Bahria Premier League Ends And Civic Commercial Merging

Bahria Premier League (property dealers’ cricket tournament) finally ends yesterday. It was raining like cat and dog so final match didn’t took place. Both teams which came in final was of Bahria Town. Management check out the average and give the points to both participant of finals. In the end Shahid Qureshi’s team of Bahria win the tournament.

Ceremony took place yesterday night and they give away the prizes and cash incentives of tournament. Continue reading Bahria Premier League Ends And Civic Commercial Merging

Knock Out Round Of Cricket Tournament

Property dealers cricket tournament has entered in knockout round. 16 teams have came up from 8 pools, which means two teams from each pool. Management has written the name of each team on a paper and then shuffle those paper and then randomly pick up to set matches.

4 matches of knockout round has been played yesterday, four (4) matches has to be played today. Then only 8 teams will remain in the tournament which will play quarter finals. Quarter finals will be held on tomorrow. Then Semi finals day after tomorrow and finally the last and Final Match. Continue reading Knock Out Round Of Cricket Tournament

Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

In Pakistan if any person is investing in property to earn money, then they have only two names in mind.

  1. DHA
  2. Bahria Town

All Pakistani investors and overseas Pakistani’s who make their properties in Pakistan have just these two names on top of their list.

Booming 4 Years of Property Investment In Bahria Town Lahore

We’ve recently experienced the boom period in history of Bahria Town Lahore.  That period was from 2009 to 2013. We’ve seen extra ordinary gain in prices of residential and commercial plots. Amazingly that extraordinary gain in prices of plot wasn’t artificial, that was real.

Let me give you some examples of that prices categorically.

  • Residential Plots: From 15 lac to 65 lac (10 Marla plots)
  • Commercial Plots: From 30 lac to 10 crore (5 Marla Main boulevard plots)

I’m not talking about 10 or 20 years here, this gain is within four years. People who have worked in Bahria Town Lahore in these four years have make the money of their lifetime. Many people left their businesses to invest in Bahria Town Lahore and even started their own property offices over here. Continue reading Boom And Fall In Property Investment At Bahria Town Lahore

Home Made Food At Your Home or Office

When an idea came in your mind, anything which is not available earlier, which people needs, then it doesn’t mean that it is in your mind only. Other people also feel that need, difference is that who implement it first.

So here we are with the home made food in Bahria Town Lahore. They have started with the name of ‘Madina Home Food’. They have given a menu for whole week, you have to order from it. Limited dishes daily, check out below Continue reading Home Made Food At Your Home or Office

Meat-ex Closed

One of our favourite restaurant just outside the Bahria on canal road is closed. Yesterday I’ve been there to have a dinner and found it closed. Try to get a reason with other restaurant waiters who say that they can’t make up their pace with other restaurants just opened with them. However it is hard to believe in this reason for me. Continue reading Meat-ex Closed

Pappa Roti Opened In Food Court

Pappa Roti is an international food chain brand which has recently opened in Food Court, Bahria Town Lahore. I haven’t tried any of their product but came to know that they offer a special kind of bun. A bun! how yummy that could be? It would be, that’s why they are expanding and have branches all over the world.

I’ve seen the road hoardings of Pappa Roti these days showing different kind of coffee, tea and one kind of bun. There tea flavours seems to be very local with names such as Masala chai, Elaichi chai/tea, Kadak chai/tea etc.

I should go and try their bun to check out how could a bun can sell that much 😉

New Departmental Store Opening

multi-mart-bahria-town-lahoreMulti Mart is the new departmental store opening today in Bahria Town Lahore. It is situated in Umer block, near to backside entry of Safari Villas. This departmental store will target the people living in Safari Villas and Umer block mostly.

Importantly Multi Mart is giving 10% discount for two days (2 Days) only so grab the stuff you want. Opening is today at 6 pm.

There is lot of population over there but question is why they will not go to Green Valley and come over here? For me it is near to my home and secondly I don’t like a long queue for payment of single juice or two to three items. (of course Green Valley don’t have the ‘less than five items’ lane because they only have three counters at the moment, out of which two work at one time mostly).

Further this departmental store business is totally area based business. It is for certain people who live in that locality until you go for really big departmental store with unique products in it, so people can come from long way to shop there. Otherwise all stores run good and we hope same for this.

Lastly I din’t get their tag line ‘affordable/achievable’, ok I got affordable but what does they mean with achievable? Is this mean it is in your approach or what? I didn’t get that what they want to achieve or what a person will achieve after doing shopping over there. Well wish best of luck on their opening and hope it will go well.

Cricket Tournament Update: P.P.F v/s M.M.Marketing

Cricket tournament is getting bigger day by day. As we enter in ground yesterday and noticed the professional camera men with couple of cameras recording each match and showing a real time display on screen. They were also showing replays.

Yesterday it was the toughest match of that certain pool which was P.P.F (Property Point & Friends aka pakay pakay friends) v/s M.M.Marketing.

M.M.Marketing win the toss and elected to field first. P.P.F has already planned that if they win the toss they will choose to bat first. Well the match begins and break the records of the tournament. Maximum sixes in one match by one team record, which was earlier 11 sixes by Haroon Estate and now it is of P.P.F which hit 14 sixes in their turn yesterday. P.P.F has given an entertaining match to all of the audience. I believe if someone wants to get entertain with the match should watch P.P.F matches.

Well P.P.F give the target of 130 runs in 8 overs which M.M.Marketing didn’t make it and lose the game in very early stage. Adeeb rao of P.P.F has also got the wicket hat-trick. As a whole it was full of sixes and boundary matches but become one sided in very early stage.

Let’s see how this tournament goes further and what happens next as cricket is a game by chance, it is very unpredictable and can change the entire course instantly. Let us wish best of luck to all teams and hope for the best in upcoming matches.

Property Dealers Cricket Tournament Begins

Property dealers cricket tournament has begun today. First match has to take place at 4pm today between Enem Estate and Lucky Associates. It was the first day of the tournament so took some time to start the match. Tournament begins with the recitation of Quran and Naat. Then a little note by Mr. Khurram Rajpot and then it begins…

In first match Lucky Associates wins the toss and choose to bat first. In first over management has taken a batsman out of the ground (I believe they would be verifying whether he is a property dealer or not)

40 teams has signed up for the tournament. Management has made eight (8) pools with five teams in each pool. Every team has to play at least four matches i.e. one match with every team in his certain pool. Afterwards one team from each pool will come up to fight for the quarter final matches and so on.

Tomorrow first match at 4 pm is between Property Point Friends v/s M.M.Marketing