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Jatt’s Spot

It’s not Jet-Spot(Ice-lolly) it is Jatt’s Spot! 

Another eatery place that will only sell all sort of desi breakfast. For the time being, you will only get Naan-Chany. They will add other breakfast items later. Along with breakfast, tea, cookies, shakes, and other snacks will also be served by Jatt’s Spot.



The opening of Jatt’s Spot will be held on Sunday, 2nd September at 7:00 AM. 



Jatt’s Spot would be active at 238-B, Tulip Ext Block, Sector C, commercial zone. Opposite to Bahria Grand Mosque and near to Honda Bike Workshop. 


For more details and delivery:

0333 4429478

Cafe Rockstar

If you pay close attention to the logo then it is not a Starbucks! It is the logo of a newly opened restaurant under the name of Cafe Rockstar. Though I do not have any idea yet that they even sell coffees or not! 

This restaurant was opened in Sector C almost two weeks ago at the start of July. Their menu card has all types of food including, Continental, Italian, Chinese, and a range of Desi foods. Moreover, they also provide space for birthday parties along free decorations. This offer is only valid for students. Free home delivery is available for the residents. 


Discount Offer:

On official opening, they were offering a flat 20% discount but this offer has ended now. For the time being, students can avail 15% discount on the entire menu. 



Cafe Rockstar is located at 213- Metro Gulf Centre, Tulip Extension Block, Sector C. Near to Bahria Golf & Country club and opposite to Bahria Grand Mosque.


For more details & delivery:

0323 4565008

Muhammad Saad Al-Nomani Leading Junmah Prayer

Previously, many prominent religious personalities visited and Islamic events held at Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque. Imam-e-Kaba Sheikh Khalid Al-Ghamdi who is one of the youngest Imams of Kaba led Jumah prayer in Grand Mosque and in 2015 Khutba was given by Head Moazan of Masjid-e-Nabwi Sheikh Ayaad Shukri and Juma prayer was led by Imam Sheikh Muhammad Zubair bin Ayub who is head of the department of languages in Madina University. Moreover, in October 2016, Maulana Tariq Jameel also delivered a Bayan. These are the few happenings that already take place at Grand Jamya Mosque.


Well, another famous religious person Muhammad Saad Al-Nomani is going to visit Grand Jamya Mosque on this Friday. Muhammad Saad Al-Nomani is the reciter of the Quran in the Islamic- World who is known for his unique ability to render the recitation of the Quran in a manner recited by many world famous reciters, or qaris, of the world. He has been gifted with the talent to articulate the Quran like more than 85 qaris and Imams including the imams of the two Holy Mosques of the Muslim world in Makkah and Madinah.


​Now, tomorrow he is going to visit Bahria Grand Jamya Mosque where he will deliver a Bayan and will lead a Jumah’s Prayer at 12:00 PM.