Last Date Of Discount At Ravi Restaurant

Ravi Restaurant starts its operation in Bahria Town Lahore from 14th December 2014. They announced 20% discount on first three days and this is the third day, the last day.

But this last day is only for discount otherwise we wish that it runs for long and bring a good eat out option for Bahria Town Lahore.

2 thoughts on “Last Date Of Discount At Ravi Restaurant”

  1. Ravi Restaurant is the most stupid, Dirty and
    of course unprofessional place.
    Once I entered into that restaurant There was a bunch of idiots who were smoking and there were so many flys , suffocation and No proper air circulation or conditioning.
    I talked with the idiot , dump look staff and then came back.
    Since then never visited there.

    1. I’ve also noticed such things in my last visit. But I wan’t them to improve as we have not a lot of options in Bahria Town. Ravi restaurant is surviving in such hard times should get some credit.

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