A Few Openings

We all know that there are a lot of new openings taking place every other day in Bahria Town. We get to know about them because they create a fair amount of buzz in community with good advertising strategies and words of mouth. And become successful to reach out to a large number of customers. On the other hand, there are also many businesses that are opened in Town but didn’t manage to brew any excitement in the air and failed to draw the crowd’s attention in the first place. Therefore, I’ve my eyes on them to keep you updated regarding all types of openings and happenings in Town! 


Well, in the past few days, I’ve seen a few venues that are popped up in silence. And, couldn’t reach out to us through advertisement or any kind of communication. So, here are the few openings that took place recently.


Roti Tukkar:

As the name suggests, Roti Tukkar restaurant is a desi dhaba type eatery. Its been two months the restaurant has opened at CC Block, Sector D, next to Khan Juices and Dry Fruits. 


Its complete week menu is attached below. Along with desi food, they’re selling more than 25 kinds of Naans. Moreover, the owner told me, their Plum Sauce(famously known as aloo Bukhara chatni) is a big hit. Freshly prepared at home without any artificial flavor or color. The price of this sauce is Rs. 600/- per kg. 

Shahram Suitings:

I don’t know why but there are two names mentioned on the front board Shahram Suitings and Deewan Suitings. They have a wide range of men’s clothing including Shalwar Kameez, Formal Suits, Sherwani, Waistcoats, and wedding dresses. Also, offering all types of stitching services. You can also avail a flat 20% discount on all ranges for a limited time. 


It is located at Jasmine Block, Sector C, adjacent to newly opened Taana Baan’s outlet and Karma Boutique, below Aura’s beauty salon. 


N.K Travels & Tours:

There are already a few names of Travel & Tours in Bahria Town and N.k travels and tours is another addition in the list of these names. So, if you’re looking to handle your Umrah & Hajj visas, procedure and for all airlines tickets, you can contact them. 


It is located at Tulip Block, Sector C. Opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. 




Lahore Waly:

Lahore Waly is the seller of fresh vegetable, mutton, beef, and chicken. This meat shop was opened in Bahria Town more than a month ago. They’re providing desi bakery for Sadqa and Haeeqa. Free home delivery service is available for the residents.


Contact details:

Lahore Waly is located at D-Plaza Market, Shaheen Block, Sector B. 



Aesthetic Regime

If you’re looking for a gym that suits your timings, have a reasonable fee along with the professional fitness expert that will help you to wend your way to wellness. Then consider Aesthetic Regime fitness club that has opened in Bahria Town more than a month ago. The Aesthetic Regime has a wide breadth of cardio and strength equipment to fit the needs of every exerciser. They are providing four categories of services which are mentioned below:


  • Arm Wrestling Training.
  • Fitness Training.
  • BodyBuilding.
  • TRX Training.


60 Days Challenge:

Moreover, recently, they have started 60 days challenge in Bahria Town to lose up to 15 kg weight. In 60 days challenge, you will go through seven different exercises including Yoga, Aerobics, Zumba, Tabata, TRX, Full body workout, and Cardio. This 60 days challenge is only for ladies. 


Monthly Fee:

Aesthetic Regime fee structure is quite flexible. You just have to pay a monthly fee which is Rs. 3000/- without any burden of paying one-time registration fee like other fitness clubs in Town. And I think if you join them in a group of three or more, you will also get a discount. 



Most of the fitness clubs are open both in evening and morning. But, Aesthetic Regime only opens in the evening from 05:00 PM to 11:00 PM. There is no shift in the morning. 



Aesthetic Regime is located at Shaheen Block, Sector B. Above She’s Beauty Salon, near to Safari Villas check post and Eagle Mall. 

Contact number:

0321 4227973

HOB-House Of Burgers Discount Offers

If you have not visited HOB-House Of Burgers a newly opened fast food restaurant yet at Umer Block, Sector C. Then do visit and get your hands on their freshly-made-grilled burgers and three different flavor of fries!

It was opened last month and I wrote about it here. 


50% For BNU’s Students:

Discount offers for BNU students isn’t a new thing in Bahria Town. Most of the restaurants have been offering certain discounts for the students of BNU as it is around the Town. So, if you’re a BNU’s student, you can avail flat 50% discount on the entire menu of HOB-House Of Burgers. It’s a limited time offer, students need to show the below-attached picture and avail 50% rebate. This offer is for a limited time only. 

Buy One Get One Free:

There is another offer for the residents by HOB-House Of Burgers called “freefridays”. On every Friday you can get a most popular deal “Buy one Get one Free”. The offer is only valid between 04:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Fridays. 



