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I am always positive about the fact that Bahria Town still need more names in its market to make a complete stopping place for shopping. Currently, clothing and apparel brands lack in number, but the number of such brands are gradually increasing in Bahria Town. Few of them have already entered and many big names are still anticipated and will step in future. Well, for now there is another big name that is opening its door for the residents of Bahria Town. Yesterday, when I was enroute to Tulip block near Biryani Master, I saw the banner and got to know that ‘Chenone’ is next now.


Almost everyone is familiar with the name of Chenone in Pakistan. But those who do not have the exact idea about it, its not just an apparel brand. Chenone is a subsidiary brand of Chenab group and they are offering wide range of foot wear, Bed Linen, Kitchen Accessories, Furniture and Home textile. It first started in 1997, and it is now one of the largest chain in Pakistan with more than 50 outlets. Chenone stores are established in all most all the cities nationwide.


When to open:

If you visit any Chenone store than you will find out that mostly Chenone stores have secured spacious area. Because all of their products are available under one roof. Well, if you look at the above picture it seems like that this whole building is for Chenone. But they will only get 2 or 3 floors from this whole building. For the time being only grey structure has completed, still all the renovation, interior and exterior work is yet to be completed. The main point is when will it open, they said that they’re trying to open it by the end of November and there is no exact date have been announced yet. But according to the current situation I believe it will take one more month to finally open its door in Bahria Town. I will definitely update here about the final date of its opening whenever I get to know about it.



Generally, most of the Chenone stores are not located within the premises of any Mall, and you won’t find it with other brands. They always go for a separate place for their stores, so it is obvious that they aren’t going to open it in Jasmine Mall. It is located at Tulip Block, sector C commercial Zone, near to Briyani Master and also adjacent to Bin Bakar Electronics. Few minutes drive away from Bahria Golf & Country Club and opposite to Grand Jamya Mosque.

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