Guzel Boutique

Ladies boutique are quite economincal as compared to other famous brands and you will get some fine stuff over there in very reasonable prices. A lot of ladies boutiques and apparel brands are established in Bahria town. Many boutiques are also providing stitching services along with the ready to wear clothes.

‘Guzel’ is another ladies boutique that has opened in Bahria town. Guzel boutique has both stitched and un-stitched clothes.


Guzel boutique is located at 134-B sector C commercial area. Adjacent to Pizzaria restaurant and few minutes drive away from Bahria golf and country club.

Prime Departmental Store

In Bahria town, we’ve many upto the mark departmental stores. You will easily find a good departmental store at every distant. If you need all the details of departmental stores that are opened then you can check telephone directory section. To check these details go to this link. Moreover, I observed that in past few days that there are many departmental stores has ben opened. Some of them are only selling customary things and grocery items. While some are complete shopping malls along with departmental store. TGM, Easy mart etc are the examples where you can find everything.

Now there is another departmental store that will be opening soon in Bahria town by the name of Prime Departmental store. When I passed through tulip road opposite to Bahria golf and country club I saw the coming soon banner and I got to know that one more departmental will going to open. Furthermore, they’ve completed its interior and exterior work, all the segments are placed. Its not a large scale store like Green valley, TGM and easy mart but it has secure an adequate area.


Prime dapartmental store is located at tulip road, sector C commercial area, opposite to Bahria town golf and country club. Few minutes drive away from Honey beans and fine eatry reataurant. As per my observation it is not situated at central location so that would be a minor drawback for it.

Fri-Chicks New Location

Fri-Chicks is a renowned fast food restaurant in Lahore. They’re serving in many different locations in all over Lahore. One of the Fri-Chicks branch is also operational in Bahria town. Few days back they stopped serving in Bahria town and I thought, that it is now also closed like others. One of the guy told me that they’re planing to move its location within the town. Because its location is not suitbale for them, furthermore its business in Bahria is also declining. Now its moved to the new location.

Previous location:

Previously Fri-chicks was located at Umer block, safari villas.

New location:

Now, Fri-chicks is located at sector E, facing Eifle tower and adjacent to Illusion Bar & lounge.

Day Night Paan & Tobacco Shop

Tobacco shops are much needed thing for those who are addicted to any kind of tobaccos & paan’s. Well, in Bahria town there are a lot of choices for a good tobacco shop, that offers imported, local and fresh cigarettes. To check all the list of tobacco shops that are currently active in Bahria town and offering free hone delivery click here.

There is another tobacco shop has opened in Bahria town few days ago with the name of Day night paan & tobacco shop. Moreover they’re also offering home delivery within the bahria town.


Day night paan & tobacco shop is located at sector C near to Grand jamya mosque.

Contact no:


Discounts At Bahria Town

Here are the details about the summer sale on different apparel brands that are located in Bahria town.


Uniworth was opened in Bahria town few days back. They’re now offering upto 50% off on entire stock. It is located at Jamsine mall sector C, commercial area.


Engine is also a clothing brand that is located at Jasmine mall. Engine is now also offering upto 50% discount.

Rang Ja, Leisure Club & Minnie Minors:

Rang Ja is offering upto 50% discount, Flat 30% off at Leisure club and Minnie minors are being offered. All are located at Jasmine mall sector C.

Mega Brands:

Mega brands is a foot wear shop that is located at main boulevard near Talwar chowk. Mega brand has now offering upto 50% discount.


Colours, the famous kids brand offering flat 50% discount. It is located at sector C, adjacent to Beauty ‘N Style.

House Of Zoe:

Upto 50% discount has been offering at House Of Zoe. Located at sector C near Bahria golf and country club.


Borjan which is located at main boulevard now offering upto 50% discount on all products.


Chaman Ice-Cream & Costare Bakery


I don’t believe that there is anyone who doesn’t know about this famous Chaman ice cream in Lahore. It first started in 1974 at beadon road adjacent to Mall road. Now, it has several branches not just in Lahore but all over Pakistan. Currently, they’re offering fresh shakes, Juices and different flavours of ice-creams including other 40 products. Whenever I visit mall road and pass through their main branch at beadon road, its always crowded. I once tried their Mango-chocolate Ice-cream and it was quite good with very reasonable price.

When to open:

Now they’re going to open another branch along with Costare bakery & sweets in Bahria town. As it can be seen in above picture almost all the exterior and interior work has completed. When I asked one of the person who was there, he told  that the official opening of Chaman ice-cream in Bahria town will be held on coming friday at sharp 10:00 am. And they have not  disclosed any information about  discounts yet.


