Eid-ul-Fitar Namaz Timings

Eid prayer will be held in different Mosques of Bahria Town. As per the announcement of Bahria Town’s management Eid prayer will be offered in 6   Mosques of Bahria Town, here are the prayer timings of each Mosque so you can be on time!

Grand Jamya Masjid Sector C:

08:00 AM.

Umar Masjid Sector A:

7:00 AM.

Abu Bakar Masjid Gulbahar Block.

7:30 AM.

Qurtaba Masjid Safari Villas.

7:15 AM.

Al-Falah Masjid Executive lodges:

7:15 AM.

Sarwar Masjid CC block:

7:00 AM.


Eid-ul-fitar Namaz for ladies will be held at Grand Jamya Mosque. 

2 thoughts on “Eid-ul-Fitar Namaz Timings”

  1. This was my first time offering prayer or visiting the Grand Mosque.

    The Grand Mosque is grand, it is one of the many houses of Allah. But yet I feel the clutches of Bahria yet try to worsen the prayers of worshipers and their lives by implementing stupid and outrageous processes, designs and images of grandeur. Only to satisfy the image of Bahria and not of Allah.

    1. No proper windows in the house of Allah to provide lighting, yet darkened and only illuminated by electric lamps.
    2. No proper namaz carpets to guide people to the direction on which to pray and hold lines, coupled with the confusing circular design. I bear witness to some parts praying to one direction and the option 40 degrees the other way.
    3. No proper ventilation. It is one this to expect ACs, I do not. They deprive people of proper air flow.

    As a Muslim I am yet confused if Bahria constructed a Mosque or a showing of the grandeur of Bahria Town. Only Allah can know intent.

    1. Yes Waqas, you are right on your points.

      Directions are sometimes confusing as it leaves the major part of mosque without carpet and qibla direction lines. As masjid is in circular shape, it creates illusion that ‘are we in right direction or not?’

      About other things, different people could have different opinions. I like fresh air too, but people mostly prefer closed and air conditioned place nowadays.

      Thanks for your feedback

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