of October, and I wrote about it with great interest at the time of its opening, because they had stored a unique handmade collections. But, sadly, today I saw that it is permanently closed. From the time of it’s opening till closing they were offering flat 40% on the entire range. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the required customer’s attraction and failed to maintain it. It was located at Sector C, commercial zone near to Girl’s hostel and Jasmine Mall.

Fashion Alley

Each month, the string of new boutiques opening continues. There are around 20 to 25 clothing brands and boutiques for ladies are available in Bahria Town. In December, Mastani by Nazia Hafez was set-up for the residents at the main boulevard. Now, one more boutique has opened by the name of Fashion Alley two weeks ago. When it was officially opened in Bahria Town, Fashion Alley was offering flat 30% discount. This 30% discount is still available on selected items. They’ve complete range of ladies clothes of each type.



Fashion Alley boutique is located at Sector C, commercial zone near to Jasmine Mall. Adjacent to Beauty n Style and above liberty sports.