Chaman Ice-cream and costare bakery is located at main boulevard chambaili block, commercial area sector C. Few minutes drive away from Grand jamya mosque and opposite to Cakes & bakes.


10:00 am to 2:00 am.



Martial arts covers all the activities and skills that involve physical fitness, mind discipline and fighting methods. I think, martial arts has more influence on kids as compare to adults. Because kids eternally love to fight and use their arms and legs more. It will help kids to improve their skills, physical fitness, strength and stamina. Moreover, martial arts also stimulates brain working and makes a balance personality.

In Bahria town Karate and martial arts classes are available for kids, men and women. Mashfitt is one of the prominent and obvious option in Bahria town for martial arts.

Summer Camp For Kids:

Mashfitt will also arrange special classes by the name of kids taekwando in summer vacations. These classes will going to start from 12th of July and will complete after one month. Here are the main objectives of this summer camp.

* Develop kids confidence and discipline.
* Develop flexibility, endurance and strength.
* Teach the conceptual and physical perspective of self defense.
* Completion of Taekwondo Yellow Belt syllabus.


Mashfitt is located at main boulevard second floor building 6 sector C, near to talwar chowk.


For boys: 6:00 pm.
For girls: 5:00 pm.


Registration fee on time: Rs 5,000/-
Kids charges: Rs 3,500/- per month


Labour Jobs In Bahria Town

Sayah consulting is a leading consulting firm. Their  core interest is to provide best facilities and helping their clients in businesses. They’re acommodating their clients to provide investment facilities in IT. Driving down the cost of running and managing their IT infrastructures. Sayah Consulting also collaborates with a range of infrastructure and application technology partners from the world’s leading IT companies. Sayah consulting first started in 2010. And now, they’re working in 5 different major countries including Uk, India, UAE, Egypt and in Pakistan.


Sayah consulting was officially operational few days back in Bahria town. They’re now looking and hiring for some labour jobs in Bahria town. So here is the opportunity for those who are looking for job and want to earn some.

Hiring for:
  • Cook.
  • Driver.
  • Electrition.
  • Plumber.
  • Maid.
  • Tailor.
  • Gardner.
  • Baby sitter.

Sayah consulting in Bahria town is located at Plot 241-B, 1st Floor, Sector ‘C’ commercial area, tulip block.

Tel: +92 42 35976184

Xpress Wash In Bahria Town

These days cleaning windows and mirrors are as important as other maintenance process. Cleaning and shining of windows of plaza’s, homes and offices is quite difficult for anyone. Without using professional instruments and staff, you won’t get desired results. There are many other drawbacks of a dirty windows and screens. If your widnows are dirty or dull, the life of these windows might be shorter. It also shows that how professional, sophisticated or well-mannered you are if they aren’t properly cleaned. Secondly, your property would be more attractive, good-looking and even more unique if your windows and screens are cleansed with professional staff.

Xpress Wash:

In Bahria town you could see a lot of buildings, homes and offices. The only negative thing I observed that their windows and screens aren’t shiny and neat. The old procedures of cleaning are also declining becuase of the cost and results. Offices and plazas require more cleansing to their windows. For that, recently a new service has been launched in Bahria town by the name of Xpress wash. Xpress wash is one and only service in Bahria town that is providing appropriate washing and cleaning service of any type of premises. Their staff is totally professional and the instruments the’re using are import from Europe. They’ve most latest cleaning technology. You’ll also get your solar panels washed and clean by the help of Xpress wash.


Here are the few major points that are claimed by the Xpress wash.

1. We clean windows, fascias &  cladding conservatories, solar panels  and much more.
2. Professional, friendly & punctual  with crime-history checked staff
3. Guaranteed satisfaction or will return  & fix within 48 hours
4. Pure Water Technology  provides longer lasting shine &  no soapy smears
5. No ladders: Increased privacy, minimal disturbance or damage to property.


Moreover, they’ve completed many cleaning projects in Bahria town and also other locations of Lahore. The charges of cleaning are according to the height and length. You can easily get an appoitment by call or visit their office that is located in sector C umer block 23-commercial area.

Contact no:

Pizza Hub Is Closed

Recetly we’ve updated that pizza X was closed. Now there is another pizza shop by the name of Pizza hub has been closed few days back. It was located at sector C near main boulevard. When I talked to one of the person who was there he told me that it is permanently closed. The main resaon of its closing is that its location wasn’t suitbale for them. Secondly, they have opened another restaurant in Bahria town.


Pizzaria has opened by the same management of Pizza hub. All the pizza flavours and menu is same but they’ve changed its name and location. It is located in dubai tower sector C, commercial area.

Contact no: