Gyms In Bahria Town

Firstly there was only one gym in Bahria Town. That gym was of the society itself. Now we have two more private gyms in Bahria Town Lahore.

One is with the name of ‘Cuts’ in Umer block commercials. It is in basement of 8 marla corner commercial building. Fee is Rs. 1500/- (gents) and Rs. 1800/- (ladies). Good thing is that it is also opened in morning time. Bahria Gym don’t open in morning for gents.

Second gym is with the name of ‘Fab’ in Sector C commercial zone, backside of girls hostel. It is on first floor of a 5 marla commercial building. I’ve seen that gym equipment yesterday and it seems that they are installing it nowadays and will be open soon. Let’s see what their package would be.

More details will soon to follow…

5 thoughts on “Gyms In Bahria Town”

    1. I guess Cuts Gym in Umer block has the lowest fee. It is Rs. 2000 per month. It has been shifted in other building, near to Safari Villas back gate. Right next to kids camp

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