Eid-ul-Fitar Namaz Timings

Eid prayer will be held in different Mosques of Bahria Town. As per the announcement of Bahria Town’s management Eid prayer will be offered in 6   Mosques of Bahria Town, here are the prayer timings of each Mosque so you can be on time!

Grand Jamya Masjid Sector C:

08:00 AM.

Umar Masjid Sector A:

7:00 AM.

Abu Bakar Masjid Gulbahar Block.

7:30 AM.

Qurtaba Masjid Safari Villas.

7:15 AM.

Al-Falah Masjid Executive lodges:

7:15 AM.

Sarwar Masjid CC block:

7:00 AM.


Eid-ul-fitar Namaz for ladies will be held at Grand Jamya Mosque. 

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