Organic Vegetables, Fruits, Meat And Chicken

Clean air conditioned shop opened in Umer block commercials. They said to present organic vegetables and fruits. Desi Murgha and Desi Bakra is also on their menu. Though you can have these on order. Otherwise you’ll get the routine vegetables, fruits, meat and chicken.

Shop Visit:

I’ve visited today on this shop. They have done the soft opening, planning for proper opening in coming week. They didn’t have fresh vegetables right now but working hard to meet the customers need. Owner was also there and listening to suggestions of everyone. He assures the good delivery of each product as they start properly.

Owner’s History:

Owner of the business told me that they actually have chicken and goat farm. Chicken and goat is there core business, however they are also trying to bring good quality vegetables and fruits too.


They are trying to deliver fruits and vegetables in compartively low price from whole Bahria Town.

Let’s wish them best of luck and let’s see how they go further.

Roshaan Fun Mania… A Complete Fun Package

As we all know that Bahria Town has a fun spot for kids by the name of “Roshaan Fun Mania” in the basement of Roshaan Centre. Its like a wonder land for the kids of all ages.

It has many items for toddlers, video games and basket ball game for kids of ages between 4 to 10. Few more items/games & 3D rides for the elder kids. They also have a Mickey Mouse mascot greeting younger children and sometimes gifting them candies.

Now, Roshaan has converted these rides to 7D by adding more effects to them. I once heard that there is a play land some where in defence having 7D rides with effects. It means Roshaan is now competing defence play lands by introducing such things.

They have a good collection of these rides, I have taken them all and found them very entertaining. Though, in my opinion, “The Wall of China” is most in demand. The last ride came a month or two before is “Lost in Fear“. Roshaan recently increased the ticket price for the rides from 150 to 200 rupees per head.

Moreover, Roshaan also brings a birthday package. You can celebrate your children’s birthdays there. The packages varies for week days and for weekends. Package for weekdays starts from Rs. 10,000/- and for week ends, it starts from Rs. 15,000/-

birthday packages brochure

They can do all kind of decorations for you, all the games will be free for 1 hour (except for the 7D ride) and they will also arrange food (burgers) for all the guests. The basic package is for up to 10 children. If number exceeds from 10, amount rate slightly differs then. Non refundable 50% deposit required at the time of booking for party confirmation.

It’s really very exciting to have a place offering so much under one roof. I recommend everyone with young children to visit Roshaan Fun Mania, and share your views with us.

Kayseria is open now !!!

dav“Kayseria”… A female clothing brand, has now opened its branch in Bahria Town. Today was the 3rd day of the opening.

There are now about 30 branches of Kayseria in Lahore, including this one.

Kayseria has not offered any discount till now. Although they have a very descent collection of shirt pieces, two piece and three piece suits. Their starting variety mostly consists of light colours and all of them are from winter collection. I didn’t find much variety of fancy stuff.

According to them, a new range of suits, including ones with chiffon duppatas, and of khaddar material will arrive within next week, probably till Monday.


A constant stream of women has been found at their launch. Hopefully, this branch will also get good response like others, inshallah.

Dars by Madam Nighat Hashmi

A Dars Class has been organized in Country Club, Bahria Town (opposite Jamia Mosque) by Madam Nighat Hashmi (Scholar and Founder / CEO of Al-Noor international, an institute of islamic sciences for women).


Date: 22nd of October, 2016

Day: Saturday

Timings: 3:30 to 5:30

Ashiana Pet Shop

Like foreign countries, the trend regarding pets has been changed a lot in Pakistan in last few years. People are getting more inclined to keep pets as a hobby.

In Lahore, there are many pet shops including Tollentol market, birds planet etc having varieties in it.

As compared to city areas, residential societies do not have such type of shops. People do not want to go to such rushy and far places plus they want such shops nearer to their societies so they can have their pets cared, having full know how of their needs and to get their pet nice food supplies.

Keeping all above things as a reference, a new pet shop has been opened in Bahria Town, Lahore with the name of “Ashiana” in D-Plaza (D1 Plaza, Shaheen Block). They have variety in birds, also have a small range of rabbits and cats due to space issue but they assures to arrange any pet on customer’s demand. They also deals in pets accessories and their food supplies.

Also note that this is Ashiana’s third shop here. They already have two furniture shops, one at Talwar Chowk and the other at PSO (in Bahria Town).

Now, we can only wish “ASHIANA” a good luck to achieve a good name in Bahria Town (Inshallah).

Update: Their contact numbers are:

M. Asad Akbar Khan: 0322-7820020
M. Ali Akbar Khan: 0321-4424118
Sikander Akbar Khan: 0311-4088866

Best Outing In Lahore

Whenever a Lahori (one who lives in Lahore) thinks of outing, he has one thing in mind ‘where to go to eat’. On some occasions like Eid, people were looking for something more then eating.

When you look around the Lahore city, you’ll get many historical landmarks where one can go. Those who live here has got bore with that and want something new, something modern.

I’m amazed to see that people from whole city come to Bahria Town Lahore to visit. They came here to visit the Grand Jamia Masjid and Eiffel Tower.

On Eid days our Bahria Town Lahore is full with people wandering around Grand Jamia Masjid and Eiffel Tower. Entrance of Bahria Town get choked due to load of traffic. Good thing is that, now we have more places in Lahore to hangout.

Playing Area In Safari Villas

Bahria Town management has set a small fee for the playing area in Safari Villas. They have also increased the badminton nets to accommodate more people.

This playing area is set in parking area of Safari Mall or Green Valley Super Store in Safari Villas.

Earlier it was free of cost now Bahria has start to charge a little fee for it.


Bahria Town is charging Rs. 1,000/- per month for badminton.

Tennis have a different fee, which I remember is Rs. 5,000/- per month.

Why Fee:

If Bahria Town is charging fee then it should provide the proper environment for these games. Badminton is not an outdoor game and Tennis is not played on road. Why are you charging fee then?

Fee has only done one good that crowd has vanished. Now you don’t have to wait long for your turn.

Cakes And Bakes Opened

Cakes and Bakes opened their outlet in Bahria Town today. It is situated in Sector C commercial zone. It is third bakery renown brand after Gourmet and Doce.


Cakes and Bakes is giving discount for first three days which are 15, 16 and 17 of January 2016.

Discount is flat 20% on all Cakes and Bakes products.

Outlet Detail:

Outlet is located on very prime location. It is on main road and a corner plaza. Secondly plaza itself is constructed very beautifully.