HOB-House Of Burgers is located at the main road, Umer Block, Sector C. Opposite to Malik Bhai Books & Uniform and next to UR dentist. 



01:00 PM to 02:00 AM. 


Contact number:

0309 6070029

Grochub—An Online Grocery Store

Online grocery shopping is always a good idea because of its several advantages. It helps save time, energy and undoubtedly a time saviour in emergancy. Over the past few years, online shoppers are increasing drastically. To cater to the needs of online shoppers, online grocery stores are also catching up with consumers promptly at the same time. Well, If you can check on the numbers of online stores, you will get to know that there are already hundreds of stores that are operational. Similarly, there is a list of online stores working specifically in Bahria Town. Some of them are closed and a few ones are still active. 



Here is another addition of online grocery store in Bahria Town under the name of Grochub. They have started their services in Town on 5th October. Like Live Fresh which was opened two months back, Grochub has also launched their website. All you need is to sign up and create an account. 


Product Categories:

They are providing all types of Grocery Items online including fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and all other raw and manufactured grocery items. But, if you visit their website and official Facebook page, you will find out three categories of products are listed only. According to them, more products will be added soon on the website. For now, you can order 30 items of vegetables, 16 fruits, and 4645 medicines. All of three categories are on discounted rates for a limited time. 


Order Charges:

For orders, you can either call them directly or place your orders on the website. Moreover, Rs. 70/- are the base charges if the order amount is less or equal to Rs. 500/-. If the order amount exceeds to Rs. 500/- then Rs. 10/- will be added on every Rs. 100/-. 



155-A, Sector C, Commercial Area. 


Contact numbers:







Order Timings:

08:00 AM to 12:00 AM.

Food Affairs & Burger Fix Are Re-located

Following the re-opening of Smokehouse Grill restaurant this week. Two more eat-out places re-opened with a new location after a few days of their closing. I already wrote about the re-opening of Smokehouse Grill restaurant here and told you that former owner had sold out the restaurant and new management would re-open it anytime soon. Now, here are the two more restaurants which are moved to new locations.


Food Affairs New Location:

For the first time, Food Affairs restaurant was opened in last Ramadan before Eid in Bahria Town. At the time of its opening, they had arranged an event to celebrate the grand opening. You can check the details by clicking here. The previous location was 175-B, Jasmine Block, Sector C, commercial zone, opposite Dubai Tower and near to Jasmine Mall. 


Now, last week, after a long struggle of almost 5 months, Food Affairs is re-opened in Tulip block, Sector C. Behind Bahria Gold and Country Club and adjacent to Mauj Tandoor and The Great Mall. However, there is a huge difference between the previous and current venue. Previously, they have had a complete floor with enough space and had a way better ambiance as compared to the current location. This time it is just a simple banner at the front without any decor and seems zero freshness. Maybe it is just another start they will improve it as they had done before. Well, I’ve attached before and after picture of the front so you can get a clear idea. 

Burger Fix New Location:

Burger Fix started serving in May this year at Sector B, Shaheen Block, D market. But, they have closed this location and re-opened it in Sector C. Burger Fix is now fully operational in Jasmine Block, Sector C, near to Jasmine Mall and opposite to Dubai Tower. 

Menu Card And Pictures Of Lazzat Restaurant

As I mentioned earlier in the previous post of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants that I will share the menu card and its pictures whenever I would visit it. So, here is the detailed menu card of Lazzat Hotels & Restaurants. To check the details of this restaurant click here. 


Menu Card:

They were offering flat 20% discount on the entire menu for the first three days which has ended now. You will get your hands on all sort of foods including, Chinese, Thai, Continental, Fast food, and all types of desi food. 

Front Video & Pictures:


As I told you before that this restaurant is one of the sizeable restaurants in Bahria Town. But, at the moment, only the ground floor is operational. They have ample seating plan split into two parts along with the bar of juices and mocktails. 

Event Space and Hotel Rooms:

You can book their floor for your events like birthday parties, weddings, meetings, corporate events with unique decorations. Moreover, according to the restaurant’s manager, they are working on the upper floors and soon its hotel rooms will be opened for the customers. 



Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is located at 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. To check the address in map visit the previous post. 


For more details:

0301 4618410

Flat 20% Off By TGM

Did you notice one thing that why departmental stores which were once rulers in Bahria Town, all of a sudden seems charged up and trying to dominate again? Obviously! this is all because of big players who have entered in Town including Jalal Sons, Al-Fateh, and then Rainbow Cash & Carry. For all the stores who have been running in town since the start, the competition has become challenging and remarkably difficult for them. 


