Mart Inn

In Bahria town there are many departmental stores that are offering wide range of consumer good of different categories. Good departmental stores are very important in any major society. We’ve seen that many departmental stores are  opening every now and then. We are expecting more to open in future. TGM, Victoria departmental store, Easy mart, Green valley etc are some of the leading departmental stores in Bahria town. We’ve also updated complete list of departmental stores along with the number and address in our telephone directory.

Mart Inn.

There is another mart that has open now in Bahria town few days ago by the name of mart inn. Its a small scale store and selling all necessary products. Almost every departmental store in bahria town offers free home delivery. So, Mart inn is also offering free delivery within tha bahria town.


Mart inn in Bahria town is located at sector C, commercial area facing bahria golf and country club and adjacent to guggz tobacco. It is also situated behind the fine eatry restaurant.

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