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Amazon Water

Most people(including me) are not in a favor to spend extra few bucks to get water bottles re-filled. Because Bahria town already installed water filtration plants at each feasible location to provide refine and uninterrupted drinking water. And if you haven’t used these water filtration plants then read this article and without thinking twice, you can fill up your gallons.


However, some people still want to get refilled bottles on a phone call at their door-step due to their packed schedule or any other reason. For all those, Amazon Water is another option in Bahria Town that will be functional in a day or two. Recently they just installed a high grade water filtration plant along with water tank. Amazon water will have both options for the residents, weather you can get refilled bottles by yourself or give them a call for home delivery. Th charges for refill is Rs. 80/- and for home delivery Rs. 10/- will be charged extra.



Amazon Water filtration plant is located at 16-A, main road, Overseas A, few steps away from Surahi Chowk.


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