Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Meat And Chicken

Clean air conditioned shop opened in Umer block commercials. They said to present organic vegetables and fruits. Desi Murgha and Desi Bakra is also on their menu. Though you can have these on order. Otherwise you’ll get the routine vegetables, fruits, meat and chicken.

Shop Visit:

I’ve visited today on this shop. They have done the soft opening, planning for proper opening in coming week. They didn’t have fresh vegetables right now but working hard to meet the customers need. Owner was also there and listening to suggestions of everyone. He assures the good delivery of each product as they start properly.

Owner’s History:

Owner of the business told me that they actually have chicken and goat farm. Chicken and goat is there core business, however they are also trying to bring good quality vegetables and fruits too.


They are trying to deliver fruits and vegetables in compartively low price from whole Bahria Town.

Let’s wish them best of luck and let’s see how they go further.

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