This website will be a complete encyclopaedia of Bahria Town Lahore. Your daily newspaper.

It will give information such as

  • Restaurants list with their addresses and phone numbers (free home delivery numbers etc.)
  • Pharmacies list
  • General stores list
  • Daily happenings over here
  • Upcoming events
  • Property updates
  • In short everything and anything you want to know about Bahria Town Lahore.

Lists will get updated time to time. There is a button, up there, saying ‘I wanna know’ in which you can ask any question related to Bahria Town Lahore.

13 thoughts on “About”

    1. Beacon house is the second option in Bahria Town.
      Other schools have made their building in nearby society but goal is to serve people of Bahria Town. Those schools are
      The Educators
      Allied School
      Unique Science Academy

    1. There are many perspective to grade schools between them.

      Bahria School has a good separate building. Good infrastructure, less than half in monthly fees.

      Beaconhouse is famous for his curriculum and standard of studies.

      In my opinion, best option around Bahria Town Lahore is MGS (Message Grammar School) in Izmir Town. My kids go over there. Have excellent culture and self grooming

  1. We are planning to settle in to Bahria Town Lahore after 2-3 years In-sha-Allah. My little kids would be in 3rd class and kindergarten by that time. We have lived abroad for 30 plus years. They can communicate in English only but Alhamadulillah our environment is very religious. Would like to know if their are religious school with English language near by. Don’t want to enroll my kids to secular or artificial/fake/JUTH school. Please advise?

    1. AOA Ahsan, In my above comment I’ve refer a school MGS (Message Grammar School). It has a Cambridge course but culture is totally Islamic.

      Teachers wear Abaya. Instead of Pajama party and Halloween, they have extra curricular activities like Hajj performing, reciting Darood and sports day etc.

      Kids grooming is very good over there. Studies are great as well.

  2. It’s an impressive source of information and helps new comers to get what they need.
    We’re providing home tutors in Bahria Town. We’ve massive team of Professionals and subject specialists. We offer free trail.
    Education is life and life for all.

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