Jalal Sons Opening On 13th April

Yesterday, on my way back to Bahria Town from DHA EME sector, where I saw two of the colossus billboards on the main canal road. I took the picture of one billboard which has placed right in front of the main entrance of DHA EME. And, finally here is the exciting news of the opening of Jalal Sons near Bahria Town for all the residents. The date of its official opening has been revealed through the billboards and it will be opened for customers on Friday, 13th April.  As I have mentioned earlier that it will be fully operational for its customers by the mid of this month. They’ve started its speedy and prompt renovation work about a month ago. So, the building is almost complete and in a short span of time, they’re ready to open it after 4 days.



Everyone knows about its location and most residents aren’t well pleased with the location of the main canal road and opposite to Sukh Chan Garden. I too believe that the location of Jalal Sons should be more convenient and it supposed to be somewhere in the middle of Bahria Town. But, I think this location will also help Jalal Sons to target other surrounding areas especially Canal Gardens and Sukh Chan Gardens.

4 thoughts on “Jalal Sons Opening On 13th April”

  1. Great news for the residents!

    Jalal Sons is good enough that I will travel to the inconvenient location to buy my baked items and hopefully grocery as well. Though I sure wish they would have opened inside Bahria.

  2. I don’t know why some brands choose that Canal road commercial. It is really hard to pass through whole Bahria to reach these commercials. No commercial has been successful here so far except Domino’s and Cakes & Bakes are still there.

    New brands like Jalal Sons try to catch other markets with Bahria as well, so they choose such locations. But they don’t know this strategy will drop your sales from main society i.e. Bahria Town.

    Other societies are merely the size of one block of Bahria Town. Canal Garden is little bigger but they’ll less potential customers for bakery and store like Jalal Sons.

    This is my advise for further brands coming to Bahria. Focus on your main goal. Bahria has a large population now. Bahria people will avoid to come all over the canal road to buy anything. Open your stores in Sector C commercial zone which is a commercial hub not only for Bahria residencies but people who visit Bahria as well.

    I guess I’ve written more than enough.


    1. Canal Road has advantage , majority people pass through this Road and every vehicle has to get his fuel from the only PSO petrol pump in Bahria Town. So it will be convenient to reach Jalal Sons which is not far away from PSO pump.

      Bahria Town is costly in property buying and rent.
      Like Jalal sons they need much space which they can hardly afford in centre of Bahria Town.

      1. You are right about the space issue. I’ve visit Jalal sons, it was impossible to get such space in Bahria.

        Let’s wish best of luck to them. It will obviously give an other option to people of Bahria Town

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