Knock Out Round Of Cricket Tournament

Property dealers cricket tournament has entered in knockout round. 16 teams have came up from 8 pools, which means two teams from each pool. Management has written the name of each team on a paper and then shuffle those paper and then randomly pick up to set matches.

4 matches of knockout round has been played yesterday, four (4) matches has to be played today. Then only 8 teams will remain in the tournament which will play quarter finals. Quarter finals will be held on tomorrow. Then Semi finals day after tomorrow and finally the last and Final Match.

This tournament will end in this week God willing. It was a good entertainment for property dealers. These kind of entertainment should held more often in small scale (if not large like this one).

One Bad Thing:

One bad thing which happens in this tournament was the external players played by many of the teams. Many property dealers hired the professional cricket players just to win this tournament. This tournament was suppose to be entertainment of property dealers who fed up with doing work only. If anyone will make it a life or death issue than it will loose it’s originality.

The cricket match winning and loosing should remain in ground and in ground only. It should not come to offices. They all work with each other in property dealing, that thing should remain like it was before, even better due to this event, not worse. If this tournament bring property dealers close than it is really a wonderful activity. Keep going…

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