Roshaan Fun Mania… A Complete Fun Package

As we all know that Bahria Town has a fun spot for kids by the name of “Roshaan Fun Mania” in the basement of Roshaan Centre. Its like a wonder land for the kids of all ages.

It has many items for toddlers, video games and basket ball game for kids of ages between 4 to 10. Few more items/games & 3D rides for the elder kids. They also have a Mickey Mouse mascot greeting younger children and sometimes gifting them candies.

Now, Roshaan has converted these rides to 7D by adding more effects to them. I once heard that there is a play land some where in defence having 7D rides with effects. It means Roshaan is now competing defence play lands by introducing such things.

They have a good collection of these rides, I have taken them all and found them very entertaining. Though, in my opinion, “The Wall of China” is most in demand. The last ride came a month or two before is “Lost in Fear“. Roshaan recently increased the ticket price for the rides from 150 to 200 rupees per head.

Moreover, Roshaan also brings a birthday package. You can celebrate your children’s birthdays there. The packages varies for week days and for weekends. Package for weekdays starts from Rs. 10,000/- and for week ends, it starts from Rs. 15,000/-

birthday packages brochure

They can do all kind of decorations for you, all the games will be free for 1 hour (except for the 7D ride) and they will also arrange food (burgers) for all the guests. The basic package is for up to 10 children. If number exceeds from 10, amount rate slightly differs then. Non refundable 50% deposit required at the time of booking for party confirmation.

It’s really very exciting to have a place offering so much under one roof. I recommend everyone with young children to visit Roshaan Fun Mania, and share your views with us.

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