Kobeda Palace

Kobeda Palace in sector D, Bahria Town is another restaurant that has opened two weeks ago. The speciality of this restaurant is the Kobeda Naan’s which have originated from Kobeda Palace UK. These Kobeda Naan’s are baked in a peculiar Tandoori Clay Oven, all of the ingredients, recipe and the way of cooking is based on the UK’s Kobeda Palace. Other than that, they are also selling fast food items including, Pizzas, Burgers and Wraps. Desi breakfast is also available only on Sunday, in breakfast menu, Keema with Paratha, Mutton Paya and Halwa Puri is included.


  • Single Kobeda Naan: Rs 390/-
  • Double Kobeda Naan: Rs 490/-


Kobeda Palace location is quite separate from others and it is solely located in AA block. Located at Ayyub Tower, commercial area Sector D.

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