Well, except Easy Mart, I had never seen other stores like (Green Valley, The Great Mall, Victoria Store) who did come up with new promotions and discounts frequently. But, in the past few days, these older stores scaling back on advertisement and have started offering different promotions to attract more attention. In recent days, Easy Mart and Safari Mall had placed advertisement boards in all over Bahria Town and offered discounts. Similarly, The Great Mall, in a period of around one month had launched a discount offer for the second time. I can tell you, these promotions and discount offers will definitely continue to grow and you will see more promotions in near future.


Flat 20% By TGM:

For now, TGM has announced its mage sale and placed a banner in front of it’s building. They are now offering flat 20% discount on Crockery, Toys, Jewellery, Decorations, Cosmetics, and undergarments. The offer is for a limited time. Started on Sunday 14th October. It will end in a day or two. 


Mall Timings:

Opening: 08:00 AM

Closing: 12:30 AM.



208-B, Tulip Block, Behind Bahria Golf & Country Club, Sector C. 


For more details:

+92 301 4111194

Smokehouse Grill Re-Opening

The restaurant business is undoubtedly tough especially in Bahria Town and everyone knows it! Every other month, we have been watching unanticipated and continuous closings. Well, I am not an expert in a restaurant’s business but I must say to invest in Bahria’s market one should ignore the “Risk and Reward” factor here! Because no matter how good is the location, taste, ambiance or enormous investments the restaurant’s owner could make. In the end, it came up with the end. Again here is one of the examples of the above statement. 

Temporarily Closed:

Smoke House Grill restaurant is one of those restaurants who had invested well in order to provide a good ambiance and quality food. The reviews they got were also positive and captivating. However, its been around 3 weeks the restaurant Smoke House Grill is closed. In Bahria Town, it first opened in March this year. Unfortunately, within the period of six months of its operation, the restaurant stopped serving. I went there a few days back to get details to share here. At that time, they just told me that the restaurant is temporarily closed due to some issues. 



Now, last Wednesday, I got to know that the restaurant will resume its services soon. So, if you were a frequent visitor of Smokehouse Grill restaurant then do not get disconcert. The initial management of Smokehouse Grill couldn’t make it through and eventually, they sold it out. The new management will reopen the restaurant soon. Maybe in a day or two. I’ve also heard that they will sell the same food and the menu card would be the same like before but it is not confirmed. Well, stay tuned I will share its new menu card here soon!



Smokehouse Grill restaurant is located at Plaza 57, AA block, Sector D near to Surahi Chowk and opposite to

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants Is Active

The above-attached picture of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants was taken by me a long time ago. It was dusk at that time neither the quality nor the angle is right! So, I am planning to visit this restaurant again to capture some good pictures and will also make a video to share here along with its menu card. 


Official Opening:

It took around 4 months for its opening  and finally the ribbon-cutting ceremony was held yesterday. My friend told me that they had also arranged an event outside the building to celebrate its opening. And, for those who haven’t seen this restaurant yet, you will definitely find this eatery as one of the largest restaurants(except those which are possessed by Bahria itself). Two to three sizeable floors are being occupied by this restaurant. They will provide you space to arrange events and cooperate meetings. Moreover, I think, as the name suggests, along with the food they’re providing accommodations too. Well, wait for another update. I will visit it soon and will gather as much as information I can to share here. 


Discount Offer:

Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants, is offering flat 20% discount on food due to its opening. This discount offer is valid for three days Friday to Sunday. 



The address of Lazzat Hotels and Restaurants is 101A-103A, Chambaili Block, Sector C. Near to Grand Jamya Mosque and behind Askari Bank and Jamin Java Cafe. I’ve attached the map below:

Contact number:


Discount By Bin Bakar Electronics

Like last year in October, Bin Bakar Electronics have again bring their discount offer for the residents. They have announced this discount offer with a strong advertisement. You can see a mega billboard on the main canal road and hundreds of road streamers in all over Bahria Town. 


Discount Offer:

Bin Bakar Electronics is offering a flat 25% discount on a complete range of home appliances. This will be valid for three days from October 12th to October 14th. 



Bin Bakar electronics is located at Sector C, commercial zone, opposite to Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. It is also adjacent to Cakes & Bakes and Chenone. Few minutes drive away from Bahria Golf & Country club and Talwar Chowk.


For more details: 0322-7878093