Eiffel Tower Opening

Bahria Town Lahore has the third largest Eiffel Tower of the world after Paris and China. Paris has the original one, the real wonder. Eiffel Tower in Paris has height of 300 meters. Second in China has the height of 100 meters and here in Bahria Town, we have the third one with height of 80 meters. It is almost a 100 feet taller than Minar-e-Pakistan (which is considered as a high tower in Lahore).

Bahria has celebrated the new year at Eiffel Tower and opened it at that time. Afterward they close it and planned to open it from Monday onward.

Eiffel Tower has three stops on it

  1. Restaurant
  2. Coffee Place
  3. Viewing Deck (top)

It will have a small ticket to move up on that elevator which is expected to around Rs. 100 to Rs. 300. It will be confirmed by tomorrow.

This is the monument of its kind in Lahore. I guess whole Lahore will come to visit that monument and it will be a wonderful place to have a dinner on the top of Eiffel Tower.

Share your experience at Eiffel Tower of Bahria Town Lahore in comments below. Enjoy…

9 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower Opening”

  1. Any update on menu of restaurant and coffee shop? Also, please update about ticket pricing for viewing deck. Thank you

    1. Restaurant is open, don’t have menu but coffee shop will open at or after 10th of January 2016.

      For restaurant there is a ticket of Rs. 100/-
      For viewing deck there is a ticket of Rs. 300/-

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  3. When i reach
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    Bahria Town Lahore
    Eiffel Tower Replica ?

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