Fri-Chiks Opening Soon

Fri-Chiks or Fri-Chicks? Well, I do not know the difference between them that which one is original but both of the restaurants have several branches in Lahore and other cities. The logo is also the same and in red color. I didn’t try any of them and never been there. Anyways, now we have both the restaurants in Bahria Town. One Fri-Chicks has been operational in Town for more than 3 years and now it is located at Sector E facing Eiffel Tower. 

The Fri-Chiks is not yet functional but they are all set to open soon. The picture is attached above all the renovation work and seating plan is completed. Most probably it will open in the start of next week. Meanwhile they’re looking for restaurant’s staff. 


IFri-Chiks is located at Main Boulevard, Sector C, commercial zone, Jasmine Block, near to Talwar chowk and opposite to Am Pm Salon. 

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2 thoughts on “Fri-Chiks Opening Soon”

  1. A good and elegant building, worthy of a great brand plundered by a substandard brand is saddening. Ever since I moved to Bahria I have been keenly noticing the building as it looked aside from the rest. The brand ‘Fri Chiks’ only taints the little grandeur the building possesed.

    The same brands other branch near Eiffel recently pictured and discussed at length on Facebook for drying it’s plates and clothes in the bathroom (no, I am not confused between Butler’s and ‘Fri Chiks’ both were reported on FB for keeping utensils in the bathroom).

    1. We friends were discussing the same thing about this building. We suggest to minimum have Hardees at this place. Such a waste of beautiful building.

      Though one of my friend tried the ‘Fri Chicks’ and appreciate their food quality.

      I guess they have franchised every branch to different person. So quality could be different in every branch. That’s what it looks like, don’t know the real story yet.

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