Playing Area In Safari Villas

Bahria Town management has set a small fee for the playing area in Safari Villas. They have also increased the badminton nets to accommodate more people.

This playing area is set in parking area of Safari Mall or Green Valley Super Store in Safari Villas.

Earlier it was free of cost now Bahria has start to charge a little fee for it.


Bahria Town is charging Rs. 1,000/- per month for badminton.

Tennis have a different fee, which I remember is Rs. 5,000/- per month.

Why Fee:

If Bahria Town is charging fee then it should provide the proper environment for these games. Badminton is not an outdoor game and Tennis is not played on road. Why are you charging fee then?

Fee has only done one good that crowd has vanished. Now you don’t have to wait long for your turn.

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